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Seraph is one of the benevolent allies in The Matrix Trilogy. Neo first catches a glimpse of Seraph glowing gold, in Reloaded, a suggestion of intelligence outside the realm of the programs in the Matrix. His independence and unconditional devotion to The Oracle is one of the constants woven through acts two and three of the continuing story.

Neo seems to see Seraph as an allusion to Alchemical Gold,
the precious metal [of the Druids] and quest of the philosopher. He is like a sunflower that follows the sun across the sky yet is grounded in the soil that will produce the new human race.

It is Seraph who protects the Oracle, and later Sati, for whom the Oracle made a great sacrifice.

The amount of gold evident in the human aura is minute - we are all works in progress.

The frequency is usually a light yellow, radiant yellow glow, or yellow-orange, and usually distributed throughout the whole field, but most of this appears above the shoulders. Some people think this happens because the yellow glow is a sign the physical energy is 'pure' because the blood is clear of toxins. In fact, those who fast regularly tend to have a soft tint of yellow-gold around them, although this does not approach the golden aura around Our Lady of Guadalupe. In fact, there are certain foods that help clean the blood, for the most part high in sulfur, so the day to day menu can directly effect the colours in the aura as well as clean up the whole physical system.

There are exceptional events when gold dominates the field briefly, such as Pentecost, sacraments such as Confirmation, and a Coronation Ceremony. Seraph appears to be bright gold, the life force beheld by Neo inside the Matrix. Technically then, Seraph does not have a golden aura, he realistically functions AS gold within the Matrix.

It is appropriate for Neo and Seraph to meet inside a teahouse, where 'food is political' - where you eat, what you eat, how you eat, and so forth. This scene opens a door that leads to The Oracle, and through The Keymaker, introduces Neo to The Architect. Just as the metal gold opens our way in the material world, Seraph brings Neo to the yellow brick road laid before him. There are natural and established boundaries [Trump 0/22] and, just as the physical body attends its gates, Neo is in harmony with the path, his vehicle - the Neb, the Logos, the Hammer, or any other vessel - the fuel he will choose based on the required amount and type of energy to be satisfied with his success. He will reach the solution to the complex problem posed by the machines and discover the method to end the war.



"Another stylization of code is seen during Neo’s meeting with Seraph – a powerful entity at the Matrix, encountered in a teahouse prior to the Burly Brawl. “When Neo first sees Seraph, he is not sure if he’s good or bad,” said Ceretti. “We gave him an unusual look, emanating light.” Eon filmed Chou seated in a lotus pose, then BUF reconstructed geometry in 3D and generated animation from the geometry, referencing Buddhist imagery. “We built up layers of volumetric particles representing energies filling him inside, then we covered him in black code. The code was very subtle and did not move like normal Matrix code, in lines and columns; it swirled across his surface like the surface of the sun. All the light inside him streamed out through this code. We lit the set with caustic lights so he appeared to light the room.” BUF handled all modeling, 3D reconstruction, particle effects, scripting and compositing in proprietary software, with rendering in mental ray."

Dowser note: In the first hierarchy are the Seraphim, Cherubim, and Thrones, who continually behold divine vision. Metatron is representative for both Kether [1] and Malkuth, “kingdom” [10], but in Malkuth is the rep of Moses, and known as the ‘first creature.’

Seraph ["fiery serpent," sing, for seraphim] - an angel by that name of the order of seraphim. In Ginzberg, The Legends of the Jews IV, it is Seraph who touches Isaiah's lips with a live coal, an incident related in Isaiah 6:6. Seraph is also named one of the angels with dominion over the element of fire, of which there are quite a number.

‘Seraphim’ may originate, in part, during early pre-flood symbolic representations of the Emanations – those who carry the name of God – during the time our North Star was in the constellation Draco. The name 'Seraphim,' would mean, by extension, those who ‘live in fire’ or ‘who live within the fire element’, alluding to the ability to remain in fire/flame and not be consumed by it. Our current system links this idea with those shapeshifters who reside in the flame and serve the philosopher, yet we know earlier representations require us to also employ the sub-text interpretation, as in the story of Moses on Mount Sinai, brought face to face with the Burning Bush, on 'Holy Ground. ' The theme is continued in Pharaoh’s palace when Moses faces off against his old temple high priest in the duel of adversarial staffs, transformed into fighting serpents. The staff of Moses, perhaps a symbol of the power of the Seraphim, consumes the other priests' serpents with room left for dessert. This biblical scene is brilliantly alluded to in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series, during the duel between Harry and Draco Malfoy at Hogwarts.

also -- In the parallel universe, at the center of The Golden Compass [possibly the Lyra constellation] Serafina Pekkala is the witch queen of Lake Enara Clan. She introduces the story with the following line: "There are many universes and many Earths parallel to each other. Worlds like yours, where people's souls live inside their bodies, and worlds like mine, where they walk beside us, as animal spirits we call daemons."

Morpheus, Seraph, and Trinity in Hel Night Club

When the three enter Club Hel and the Merovingian sees them, he says, "The Prodigal Son returns" (an obvious implication that Seraph worked for him) as well as, "L'ange sans ailes" (French for "the angel without wings"). I think the Merovingian is the one who removed Seraph's "wings", probably by programming a virus into a piece of food that Seraph ate which destroyed the code in him that allowed him to defy gravity. This would also explain the exchange between Seraph and Trinity before they broke into Club Hel. Seraph says, "We should return to the Oracle. She will know what to do." Trinity responds, "No. We know what has to be done." Morpheus then looks at Seraph, bringing our full attention to Seraph's reaction, and Seraph reluctantly turns his face back to the road as he is driving, realizing that Trinity is, unfortunately, right.

Matrix Resolutions

Dowser note: Hel is the Norse queen of the underworld, a mother goddess in her underworld guise. Her underworld, unlike the Christian hell, which received its name from her, is simply an otherworld, a place of renewal rather than a place of judgment and punishment. When northern shamans visit her realm, they don a helkappe, a magic mask [sometimes a helmet] that renders them invisible, a variation on the 'hiding cape' or cloak of invisibility. It is possible that the masked harlequin, a standard character in commedia dell’arte, was originally one of the kindred of the goddess Hel. Trinity's challenge to cease all games and tell them how to find Neo alludes to the 'gamey' emanations of Hel, to remove the mask, see behind doors, lift the curtain, or open the ornamented gift box.

The Golden Compass Trailer Meeting Serafina found at
Alchemy fuel to energy
The Matrix Reloaded: Symbolism of Names


Seraph: You seek the Oracle.
Neo: Who are you?
Seraph: I am Seraph. I can take you to her. But first, I must apologize.
Neo: Apologize for what?
Seraph: For this.
Seraph: Good. The Oracle has made enemies. I had to be sure.
Neo: Of what?
Seraph: That you are The One.
Neo: You could've just asked.
Seraph: No. You do not truly know someone until you fight them. Come, she's waiting.
Link: Where the hell'd they go?
Neo: These are back doors, aren't they? Programmer access.
Seraph: [nods]
Neo: How do they work?
Seraph: The code is hidden in tumblers. One position opens a lock.
Another position opens one of these doors.
Neo: Are you a programmer?
Seraph: [shakes head]
Neo: Then what are you?
Seraph: I protect that which matters most.

go Etheric Double


The Full Spectrum Matrix

Déjà Vu: Black cat meanders twice across a black and white chessboard floor. The Architect does not allow for variables, so if something important is changed, it sets off a 'replay' of the sequence, the deja vu alarm. Note that characters, like The Architect, tend to "wear" a wardrobe of black and white inside the Matrix. Black and White are considered 'extremes' of the Internal Spectrum.

The Matrix raining code linked to the life-force: The mystical Qabbalistic tradition of Judaism assigns the human hand and lines in the hand, as the symbols of the letter Yod. Having the numerical value of ten, which relates to the ten fingers, the letter Yod is recurrently depicted in esoteric art as “rain drops” showering from heaven. Examples of these may be seen in the Tarot Deck. When the identity of Neo merges with the identity of The One, his first intuitive weapons used to repulse the agents and the machines are his hands.
go to The Oracle's Lab for 'Right As Rain Cookies' recipe; cyberspace as a flow of pure symbols.

The basic Colour Palette for The Matrix adheres to the primary colours we see in our dreams: Red=Pod interior, the "eyes" of the machines and the bug Agent Smith implants, the girl in the red dress who walks by the fountain and morphs into an agent, and the blood Neo sees on his hand during his training sessions. Red is employed as an accent colour to focus attention on a specific point in a picture that is teeming with minute details. The maroons, and other blended rose-red colours, especially worn by pilots like Morpheus, Niobe, Roland, refer to the warm and pure courageous heart.
In dreams, red, orange, yellow-gold, and sometimes white, are synonomous with gold, the process of clearing various ores to produce alchemical gold, or specific application of gold in an alchemical work. In the Matrix, reds appear alone and combined with other colours, partly to suggest the will, character, and freedom of each individual in the matrix. As decisions made by Neo and Smith pull them to opposite ends of the balance pole, the 'rubido' phase of the operation waxes to the inevitable - an 'all or nothing confrontation' between humans and the machines. This ritual has played out several times in the past, and as the Architect pointed out, the conclusion is the same every time. His cynical attitude suggests 'the prize' he has won in the past is as exhilerating as a mouthful of ashes.
See Aura of The Matrix

Red is also referred to within The Temple and linked to the Kitchen of The Oracle when combined with Gold/yellow because the life force and well being of spirit is said to be carried in the blood. Pure colours imply an uncompromised individual who has refused to bend to the temptations Cypher fell prey to - essentially to gain control of a superior power for a short time at the cost of his soul. The muddy colours suggest the spiritual status and corruption of characters who turn and attack those red pills fighting for the future of Zion and the human race.

Blue=Interior of the ship, the Real World and especially the sky above Machine City. The two blues illustrated at The Matrix Aura are drawn from lapis lazuli and aquamarine. The blue pill Morpheus offers Neo is close to an 'electric lapis lazuli', perhaps a test to determine whether Neo tends to follow the illusion of success more than the substance [brilliant ruby red pill] and true path to victory.

Gold/Yellow=the Machine code, Seraph, The Keymaker, and life energy [references to Alchemical Gold]; and Green=wardrobe and decor of The Oracle, 'digital rain', weather, Agents' attire, and raw materials coloured emerald green. Note that the psyche recognizes Green as a primary colour, usually associated with Nature, mediation, and healing.

see also Déjà Vu @ Denzel Washington


The beginning of the name and word Semiphoras, which God the Creator, Jehovah gave in Paradise, embraces three Hebrew letters, Jehovah the inscrutable Creator of the world, almighty Providence, and all-powerful strong Deity.

After this there are four parts of the earth which are the most subtle light of the spiritual world. Likewise four [triplicities of] hierarchies: 1) Seraphim, Cherubim, [and Thrones]; 2) Dominations, Powers, and Virtues; 3) [Principalities,] Archangels, and Angels; 4) Spirits and souls of persons which come before God. These parts of the world have also four angels that stand upon the four corners of heaven; they are Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel; four angels stand for the elements, namely, Seraph, Cherub, Tharsis, Ariel.



Babylon 5 - Kosh Revealed season 2 'The Fall of Night' YouTube 2:23

Seraph? G'Kar's Epiphany

from movie Bablyon 5: Third Space
Lyta explains the Thirdspace Aliens while under the influence
of programming left behind by the Vorlons.


KNOWING - night, outside Koestler [Nicolas Cage] home

Subtext: A deeper exploration into the layered universe as symbolized by the language of numbers. While numbers represent orbs, events, and phenomena that are predictable, the laws that govern those measured characteristics are not based on numeric rules. However, the road to that conclusion is rocky because correct predictions can appear 'hit and miss' according to the perception of the viewer, watcher, and witness. The movie Knowing provides evidence of this subtle point: a sheet of paper full of numbers that are accurately coordinated points based on latitude and longitude. The interpretation of this language relies on the viewpoint and degree of insight characters like Koestler [Nicolas Cage] and Beckman [Ben Mendelsohn] possess. The rule: gold always melts at the same temperature. Once the fact of reliability is grasped, the answers to a question will follow in quick progression.
The suggestion of multi-universe playgrounds between numbers and spaces is also hinted at in the fourth Indiana Jones adventure, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Raiders of the Lost Ark - go Harrison Ford fanpage
Robin of Sherwood - episode 'The Children of Israel'
The Ten Commandments - see Moses on holy ground with the 'burning bush', etc.
The X-Men - Cyclops and various others from X-Men team.

Symbolism associated with the North Star in the constellation Draco:

Serpent: The snake was an important Celtic cult creature, appearing with deities. The ram-headed serpent is the most frequent attribute of the Horned God, Cernunnos, as incarnating virility and fertility. The serpent again appears as an emblem of the Great Mother, the Celtic Bride, who had a festival at which the Snake Goddess was worshipped. She was later adopted by Christianity as St Bridgit.

Salamander: The salamander lives in fire of the philosophers.
According to Paracelsus, the Egyptians, Chaldeans, and Persians often mistook the salamanders for gods, because of their radiant splendor and great power. The Greeks, following the example of earlier nations, deified the fire spirits and in their honor kept incense and altar fires burning perpetually.


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