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The Divining Nation is a WWW and electronic media compilation of resources devoted to the study and advancement of metaphysical research and learning. Established in 1996 by Reverend Donna Kova Dauser, The Divining Nation has led a quiet, but steady, series of efforts on the part of distinguished and discerning metaphysicians to create a home base for the furtherance of metaphysical discovery without the need for sensationalized, mass market oriented advertising and positioning.

The Divining Nation is absolutely dedicated to the building and sharing of metaphysical knowledge and experiences. In our Products & Services section, you will find all kinds of genuinely useable tools for furthering your own metaphysical self-realization studies, as well as a price list for electronic based consultation services with Rev. DonnaKova Dauser. In Colours and Cool Articles, you will find a series of articles by serious metaphysicians from around the world. Our Featured Stars! section is home to a series of articles, our online Q & A exchange, and astrological research on various game changers, contributing celebrities and international figures. Geographically based in the San Francisco Bay Area, The Divining Nation has made contacts and friends around the world, and we invite you to join us in our efforts!

We at The Divining Nation are truly open to your feedback, questions, opinions, and suggestions. Please email nominations for star chart articles and include thoughts you may have to improve our website. Also, we are always open to contributions and potential links with like minded individuals and organizations. Although we cannot promise to publish articles from other parties, we are always willing to review and consider your views.

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Reverend DonnaKova Dauser and the Divining Nation Staff

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The Fruitful Search, in English
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