Insulation - Your Electro-Magnetic Field

Morpheus and crew search for Thomas A. Anderson, later known by his hacker
name Neo. click Nebuchadnezzar crew for information about Cypher, at far right.

Morpheus is an incognito figure Neo has been looking for online, day and night. Neo, aka Thomas Anderson, represents the status of the masses during the Piscean Era - asleep - waiting for someone to wake him up. Thomas A. Anderson was born in Lower Downtown, Capital City, USA on March 11, 1962 [Pisces, sign of spiritual karma and, in general, the global collective] according to his criminal record, or September 13, 1971 [Virgo, reflex sign linked with Pisces - Virgo refers to physical karma] according to his passport (both seen in the film). Pisces refers to "The One" or the Incarnation, in the Age of Pisces, a time window denoted by the involution effect.
The illusion or dream is suggested in part as a parallel viewpoint as represented in Trump XVIII, The Moon.
"Wake up Neo." He is guided by the anima figure who is a former Sleeping Beauty. She quickly sets the path and pace for truth-seeking adventures in living. "Follow the white rabbit."

As luck would have it, Morpheus, a faithful Matrix navigator, has been trying to find The One with the Matrix source code, the Prime Program. Morpheus believes Anderson may be the someone destined to help win the ongoing war between Zion* and the machines.

As captain of The Neb**, Morpheus and his first mate Trinity arrange a meeting with Anderson in a nightclub. After a meeting with Trinity, Apoc, and Switch, Anderson is introduced to Morpheus who immediately sets out to find Anderson in the real world and rescue him. Anderson then faces a long struggle to keep himself together while he gains his independence. He has never used his physical body before so everything must begin from scratch.


Neo: Why do my eyes hurt?
Morpheus: You've never used them before.

He needs a lotta work...

POWER POINTS Early Egyptian medical illustrations, circa 2,330 B.C. provide a history of surgical operations, anatomical observation and medical treatments. Evidence the medical profession used reflexology [anatomy pressure points] is found in the tomb of Ankhmahor, a physician second in power only to the King. Egyptian physicians did not only practice medicine. Some physicians were also engineers, architects, master builders, metaphysicians, astrologers and scribes. Wall paintings, carvings and engravings in the tomb of Ankhmahor at Saqqara represent scenes depicting the practice of reflexology. We know Egyptian women were aware of the power centers in human anatomy as well, because of the Old Testament book, written by one of Solomon’s Egyptian wives, The Song of Songs. The entire text is an instructional guide to the inner spiritual power within the human vehicle. It is not surprising the ancients used the same word for 'sacred place,' 'temple,' and 'house.' The word 'Bethel' means 'House of God', and 'Bethlehem,' 'House of The Living Bread,' refers to the theme of the sacrament.
go to the Palm, Thumb, and Jupiter Power for more information about the functional nervous system in the hand.

Physical repair work begins with realignment of the electro-magnetic fields and
meridian networks that secure insulation envelopes close to the solid anatomy.

Astrologers refer to Mercury and Uranus in a radix star chart for influences of
the individuation process prompting a search for new knowledge and skill sets.

Mercury is lightning quick thought, energy in the brain itself and through the nerves - including subtle layers of insulation around the physical anatomy, often referred to as the slower part of the aura field, especially susceptible to the physical eye view via Kirlean photography. Mercury also co-rules the respiration and the bi-polar rhythm of the universe that includes the lungs breathing in and out, the heart beating in and out, etc. The conscious, objective mind is symbolized by Mercury, ruler of two zodiacal signs: Gemini, the Twins and Virgo, sign of the ancient mystery plays. Uranus*** is the planet of upgrades, reform, and modern life. He takes some 84 years to travel through the Zodiac, and spends about 7 years in each sign. He rules Aquarius, the third sign in the air triplicity, and themes that include the human level of harmony, unity, and constructive action enjoyed by global collectives. His exaltation is in Scorpio, the sign of initiation. He is in analogy with the brain and the nerves, co-rules animation of the physical anatomy and co-creates part of the astral body [often associated with ectoplasm]. Study of cases with substantive information on biological and health effects of electric and magnetic fields [EMFs] from common sources such as power lines, electrical wiring, medical equipment, cell phones and computers may be useful.

Above, Morpheus and Dozer confer on the progress of some medical procedures. They are trying to reverse muscle atrophy suffered by Neo following his extraction from the power plant. Part of the process resembles accupuncture but appears to employ high technology. Dozer was born naturally in a hidden subterranean city, Zion, as was his brother Tank and sister Zee. He, his wife Cas and their children live in the last human city that is a 3,000-foot-deep, 900-foot-wide underground community. It was built up from the remains of a mid-21st Century war against machines. Symbols directly linked with Zion are similar to some of Tolkien's Reunited Kingdom. Allusions to New Jerusalem could have been drawn from Revelations 21 and pictured in Trump XXI with the victorious spirit.

Neo begins his "training" aboard The Nebuchadnezzar, becoming knowledgeable in many forms of combat and ship operations. He quickly advances in the practical training programs Tank uploads directly into his brain. Neo also receives further one-on-one instruction from Morpheus on subjects such as "freeing his mind" from the restrictions of the Matrix and the true nature and techniques employed by its Agents.

Various vehicles and their traffic lanes

right, Hovercraft captains’ crisis meeting.
Neo confronted the three agents - Jackson, Johnson, and Thompson – he calls them “upgrades,” who interrupt the captains' brainstorming session, bearing "gifts" from Agent Smith. Neo discovered in fights with the first team of agents, Smith, Brown, and Jones that damage taken by agents immediately correct via the program, just as The Twins revert to original form after a serious barrage of hits in Reloaded.

Protective insulations around The Twins, the Ghost exiles in pursuit of Morpheus, Trinity and the rescued Keymaker, appear to be part of the materialization re-set process that neutralizes damage taken as a consequence of violent conflict. The "phasing" image may refer to invisible power, but intuitive recognition registers with our etheric double, or "ghost," because we 'sense-know' that part of our overall physical form absorbs shock, if we suffer physical impact, collision, and buffing. This faster moving version of our physical vehicle also generates the raw materials that heal the body and restore human cell integrity each night when we sleep.

The Twins seem to automatically control a repair and rebuild mechanism similar to those used by amputees who experience the phenomenon of phantom limbs - in lightning quick recovery time. Normal clock time for people with the condition of phantom pain who report their limbs can itch, ache, and feel as if they are moving, takes longer. The Etheric Double generates the blueprint of the solid physical vechicle, retaining a “neural map of fingerprints” before, during, and after the trauma or surgery. [Famous amputees include: Sarah Bernhardt, Max Cleland, Tammy Duckworth, Daniel Inouye, Ted Kennedy Jr., and Robert Kerrey]

In some traditions, it is thought that the vital energy of the cosmos is carried in the air, so that when people breathe, they are breathing in life force, known in the East as chi, to Hindus as prana, and in metaphysical writing, as akasha, divine animation. The Inuit have a similar concept, known as sila, an all-pervasive, life-giving spirit that connects every living being with the rhythms of the universe. When a person is out of touch with sila, they are disconnected from their spirit. The vital breath that registers in higher octave consciousness correspondingly permeate protective layers we have around our physical vessel, contained in part of the insulation the etheric double is known to radiate. This portion of the aura has been filmed via the process of Kirlean photography since the 1970s. The Matrix Reloaded has a combat scene edited out of the original script that describes Morpheus and Trinity using the etheric double blueprint [seen in Kirlean photos] to heal after major physical damage.
go The Etheric Double here.

The Freeway Chase effects include many Ghost Twin dematerializations that show the effect. One such scene in which one twin slips from the Escalade then re-forms in the back seat of the CTS to grapple with Morpheus, catches a shift in velocity of the ghost form during his shape-shifting process.

With martial arts panache, Morpheus sidesteps the SUV and slices into its tires and side panel with his sword, causing the vehicle to swerve out of control and overturn. The bluescreen shot was composited by artists at Animal Logic.

Digital effects for the freeway chase began on a small scale, assisting practical effects where it was not possible to rig bullet hits. Animal Logic produced Ghost Twin gunfire – strafing the windshield of a black sedan before it flips against the median – and went on to handle the first third of the freeway chase.

Car interiors were shot against bluescreen, using partial Cadillac bucks, wire-pulls yanking the twin performer’s body to simulate the inertia of transitions between solid and vaporous forms…

left, The Twins came close to fulfilling their mission when they attempted to drive over Morpheus; however he managed to damage their car with a katana and it crashed, exploding on the overpass. The Twins were propelled screaming into the air by the explosion.

Simultaneous with the Ghost Twin assault, Agent Johnson performs his lily pad jump. ESC animated the slow-motion virtual agent, and timed his feet to coincide with the implosion of the Oldsmobile hood, pulled down by two metal foot-shaped plates within the vehicle. The live-action agent then rode atop the CTS on the freeway set and mimed ripping off the roof. Animal Logic animated the roof to tear back like a sardine tin.

“The brothers are avid lovers of Japanese anime,” noted John Gaeta. “They love the way anime depicts phenomena – weather, water, destruction – amplifying the energy and creating impressionistic characters using these effects. We decided to explore stylized destruction as a design path in the Matrix. Dynamic events obeyed new stylistic rules utilizing physics simulations that were stylized and augmented. They were ‘virtual effects,’ as opposed to visual effects.”

PLF previsualized the explosion – per Geof Darrow storyboards – as a high-angle looking down, Ghost Twins rocketing into camera with art-directed tendrils of fire and shockwaves extending below. The 3D animatic delineated the breakdown of elements to the shape and size of physical pyrotechnic elements.

source: CINEFEX 95
visit The Etheric Double and Women Rock - Mercury around the Zodiac

Niobe [Jada Pinkett Smith], Captain of the Logos, is the most skilled pilot among the rebel forces. She demonstrates this on several occasions. In one scene during The Matrix Revolutions, she maneuvered the rather massive hovercraft Hammer through the narrow, cluttered passage of a mechanical line (while under heavy attack and pursuit by Sentinels), a feat no other pilot has successfully performed. She also performs a 270-degree flip with the hovercraft, as an evasive maneuver, which apparently no previous pilot had even attempted before.
Gina Torres (The Matrix Online)


There are two parts of the human aura associated with electro-magnetic fields that operate at two very different levels of power. This fact did not go unnoticed by the machines looking for a new kind of power generator. The name Switch used when she referred to Neo as, "copper top," is probably derived from the idea that copper [Venus] quickens and augments efficiency when electricity is employed.

The highest part of the field is associated with "the glorified body" [linked to the Last Judgment] and experiences of tremendous exhilaration. The slower duplicate of the physical image operates at a dense vibratory rate similar to the etheric double. The fastest and slow, thicker patterns have a lot in common though they are worlds apart - like relatives living on opposite parts of the planet who aren't on speaking terms. They both act as repositories for data we consider personal, genuine and meaningful that concern our relationships. They also act as disrupters when we force ourselves to run too long on raw nervous energy.

Both parts of the aura animate the physical anatomy, in part via respiration and the nervous system. Places that offer positive energy, like "positive chemistry" hang-outs, that recharge our batteries, are set to an electronic pace that feeds these parts of the aura simultaneously. We are often attracted to people, environments, and/or circumstances that sympathetically respond to a rhythm that matches our own field. These vibratory rates also effect our choice of profession, social clubs, and hobbies because we have a feeling of security and safety therein.

Electro-magnetic fields in the human aura can appear within the same patterning status as depicted in the above image of The Hammer. The health of the nervous system and respiratory system contribute greatly to the power that sustains this level of animation in the aura, and automatically feeds stamina to a large part of the whole aura.

"The Truth" Kia K900 Morpheus SuperBowl


T H E  M A T R I X   R E L O A D E D

Written by

Andy and Larry Wachowski

MINIMAL cockpit displays turn on, and the cabin remains dark.


The ship’s OPERATOR, a lean Asian kid with a gaze like a laser scan, sits behind NEO, who’s sitting at the operator’s console with his hands on the abbreviated keyboard. Trinity sits with them, her feet up as she observes.

NEO stares at the screen. It’s a huge syllabus of Matrix code characters. He struggles to learn the complex code.


"Ka equals 9. But reverse Ka is point-nine, right?

RAZOR nods.


"You catch on quick, man."


"I know these symbols from the hacking trainer. But how come it’s so
hard to find them on the keyboard?"


"Your brain knows what to do. But it has to associate characters with
your body."


"It’s muscle memory, Neo. Think of the space bar and your thumbs nail
it. Because your thumbs have hit the space bar millions of times. But
think about reverse ‘ka,’ and your fingers don’t hit automatically hit
the reverse key and the ‘ka’ key in one shot."


"Where did these symbols come from, anyway?"


"Most of it is from the old Japanese. It’s Katakana. See, the machines
aren’t binary. No zero and one. They’re quantum-based, so instead of
an open-close base of zero or one, open or closed, they use all
numbers between zero and one."


"All numbers between zero and one. That could be an infinite number of


"Not could be, it is."

NEO is astounded.


"Holy shit. How many calculations per second?"


"How many CPS? Well, that’s kind of hard to estimate. Put it this way:
picture all the particles in the known universe. Not just atoms, but
sub-atomic particles that compose atoms."


"OK. At last count that was what, a gazillion, right? Two gazillion?"

RAZOR barely smiles at the joke.


"Well, it’s up there. In any case, the number of calculations per
second the Matrix can perform is greater than the estimated number of
particles in the known universe."



"For it is also in my mind. Namárië"

The Fellowship of the Ring, eventually admitted to Lothlorien, is granted an audience with Galadriel and Celeborn. All were escorted into the great hall where the Fellowship gave an account of their journey and the sacrifice of the wizard Gandalf. Each of the surviving nine walkers received a clairvoyant 'reading' during the meeting. When they retired, Galadriel led Frodo to her 'seeing' mirror, set in a circular glade linked with the silver river Anduin. The golden wood and silver water is an allusion to the Royal Marriage so Caras Galaden represents the heart of Lothlorien's higher octave atmosphere.

The golden mallorn tree is a symbol of precious alchemical gold the Druids used in their ancient European rituals. In part, the power of Galadriel's ring sustains the properties of the 'glorified body' and enduring beauty of the whole region. Note the corresponding segment of white, cream, sometimes opalescence [milky iridescence], in the highly textural aura to the right of Galadriel.
The flowing river of life has two levels - a higher octave 'sea' often suggested in journals of ancient alchemists and a corresponding lower expression. The Line of Grace suggested by flowing water is often accompanied by The Akasha Wave. The combined power opens the mind to forms that correspond to new life and beauty. Lothlorien is the higher octave expression of the water element [eternal life] that is above the slower vibratory frequency of the Matrix [see the liquid solutions in the nursery fields tended by machines].



 *  Zion was built four kilometers below the Earth's surface, just above the Earth's mantle, with a population of approximately 250,000.
Entering Zion youtube

 **   The Nebuchadnezzar was one of 11 hoverships featured in the Zion docking bay, a radial array of craft designed by Owen Paterson and previsualization artist Rob Nunn, then generated by three effects houses. Imageworks modeled the Nebuchadnezzar, Vigilante and Mjolnir – a hammer-shaped battleship, scheduled to play a larger role in Revolutions. Tippett Studio supplied the Logos – also part of the action in the final film. ESC generated the remainder of the fleet as one-time only models – lost in the defense lines at the end of the second film—realized as digital matte paintings with 3D enhancements. A twelfth docking bay was left empty, vacated by the Osiris, whose demise was seen in an Animatrix film.

“We tweaked the Neb here and there,” recalled John DesJardin. “We made it look like it had been damaged and patched together with improvements in the six months that had elapsed between Matrix and Relaoaded.” Full-scale physical portions of the Nebuchadnezzar were built to represent interiors and the landing ramp, seen in the opening act and intermittently throughout the film. For many scenes featuring the ship, ESC shared files for the model and textures with Sony Pictures Imageworks, which created its own shader to match ESC’s look.

Imageworks also handled a third-act plot twist that involved the Nebuchadnezzar’s fiery destruction – viewed from three angles as Morpheus and his crew abandon ship in a sewer tunnel. In order to ground the dramatic event in reality, director of miniature photography Kim Marks positioned three high-speed cameras on the Alameda runway around a black cylindrical form representing the curvature of the tunnel; Geoff Heron then prepared a pyrotechnic explosion to art-directed specifications. “We wanted the blast to rip through the ship, punch out the back and curl up the side of the tunnel,” said DesJardin. “We told Geoff that we wanted it to look electrical, like the soul of the Neb, and he created a beautiful effect that we didn’t have to colorize. What you see in the movie is what we shot, combined with CG ingredients.”
Destruction was partially inspired by documentary footage of the Hindenberg zeppelin explosion. “We broke the outer skin apart procedurally.”

 ***   Uranus represents advertisers, astrologers, astronomers, bohemians, clairvoyants, community organizers, eccentric individuals, film makers [especially documentarians], internet, inventors, messengers, people ahead of their time, prophets, publication, reformers and revolutionaries, social activists, social networking, space age sciences and technicians, the utilities, wall street traders and CEOs. There are two planets recognized as the great transformers: Uranus and Pluto. Uranus challenges and levels the status quo and Pluto demolishes the status quo while he reforms & upgrades it. Pluto introduces the new set of circumstances via 'The Phoenix' archetype - that is known as self-resurrection.

Well known people with avant guarde Uranus in the First house include: Johann Sebastian Bach, Jessica Biel, Edgar Cayce, Johnny Cash, Aleister Crowley, James Dean, Allison Dubois. Bill Gates, Mel Gibson, Audrey Hepburn, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Scarlett Johansson, Christopher Lambert, John Lennon, Sophie Marceau, Ewan McGregor, Mother Teresa, Eddie Murphy, Isaac Newton, Edgar Allan Poe, Natalie Portman, Bruce Springsteen, Nikola Tesla, Kate Winslet, and Renée Zellweger.

Famous Aquarians include: Alan Alda, Buzz Aldrin, Richard Dean Anderson, Christian Bale, Marty Balin, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Sheryl Crow, Geena Davis, Warwick Davis, Ellen Degeneres, Allison Dubois, Michael Jordan [Sun Aquarius, MC 0 Aquarius], Charles Lindbergh, Bill Maher [Sun 0°04' Aquarius], Yoko Ono, Rosamund Pike, Charlotte Rampling, Jules Verne [Sun Aquarius, MC 7 Aquarius], Oprah Winfrey, and Elijah Wood.


Note the number 1 and the 0 may be considered the same vibration, depending on the formula in use, just as the destiny path of Thomas Anderson/NEO indicates and in a similar way, the film Star Trek III illustrates in one scene in particular.

Star Trek III is about the continuation of varied consequences that result from ‘The Genesis Wave’ as its successive power surges take effect. The mechanism, once released, begins the Genesis effect, a chain reaction that will transform what is a dead world into a living, breathing Garden of Eden, but the reverse of this scenario is also possible. The Klingons attempt to locate and steal the Genesis device while the Enterprise searches for Spock on a planet experiencing the Genesis effect. The showdown between the Bird of Prey and the Enterprise finally forces Captain Kirk to resort to dramatic measures and he summons the ship computer to initiate the Enterprise Destruct Code. Literally, the code is written out as follows.

Final destruct code =
000 destruct 0 = 4 x 0 = 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 x 0 = 10/1 x 0 = 0 = 0

1 = 0 in metaphysics because 1 introduces a theme that completes itself in 10
Completion of the process is realized as 1 is absorbed by the 0 [monad] to become part of the monad and equal to 0
The sequence is written 1=0


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