Guitar Legend John Paul Jones
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Sun Sign Transition


ZOOMA performance at the Fillmore, in San Francisco

Right, the second of four drafts sketched [during first set] when the band was performing onstage. The illustration reveals a new, barely emerged, sign of spirit and style that is still unformed, in the initial stage of a lengthy (30 year) Aquarian cycle.
More about this stage of transformation and 'atomic drift' at Mirror.
Led Zeppelin - Kashmir - Celebration Day

Aquarius is the eleventh zodiacal sign that is associated with serving the immortals as cup bearer, to pour the divine nectar and ambrosia, source of youth for the gods. Several figures related to this symbol include the Greek Goddess Hebe, goddess of youth and daughter of Zeus and Hera, Ganymedes, son of Callirhoe, and Deucalion, son of Prometheus.

Beneath this sign there dwell a thousand crafts regulated by water. Why, water will even set in motion the face of heaven and the starry habitations, and will cause the skies to move in a novel rotation. Never will the sons of Aquarius grow tired of the works which come in the wake of water and follow springs. They who issue from this sign are a gentle sort and a lovable breed, and no meanness of heart is theirs: they are prone to suffer losses: and of riches they have neither need nor surfeit. Even thus doth the urn's stream flow.
[Astronomica, Manilius, 1st century AD]

Initial stages of any action hold the seeds of success for the future and what will transpire throughout the whole cycle. When John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page, John Bonham, and Robert Plant met for the first jam, on Gerrard Street, they opened up with, "Train Kept Rollin." This song would gain great momentum as they began their musical collaboration in the world of mortals.

Page wrote, "16 December.... I PLAYED BATH WITH LED ZEPPELIN....
On the first Led Zeppelin tour of the UK in 1968, we played the Bath Pavilion. Apparently, there is a contract for us receiving £75 / 50% for this date. We opened with The Train Kept A Rollin'. We were to play the Bath Festival of Blues six months later at The Recreation Ground, when we also opened the set with The Train Kept A Rollin'. One year later we topped the bill for The Bath Festival of Blues and Progressive Music, where we opened with Immigrant Song."

Led Zeppelin LIVE from ZURICH-1980 European Tour...just before John Bonham's death.

Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven

Exercise reference

In the first draft it is easy to identify the clear and semi-formed gelatinous energy on the horizon not yet delegated for use. This high texture field appears without detail, design, patterning style, or destination. A few specifics are seen but not sufficient to lead anywhere that could be considered definitive. This is an inside view of a world stage musician reinventing himself, transformation in an early phase of development. The youthful qualities of this energy field resemble 'The Right of Spring' more than a blade of grass pushing its way up through the late Winter snow.
When the curtain goes up on a new project, business venture, or expression of talent, we often summon more active physical energy than we need. It is simply impossible to know specific details of anything so new and as yet undefined. Musicians, I have found, are more likely to produce energy in excess of the required amount necessary for the activity at hand, in part due to their instruments, equipment and amplifiers.

left, Dr. Strange directs his will through his etheric double that has been summoned and dedicated to the purpose of the Master of the Mystic Arts. The image appears as semi-firm, and exact duplicate of its slower vibratory form that appears to be the physical vessel occupied by Dr. Strange

Many 'things' are not destined to appear in the physical world, others are. Some thoughts are fleeting and do not actually develop to a full and completed version of their potential. These may appear in the aura as brief bursts or flashes of form or color.
A minor irritation, for example, that evaporates as fast as it coalesces, may have no connection with anything in the created universe - it could be an expression of momentary frustration and be done. Energy of this type is seen in isolated areas of the above field, probably because the present energy exhibits the tendency for continued expression through a structure or pattern not yet in existence. These expaning, irregular visual effects sometimes morph into additional extensions of themselves, or alternate as a similar display of emotion or actvity.
If we initiate an action we want to integrate into the world of mortals it begins as part of a higher octave origin and big picture. We use verbs to define the eventual appearance of the energy behind the form in the physical realm. The 'solid' picture or visual presentation of the energy is usually envisioned as a "noun", at least at lower octaves. Yet, the will may extend through an action and never assume a form, shape, or visual register. In the case of this energy dispersion much of the dynamic is 'felt' - people 'sense/know' the power of the field's ongoing transfiguration.

A powerful synthesis began during the U.S. tour, that freed the musicians from their previous adherence to form, traditions, or techniques. An electric-magnetic layer of the human aura field is normally 1 - 3 inches from our solid physical vehicle. [Example: Mjolner, 'The Hammer' hovercraft, in the Matrix trilogy, pictures a moderate version of this part of the field]

Here insulation 'factoring' acts like a machine to help establish a relationship between the known and soon-to-be dominant features of the waking consciousness. This process is not recorded in a portrait painted in water-colour shades or accents. Known and unknown characteristics are being brought together for the purpose of creating a new self wish definition of wholeness. The most important forces at work are charged, magnetic, and highly discriminatory, on a setting that can capture contributing factors of the restructuring desire. This sorting procedure is a sub-text layer of the entire process that determines what will belong and not belong to the new auto biographical centre.

The function to convert raw nervous energy, emotional impressions, and objective reality inflow, raw materials that underlie gelatinous mass as the partial base of his etheric double, takes control of all combined energy fields. This field reminds us of the conversation in the heart between the mortal and immortal parts of the self. We have taken up examination of the midway point between what he considers the imperfect image [past] in disassembly and the perfect image [updated] simultaneously under construction. One result of the reorganization is to overturn 'automatic'* habits that could hold onto familiar patterns of past success or prevent inspired spiritual creativity.
see also Matrix Fields


John Paul Jones was born with his Sun in Capricorn, so his radix Sun adheres to
Tarot Trump: Trump X, The Wheel, The Wheel of Fortune
House System: The Office and Den


Progressed Aquarius Sun alignments set up two arrangements, superimposed on each other
Tarot Trump linked to Aquarius, the Cup Bearer: Trump XI, The Enchantress, Strength, sometimes Justice
In picture above JPJ has encountered the degree of Eagles (Aquila), used to represent the rise towards Heaven, specifically the eyes of the far-sighted one. "I will raise you up on eagles wings" (Psalm 91:1-16).
House System: Rumpus Room, Roof Garden

Note: both Capricorn and Aquarius were ruled by Saturn before the discovery of the planet Uranus, and both pertain to alchemy in their own way. While Capricorn suggests crystallization or condensation, Aquarius has an expansive pattern, and often refers to verbs like, 'to pour, pour a libation, to melt metal and pour into a mold.' Capricorn aptly represents the wealth found inside the earth, in mines and under the surface of the earth's crust. Aquarius is linked to works in a foundry where metals are made and poured into molds. Metals that are funneled and fused, become mixed or united by or as if by melting together fall into this category.
Prometheus the fire-bringer is linked to the sign Aquarius. His complex story includes his attempt to rescue the human race from darkness, his terrible punishment for stealing fire from the gods, and the 'divine solution' to a 'divine problem' - creation of the first ring ever worn on the hand with a stone in it. more to follow on this topic.

The Hammer
real world hovercraft




Etheric Double, right
lower furnace processes

maintain physical reality program, also 'carry' records, impression fingerprints, sometimes duplicate others' psyche characteristics. Male etheric + astrosome layers of the aura field sometimes carry part of an incoming psyche [entity during early period of the pregnancy].




Original Article: JPJ Aura Field~ Second Draft: Non-commissioned Aura Field 28 Oct 99

Performance at The Fillmore in San Francisco - Zooma Tour

Underneath the dazzling white light veil, a cloak for this entire aura field, we observe sub-atomic level energy envelopes. They do not radiate out from a central source as would be expected. The electric field is reforming itself in small parts of the field, a few at a time, and eventually evolve the entire aura to represent essential conditions consistent with pure and undelegated power.

The white 'cover' circulates around the figure and encloses the musician's energy emanation as a whole. Production of pure energy in this aura drawing relates the concentrated, non-allocated power accumulating during the extensive, year long transition of the figure...

This portion of the aura is seldom perceived or intuitively* acknowledged by others. The outside 'layer' has been peeled away to reveal electricity and positive drive powered by a tremendous dynamo. The vitality of this inner core frequency resides deeper than the 'first impression' charisma JPJ conveys instantly by way of his magnetic personality. The pure electricity is like an 'Odin-fire' evident in it's very early pre-creation mode.

The ZOOMA tour, while a predictable promotion technique for his solo CD, had a logistic design allowing energy displacement for thus far unused available energy units. Without an outlet or engineer's process to convert energy of this magnitude into a constructive action, stress would cause a nervous temperament to surface. The raw material force in this inner part of the aura appears to be blended. Two different dreams and their accumulated storehouse of options seem converged in this field. Individuation and self-gathering or self-collection appear together for manifestation of creative skill and the foundation for new learning experiences. The individual desire to evolve seems backed by nature in preparation for self-realization. This would equip JPJ with self-confidence and belief in an alchemical system encouraging him to undergo change and new beginnings. The difference here is that this powerful energy usually rotates in circular fashion around the field, within it like the movement of a clock, or radiating like a spiral from a central power point. The average template of this type is probably the source pattern for labyrinth blueprints, known as 'the sacred journey.' This type of departure from foreseen, renewal symbolism is very rare.


John Paul Jones would come to recode his destiny path with a similar energy field as art ascribes for the Anima Mundi.

If JPJ did not direct his situation as the alchemist would, emotions could enter a 'high tension' area. JPJ holds to a production line, making the best use of the intensified transitional mode. At the time of this drawing, Jones was promoting many of his newer formative powers. There also seemed to be an element of a recurrent theme from Led Zeppelin in the early life of that dynamic. The symbols are several musical 'inventions' for the ZOOMA collection and tour, represented by the triple instrument in this image. His wife joined him on the tight, neatly calibrated ZOOMA tour through the United States, his first solo flight after Led Zeppelin.

An unusual Capricorn - natives in this candid mode are rare; the sea-goat lives in two elements, both magnetic [earth and water], not an electrical one. Traditional power metal and gemstones for Capricorn.
It would be one year between the release of his first and second CD, 'THUNDERTHIEF' - the textbook time for this cycle to complete it's course of renewal. The designated task list John Paul Jones has yet to accomplish may be followed at his homepage. Possibilities are infinite.


An interview with Dominick A. Miserandino gave John Paul Jones a pause to reminisce about Mighty Zep during their tour years.

DM) So was there a lot of camaraderie outside just playing?

JPJ) Oh yes, on the road together. We didn't really socialize much when we got back to England, but I think that was because two of us lived down south and two of us lived up north. Page and I were Londoners and Plant and Bonham were midlanders. There was a national geographic divide. You don't hang around when you're not working. When you are working, you're really pleased to see each other. That's how it was. Bands like Traffic--who all lived in the same house--by the time they got on the road they were at each others' throats. They were ready to kill each other, whereas we were all friends. It was a cycle of touring and being close and having that time off. It was a great cycle.

Special Note The study herein spotlights the layer of the human aura that is about 1" to 3 1/2" thick, next to the physical vehicle, in normal time and space. Colour is important in relation to change, transformation, and travel. We note the colours we see on our journey, as we travel to our destination, the colours of the various vehicles in which we travel, and the colours of our wardrobe as we travel. Therefore, the quality of the colours within the layers of our aura field are important since so many of the vehicles we utilize are within; many of our most suitable, useful and appreciated apparel is also packed therein. These props and cosmetic factors are essential, as much as the tone of our voice, timing, and our body language.
The colour of the electric-magnetic field is often clear, sometimes transparent or soft milky white, ivory, or tinted [as light grey or very pale goldenrod] in the case of illness. When there are changes in mood, behavior, and health, expect the field to expand or shrink according to the situation or unusual set of circumstances. There are only three instances, to my knowledge, when this part of the aura is not evident. They are: if the aura is golden, if the aura is pure white, and when the subject is experiencing a life-changing event.

Electro-magnetic flow and its various 'currents' are not easy to 'recognize' with the traditional five sense perception range, though exceptions do exist if a special lighting is provided in the room. Those with their own realized sixth and seventh sense faculty will, naturally, observe the electro-magnetic field insulation with ease.

Sometimes an out of body or non-corporeal entity can be brought into focus [clear, yet visible enough to be seen by the two physical eyes] due to various electronic/high-tech influx wired into an enclosed space, such as the center of a family home. Combined utility providers such as cable, phone, and electricity often run their wires through a "black box" so all signals enter the building at the same point. There can be toxic by-products and disruption of 'solid space' so the veil is thin in places. As a result it becomes easy to see-sense what we refer to as 'the other side.' The visual image can be ‘static’ and fixed. There is often little or no movement by the apparition. These visuals are not poltergeists, nor are they usually shells of former residents who had lived in the building, and often they demonstrate no animation whatsoever.

1995 Induction Ceremony Hall of Fame: John “Bonzo” Bonham (drums; May 31, 1948 - September 25, 1980), John Paul Jones (bass, keyboards; born January 3, 1946), Jimmy Page (guitar; born January 9, 1944), Robert Plant (vocals; born August 20, 1948)

Prior to the New Yardbirds-morphed-as-Led Zeppelin, and their performance at Surrey University in England, bassist John Paul Jones boasted a lofty session musician’s pedigree and a background in R&B and jazz. His resume included work for the Rolling Stones, Donovan, Jeff Beck and Dusty Springfield.
Led Zeppelin Concerts

In Jimmy Page’s words, the band aimed for “a kind of construction in light and shade.” The members of Led Zeppelin were musical sponges, often traveling the world –literally traipsing about foreign lands and figuratively exploring the cultural landscape via their record collections – in search of fresh input to trigger their muse. “The very thing Zeppelin was about was that there were absolutely no limits,” explained bassist Jones. “We all had ideas, and we’d use everything we came across, whether it was folk, country music, blues, Indian, Arabic.” The group’s use of familiar blues-rock forms spiced with exotic flavors found favor among the rock audience that emerged in the Seventies. Led Zeppelin aimed itself at the album market, eschewing the AM-radio singles orientation of the previous decade. Their self-titled first album found them elongating blues forms with extended solos and psychedelic effects, most notably on the agonized “Dazed and Confused,” and launching pithy hard-rock rave-ups like “Good Times Bad Times” and “Communication Breakdown.” Led Zeppelin II found them further tightening up and modernizing their blues-rock approach on such tracks as “Whole Lotta Love,” “Heartbreaker” and “Ramble On.” Led Zeppelin III took a more acoustic, folk-oriented approach on such numbers as Leadbelly’s “Gallows Pole” and their own “Tangerine,” yet they also rocked furiously on “Immigrant Song” and offered a lengthy electric blues, “Since I’ve Been Loving You.” The group’s untitled fourth album (a.k.a., Led Zeppelin IV, “The Runes Album” and ZOSO), which appeared in 1971, remains an enduring rock milestone and their defining work. The album was a fully realized hybrid of the folk and hard-rock directions they’d been pursuing, particularly on “When the Levee Breaks” and “The Battle of Evermore.” “Black Dog” was a piledriving hard-rock number cut from the same cloth as “Whole Lotta Love.” Most significant of the album’s eight tracks was the fable-like “Stairway to Heaven,” an eight-minute epic that, while never released as a single, remains radio’s all-time most-requested rock song.

see Seraph for more about higher octave energy fields



'New Fang' is the lead single off of the self-titled 'Them Crooked Vultures' disk. TCV is a supergroup composed of the Mighty Zep's John-Paul Jones on bass, Queens of The Stone Age alum Josh Homme on guitar and vocals, and Foo Fighter and ex-Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl on skins.
Led Zeppelin homepage
Them Crooked Vultures

Led Zeppelin The Song Remains The Same - "No Quarter"

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'New Fang' is the lead single off of the self-titled 'Them Crooked Vultures' disk. TCV is a supergroup composed of Queens of The Stone Age alum Josh Homme on guitar and vocals, Foo Fighter and ex-Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl on skins, and Led Zep's John-Paul Jones on bass.

Further research about the topic of Aura 'Ghost' and the Electro-magnetic properties
read: BREAKTHROUGH, by Raudive
VOICES FROM THE TAPES, Recordings from the other world, by Peter Bander (Hardcover - 1973)

USA tv: Ghost Whisperer

* Popular composer, electronic musician, and inventor John Cage was an avid believer in "spontaneous music" at large public events. His concerts were all original as were the participating contributors - he never repeated a production, however popular. His technique was to hook up everything at the venue as the ultimate collective - people, places, things, energy - all on speakers at outlets sensitive to random trip switches set to go on and off spontaneously. This system of electronic networks would include all the lights in the building, people walking into and out of a room or across a hall, on stage dancers and performers throughout the building tripping any switch and/or speaker in any room of the building without a script.

"John Cage devised his first Musicircus in 1967, at the University of Illinois. In the spirit of the summer of love, it was a "happening" in which dozens of musicians and artists wandered amid a bustling audience, performing all at once. Since his death in 1992, the concept has been revived dozens of times, but it's hard to imagine any being as much fun as this one, which took place around three floors of bars, foyers and walkways of the ENO's Coliseum.

.... You almost take for granted the abundance of virtuosity standing inches from you. A woman in an usher's uniform will suddenly belt out a complex operatic aria. All around you are brass bands, choirs, avant-jazz ensembles, toy piano recitals. In one annexe sits Led Zeppelin's John Paul Jones, virtually unrecognised, playing a curious three-necked mandolin. There are weirder fringe attractions, too: chess grandmasters; a mycologist lecturing on fungi; two women in orange wigs playing clapping games."
source: Achilles Last Stand

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