Divination Class at Hogwarts School
of Witchcraft and Wizardry



- A -

ACE, 1 - puzzling mystery
ACORN - at the top means success and gain: At the bottom means good health.
AIRCRAFT - ambition, success, journey; if broken means danger of accident
ALTAR - joy, consolation
ANCHOR - at top rest, center, security; at bottom means nebulous
ANGEL - protection, happiness
ANKH - Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol of immortality, love, and reincarnation; carried by ancient gods and goddesses in political and funerary art
APE - possible someone will try to defraud you.
APPLE - choice, computer, knowledge. GO Plant, Flower, and Tree Patterns or the Garden and Shrine page
ARROW - trouble ahead
ASH TREE - symbol of divine nature in humanity; ODIN's staff marked with oaths
ASPIRATION SYMBOL - a cross of wood, goat, the Great Pyramid, and wings
AURA or HALO - the aura layers will tell if a personal power is soon to be acquired
AXE - strength of character, difficulties; if at top overcoming of difficulties; ancient symbol of goddess devotee


- B -

BABY - psyche change, something new, pregnancy
BAG - full, financial benefit; empty, financial problems
BALL - completion, friends
BANNER - glory, honours
BASKET - ritual; full, abundance, new opportunities, harvest
BEES - successful work
BELL - harmonics, creation, spiritual clearing; if ringing, very good news
BIRDS - ascension, good news, migration. GO Magical Creatures
BLACK - "Toujours Pur", French for "always pure" The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black; Paint It Black [see The Rolling Stones]
BOAT - destiny path theme, guests
BOOK - guidance by written word if at top, answers written; set up new journal if book is at bottom; if the book is open
the answer to a question, but if closed, a question requires investigation
BRIDGE - if crossed, happy solution
BUTTERFLY - transition, transformation; coloured, happiness


- C -

CAKE - festivity, pleasant surprise
CAMP - event, change for the better
CANDLE - a light for the future, help from friends; CANDLE BURNING - improvement ahead. GO CANDLES for more about special candle dedication
CASTLE - see House, see The House System
CAT - symbol of eternity [sacred to Diana and others]; astral fire within electricity and magnetism. GO Catwomen of Gotham
CEMENT - happy solution
CENTAUR - symbolic of composite nature of all human beings. GO Magical Creatures
COIN - prosperity
CROWN - symbol of wealth, power and authority; achievement of all or a dream of having one or more at the time of the reading


- D -

DAGGAR - circumspection is prudent
DIADEM - This ensign of royalty shows that your ambition is realised beyond your expectations; wonderful good fortune and influential friends assure you of an unusually successful career.
DICE - risk, probable loss
DOLPHIN - A cheerful and optimistic character, pleasure on the sea or river. GO Magical Creatures
DOOR OPEN - option, significant good luck
DOVE - messenger, important event [benefits]
DOWSING ROD, DOWSER'S ROD - search for truth, a person on a quest known as 'the fruitful search'. Dowsing: Finding items with power tools [like a pendulum, rods or sticks; voice dowsing]
DRAGONFLY - Good luck, tidings of unexpected occurrences, unlooked-for events, new and advantageous opportunities, sometimes new clothes or furniture; make a wish when you see one.
DRUM - A hazardous enterprise or expedition; a message coming your way.
DUCK - letter from unknown sender


- E -

EAGLE - prosperity, far sightedness. GO Magical Creatures
EASEL - A sign of marriage to widows and maids; to the married, increase of worldly goods; this symbol must be read in connection with other indications in the cup.
ELEPHANT - strength, good luck [maybe improvement in relationship]
ELF - Harry Potter House Elf: This symbol should put you on your guard or you may be the victim of an unpleasant practical joke; GO CHAMBER OF SECRETS.
ELM TREE - Good omen of prosperity and coming happiness.
EYE[S] - Beautiful: love, sincere friend; Weeping: loss of love or friendship


- F -

FACE - Change in friendships
FAIRY - wishes realized
FINGER POINTED - depending on right or left hand, change initiated by waking conscious will [dominant hand, usually right] or change initiated by intuitive self [non-dominant hand, usually left]; raised a warning; lowered, a need for direction- GO PALM
FIREPLACE [with fire] - hospitality, peace, contentment
FIVE-POINTED STAR - (Sirius Symbol) The energies of the Sirius Star (Egyptian - Sothis) represents a point in space and time which acts as a springboard for evolutionary quantum leaps. Sirius is a lucky talisman for athletes, adventurers and pioneers, or suggests luck will come to them. Also an interest in people and topics that probe the universe beyond our planet. Harry Potter wears the Sirius Star talisman when he plays quidditch.
FLAG - if you see it waving, it signifies danger; if you bear it, honor and glory.
FLOWERS - Flowers are a sign of success in all phases of life. Where the flower is located in the cup makes no difference, but the more clearly it shows, the more noticeable is the success and the quicker will it come.
FOUNTAIN [running] - happiness, spirit power, soul powers


- G -

GARDEN - This signifies a party or some other event where many friends will get together for fun. If it is completely in the clear, then very close friends will be present. But if it is clouded, beware of someone who presently professes to be close to you.
GARLIC - potent remedy for obsession
GATE - of temple [north] symbolic of the physical
GERANIUM - unexpected wealth. GO Plant, Flower, and Tree Patterns or the Garden and Shrine page
GHOST - speaking, advice to listen to [see Hogwarts ghosts]
GULL - safe journey
GUITAR - declaration of love.
GYPSY - fortune teller; above, a truth teller; descendants of the priests of the temple of Serapis.


Harry’s first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry presented various and
sundry problems, mainly because everything moved around a lot so it was difficult to
remember where anything was. The people in the portraits kept going to visit each other,
and Harry was sure the coats of armor could walk. The ghosts didn’t help, either. It was
always a nasty shock when one of them glided suddenly through a door you were trying to open.


- H -

HALO - esteem, glory; GO AURA
HAMMER - luck, fortunate sign; hard work needed; getting a point across
HAND - of god, creation; assistance from friends; if hand is open means friendship; if closed means an argument GO to PALM
HARP - love, harmony, pleasure, happiness
HAT - an upcoming raise on the job, an upcoming honor; consciousness, improvement GO to The Sorting Hat
HARVEST, good - wealth, abundance [see also Cornucopia]
HATHOR'S MIRROR - catch, magnify, and repel to sender any lower octave negative force
HAWK - Horus, Solar Power that casts no shadow. GO Magical Creatures; romantic legend Ladyhawke
HEN - festivity
HEART - chakra, pleasure, love, trust, compassion
HOLE - unseen trap [if Kiva door, see spiritual power, Kiva]
HORSE - if galloping means good news; if just the head means a lover; if white, rider of the illumined mind [see Gandalf the White, in THE LORD OF THE RINGS]
HORSESHOE - good luck, attraction, closure
HOURGLASS - time running out, need to decide something; synchronicity, illusion: pace yourself. Link with the two movements of the pendulum swing; see the Trump X symbols for esoteric meaning
HOUSE - If this symbol appears near or at the top of the cup, it means that the consultant will be successful in everything tried. If things are not going ve4ry well presently and seem generally unfavorable, there is no reason to worry, because they are due to change dramatically for the better. If the house appears in the middle of the cup or below, it is a warning to be more cautious around friends and business associates. Someone is out to be malicious when the right opportunity presents itself.
accent: security, established relationships; transmigration or past life flash; change; success. Check The House System guide to Tarot interpretation


- I -

ICE - profitable gain
INCENSE - perfume to induce mental mood, attitude, healing; among adepts incense is symbol for the sacred fire
INSECT - depends which one. GO Magical Creatures
INSIGNIA - second name, hidden name
IRON - in the fire, a new or ongoing activity
IVY - faithful friendship. GO Plant, Flower, and Tree Patterns or visit Arwen's Garden and the Shrine page


- J -

JACKAL - patron saint of psychologists and embalmers in Egypt [Anubis]; psychopompus; dream world. Link with Sirius the Dog Star. See faq stars
JADE - masculine stone indicating a ruler at fifth heaven level; symbol of just counsel and fairness; negative means worldly, too interested in a material world life. [sometimes the material of the sceptre carried by The Charioteer, in Trump VII.]
JAIL ESCAPE - difficulties left behind [GO to Sirius Black]
JET - black stone that refers to hardness and strength; good luck sign, frequently associated with black eyes, such as those of the great Apache tribe. GO to Stone Gallery.
JERUSALEM, NEW - archetype of the perfect civilization; aka ZION [GO to THE MATRIX]; romantic question will be answered
JEWELS - gifts, money affairs; GO to STONE GALLERY
JUDGE - or courtroom means a decision will soon be made; if you feel you have to, change or redefine the job you do. This authority figure is directly linked with the tenth Tarot Trump, The Wheel of Fortune.


- K -

KERUB - soul growth, wear pectoral [heart] amulet [sometimes the four fixed Kerubs of Earth, Fire, Water, and Air aka Christian four evangelists]
KETTLE - domestic contentment
KEY - an appointment [keep a reminder]; secret doctrine [keys held by Peter]; Isis symbolizes the secret keys
KITE - wishes coming true, flying free
KNIFE - broken friendship, danger, hidden enemy
KNIGHT BUS - erratic ride available to witches and wizards who need transportation to London; Rowling take off on the OWL TRAIN that makes its trip during the night. ref KNIGHT BUS Harry opted to take from the Dursleys to The Leaky Cauldron in POA.


- L -

LADDER - communication link with oversoul, promotion, a rise or fall in life; dream messages
LAMP - turned on means enlightenment, at the top means a feast; at the side means secrets revealed; at the bottom means postponement
LANTERN (falot): Ship's Lantern; watchful; cautious; a great navigator of tormented seas. see also, Lady with the Lantern
LEAF - new life, dynamic power; dramatic event may be ahead; Mass of Leaves - arrivals and departures about which there are little difficulties.
LIGHTHOUSE - A good sign of security and of light on your path whenever it is most needed; a watcher is near; if crooked or broken, disaster at sea.
LIGHTNING - Forked lightning seen in a zig-zag up the side of the cup shows bad weather conditions; if near the figure of a man or woman, it may possibly indicate injury from lightning or electrical mechanism; if seen at the bottom of the cup and with a clear space indicating water, it would mean bad storms abroad causing damage and loss.
LILY - When this symbol appears at or near the top of the cup, it implies either that the consultant already has a good marriage partner or, if he happens to be single at present, that he can expect this when he does marry. If it happens to appear near the bottom of the cup,, anger is evident, and when it is clouded or thick, many troubles are predicted. But no matter where it falls, if it in the clear, it guarantees a long and happy life.
LINES - if straight means progress; if wavy means uncertain path
LION - divine guardianship, influential friends, nature's abundance, Zoroaster. GO Magical Creatures
LIZARD - if running zig-jag like in lightning, loss of composure; if painted on rock of an ancestor's ritual picture [example: Aborigine] ready to turn to new page in life.
LOCK - obstacles if closed - new information unfolding if open, GO to GHOSTBUSTERS for lock and key symbols
LOOKING-GLASS - Implies a desire to know the truth, even if it be unpleasant to you. MIRROR - Prophetic dreams; a love of truth. See Dali and additional dreamwork footnotes @ RIVENDELL
LOTUS - symbol of crown energy [the thousand petal lotus or thousand petal rose suggests link with golden flower of the ancients], good talisman for a bad case of nervousness due to some pressure or tension of modern life [commute]


- M -

MAGNET - You will be drawn by an irresistible attraction towards someone for whom you will eventually feel more dislike than affection.
MAGNIFYING GLASS - You are given to such exaggeration that it may amount to untruthfulness.
MAGPIE - "One for sorrow, two for mirth, three for a wedding, four for a birth"; this ancient saying well explains the meaning of seeing magpies in the tea-leaves.
MASK - For a lover, this predicts that unpleasant facts will come to light, of which at present there is no suspicion, leading to an abrupt ending of the love affair; a secret that must be kept. GO WHO WAS THAT MASKED MAN
MOUNTAIN - challenges, obstacles or a specific area; mountain peak, place where all opposites merge. Also, the summit and possible resolution of two sides of an argument. Negative: anything on top of the mountain is out of reach at the moment.
MOUSE - theft [of heart?], object or idea; computer
MUSHROOM - long life. Predicts that you will take a small risk and achieve a great success; to lovers, it foreshows a quarrel and possibly a broken engagement; at top means journey or moving to the country; near bottom means rapid growth; if reversed means frustration, psychedelics - visionary cognition for problem solving. Background: Shrmx menu [look for Molly Weasley (2) page] and Glossary for various reads on shrmx. Also, 'Plant Kingdom' for more at Arwen's Garden.


- N -

NAIL - injustice, unfairness
NECKLACE - (whole): admirers; if broken means danger ahead in love and danger of losing a lover
NEEDLE - recognition, admiration, notions, weaving; spite, gossip
NET - full, prosperity; empty, poverty
NIGHTHAWK - night prowler.
NIGHT OWL - someone burning the midnight oil, as Harry did before he had to take part in a TriWizard Competition task.
NOAH'S ARK - health and a new beginning.
NUMBERS - see Numbers 1 - 10 and Numbers 11, 22, 33
NUN - protection, consolation


- O -

OAK TREE - good omen: wealth, strength, health, long life, attainment of cherished hopes; tree of life; for lovers, happiness-prosperity in marriage; cut down, loss of a friend
OAR - outspoken individual; sport/amusement; broken oar denotes recklessness for which you'll pay dearly, affliction for lover-husband
OASIS - success, profit
OBELISK - This foreshows honour and wealth.
OPAL - unexpected luck; unreliable dream
OSTRICH - travel; OSTRICH FEATHER - balance, truth, beauty, and justice - as the ancient symbol for MAAT
OWL - messenger, the Owl Post, don't start anything the next day; gossip, scandal, aliens. GO Magical Creatures
OYSTER - love, an impending engagement; easy and sure profit


- P -

PALM TREE - success, honor, valuable gifts or legacy; place were they grow; a trip to an upcoming tropical place, celebration
PANTHER - symbol for goddess priests and priestesses; represent higher mind ability; may also mean danger. GO Magical Creatures
PARASOL - open (you will glean insightful information), closed (something hidden), raining (water symbology of creation)
PEACOCK - wisdom
PELICAN - self-sacrifice, resurrection
PHOENIX - renewal, new beginning, initiate. The Order of the Phoenix links here. Visit Phoenix page here
PURSE - at top means profit; at bottom means lose; also, the Purse (open): financial gain, and the Purse (closed): financial loss
PYRAMID - wisdom, change for the better, mental expansion and stretch of the intellect



- Q -

QUEEN - A queen upon her throne indicates security, peace, and honour; sometimes the attainment to a high position through powerful friends.
QUERY - Shows doubt, indecision; if this sign were seen with a letter the doubt would be with regard to some correspondence; if with a journey, uncertainty about it; and so on.
QUESTION MARK - quest, need for caution; question asked, good luck
QUICKSILVER - transformation ahead
QUILL PEN - This shows that you may expect, before long, to sign your maiden name for the last time in a marriage register; with other signs, a legal document.


- R -

RAKE - watch details, planting seeks, reap what you sow
RAINBOW - healing; the bow is a covenant; the whole universe, the full spectrum reference as the division of maxima into the seven colour frequency rainbow; ancient symbol for Christian presence, Native American symbol for the centre of space; suggests fifth heaven action is about to take place in the material world. Fifth heaven symbol is the central point where all points of a compass come together - similar to the centre of a labyrinth.
RAT - intelligence that may work against you; Scabbers: trouble city, steer clear
RAZOR - quarrel, dispute
RING - phone call, coming full circle, reconciliation; near the top means marriage or the offer of marriage; at bottom means long engagement; if broken means engagement broken off, divorce
RIVER - clear, fortunate omen
ROAD - broad, happy life; narrow road means deceit; to be traveling a good and straight road denotes good luck, if it is uneven and muddy, you will have many obstacles to contend with; if it be very bad, some of those you deal with will cheat you.
ROPE - completion, success
ROSE - This is always an indication of great success in any field of science or art. A happy family life is predicted, and many well-adjusted children will be forthcoming. Love will always play an important part in the lives of those who find a rose.
Rose bloodline, creation, flower of life, love, may be accompanied by a fragrance in the room; popularity. GO Plant, Flower, and Tree Patterns, Ladyhawke Midsummer Oracle or the Garden and Shrine page


- S -

SAW - interference, tear apart, something viewed
SCALE - legal issues; if balanced means just result; if unbalanced means unjust result; adjustments in a relationship
SCARAB - excellent indication everything that has fallen into a rut will self-correct; change needed to escape from the same old daily routine
SCISSORS - quarrels, possibly separation
Shark: bankruptcy
SHEEP - good fortune; watch for rustlers
SHELL - good news, nautilus; go to mechanical drawing - Shell Cottage finishing touches
SHOE - sole/soul, condition of shoe is important; go forward; the four part universe; transformation; good time for the mandala - GO Study 4a
SIGN, or MARK - denoting something significant and carrying an interpretative meaning. Origin: Old French 'signe' from Latin 'signum' 'mark.' Most tracker guides take the Book of Thoth, the Tarot [Major and Minor Arcana source group] as the undisputed lexicon for symbols, signs/marks, and portents. GO Line of Intuition and Tarot Trump direction page
SKELETON - wealth, legacy, Deadhead symbol [get tickets now]
SNAKE - life force symbol; if the snake is attacking, an enemy, an enemy nearby
SPIDER - weaving together, reward for your work, if well done - remember to always weave one mistake into your rug - the spider woman and 13th sign Arachne [in West]. See Led Zeppelin drummer Bonzo Bonham
Squirrel - gossip [see Norse mythology, the World Tree]
STAR - This symbol always denotes great happiness if it is by itself and in the clear near the top of the cup. When found in a cloudy state or within a mass of thick leaves or grounds, it signifies a long healthy life but one with many serious problems and troubles. If spots surround the star, you will become wealthy, be highly respected by all, and achieve many honors in life. If more than one star is seen, they represent a large family or that many children will be born. When more than one star is surrounded by dots or specks, the children may become a cause of sadness and vexation when you are older. These problems can usually be avoided by strict discipline while the children are still young.
accent: health and happiness, hope, heavens; the round art; an Aquarian symbol
STANDING STONE - ancient monument, power of ancestors; several on Hogwarts grounds, especially on the way to Hagrid's Hut
STONEHENGE - link with ancient world of astrology and cycles of the eclipse; historic site in the UK with new excavations during January, 2007 GO Sacred Site for more about important areas of the globe
SUN - happiness, success, power; past life stimulation
SUN-DIAL - take heed how you spend your time.
SWORD - arguments and warning of future arguments; visit champions, fighters, and gladiators




- T -

TAROT - a Trump means triumph over an obstructive force. GO Tarot Card Guide and scan The House System guide to Tarot interpretation
TEAPOT - friends, nurturing, options improved. Visit the TEAROOM at Bag-End
TENT - a covering, so whoever identifies a tent in the tea leaves may express desire to conceal a secret, or use a tent as a covering, like an invisibility cloak, to move through the world in a mask and concealment; wish to attend the Quidditch World Cup, camp with friends in a comfortable setting like the Weasley Tent. If a need for R&R converts to the wish to 'get away from it all' a tea leaf tent means travel and/or camping on a scenic route [muggle or wizarding world] that is back with Nature.
THIMBLE - changes at home; refers to the thumb so possible changes at work.
THYRSUS - Festival, celebration, ritual, event with pastoral theme. A pole carried by Bacchus/Dionysus (the twice-born, the god of the vine), and by Satyrs, Maenades, and others who engaged in Bacchic festivities and rites, and was sometimes terminated by the apple of the pine, or fir-cone.
TOTEM - ancestors, travel, mystery.
TOWER - affiliations; beginning, closure; disappointment; if broken or upside down, loss of partnership.
TRANQUILITY ZONE [+ symbolism] - still-tranquility zones are used in dowser work when energy balance should be restored to a home, garden, business offic, or other place of work. check Harry Potter's room at the Dursley's
TREE - One tree, off by itself and in the clear, denotes excellent health which will last a lifetime. But if a group of trees is represented, this indicates many misfortunes, which can be avoided only by extreme care and industrious habits. Two or more trees which are clearly separated promise that your wishes will come to pass and that whatever you want to accomplish will eventually take place. If these separate trees are surrounded by specks or dashes, it is indicative of a blossoming fortune and one which will take quite a period of time to mature fully. Caution will have to be exercised to bring this about. Dots accompanying the trees tell that wealth is in store and that it will most certainly come through investments.
accent: improvements, of life, creation, book of life, your life path, GO Arwen's Garden - also, STUDY 2b/2b for plants and trees.
TRIANGLE - something unexpected, 3 in a relationship, pyramids, dimensions of communication.
TRIPOD - message about the future. Linked with the Oracle at Delphi; GO ORACLE


- U -

ULCER - cares, sorrow.
UMBRELLA - open, protection against the elements; shut, security.
UNDINE[S] - beautify a corner of your universe; look to the West for an answer to your question.
UNICORN - spirit, center of the zone, mandala, labyrinth. GO the UNICORN POND for information about unicorns.
UNIFORM - adventure; if negative, separation, loss
URN - wealth and happiness.


- V -

VANGUARD - in front, leader, first in line; avant-garde, ahead of others
VARMIT - same as Weasel, but smells bad; cousin of the polecat.
VASE - a friend needs help; the vessel or dish.
VEGETABLE - if growing, happy home life; creative imagination.
VEHICLE - carrier; see Trump VII; for background about the interpretation footnote link.
VEIL OF ISIS - wisdom concealed from the profane. GO Trump II The Priestess, Juno, Veiled Isis, Female Pope, and more aka titles for the card.
VINE - a sign of abundance.
VIOLIN - soul power, healing, happy domestic conditions.
VIPER - betrayal, scandal.
VOLCANO - harmful emotions; eruption, passion.


- W -

WAGON - a wedding, wagon wheels (wheels within wheels, change in public image, reputation, job); when negative, hard times ahead.
WASP - romantic problems.
WATERFALL - prosperity, abundance; focus on spiritual center, psyche center; the element WATER is usually recognized by a clear space entirely free from tea-leaves at the bottom of the cup.
WATER LILY - This flower proclaims a declaration of love. The Lotus is associated with love of truth.
WEASEL - This animal shows cunning, and points to the sly behaviour of someone with whom you associate, and of whom you feel no suspicion.
WEATHERCOCK - sign of vacillation when a decision has to be made; in the end you may settle upon an entirely different course of action than indicated by the original options. [go jello]
WELL - a well of clear, sparkling water denotes successful speculation; an overflowing well, loses
WEREWOLF - the image; GO to Transfiguration
WELL - Spiritual nourishment for the people, often found in a central location within the community. The well was viewed as a shrine dedicated to the miraculous emergence of living water, and in most cultures was a symbol of generation, purification, and the matrix of life itself.
WHALE - ancient power animal was a symbol for Christ. A blue whale jawbone is arched over the original entry way into old Glastonbury Abbey ground [where The Grail is said to be, with mortal remains of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere]; augury: read as a prediction of personal danger which may be averted if caution is observed. see Trump XIX The Sun, also films with Jonah theme at Phoenix Flicks
WHEEL - reference to TRUMP X The Wheel; if complete means good fortune; if broken means disappointment. The three figures on the rotating wheel indicate change in current circumstances.
WING[S] - power of the triumphant spirit, soul power, soul mate.
WHITE DOVE - new beginning, adventure, maxima - white wave
WINDMILL - future success and wealth, variable based on Trump X, The Wheel of Fortune.
WINDOW - eye with a view of your environment; if open, a window shows that you are regarded with favour by many; a closed one means embarrassment.
WINGS - messages, immortality; soul mates. See Angel pages posted in our Candle Section.
WIZARD CHESS - sharpen wits, use full spectrum visual and auditory skill, pressure from new adversary [may be out there in the wings]
WOLF - nurturing; hunter, mother [to Romulus and Remus, founders of Rome see the Palintine Hill, their shrine in Rome]; when negative, jealousy.
WOMAN WITH A MIRROR - Clairvoyance and prediction of the future are signified by this symbol. Go to LOTHLORIAN and Galadriel's Glade
WOODPECKER - messenger and guardian of the forest ; brings pleasant news from those who live in the countrym heralds the rain and storms. Since Picas the Roman god of agriculture was famous for his divination skills and was associated with the Woodpecker, this bird became a symbol of prophecy.


- X -

XENA: Warrior Princess and all the Xenites - feminine power as the general, expressed for justice, restoration of order [exorcism], and correct allocation of power. Amazon comes from a term referring to excellent hand/eye coordination and love of the bow and arrow so there is an association with Diana, goddess of the hunt. Suggestion that a women may be the most ideal defense general and strategist. See American Maid [TICK], Wonder Woman/Diana Prince played by Linda Carter on television, and Xena who is played by Kiwi actress Lucy Lawless.
X-RAY - improved health; if working with Kirlian photography, an aeyther or double of physical vehicle or the shell. GO THE MATRIX Oracle for more about manipulation of the shell/ and read about shell disturbances.
XYLOGRAPH - engraved or woodcut Tarot, as the Marseilles Deck: classic way or system pertaining to sign and symbol language of the deck.
XYLOPHONE - sounds can distribute akasha that is too slow or 'trapped' and massing [like the bell or glass/crystal wind chimes]. The sistrum was once used for the purpose in the ancient temple of Isis and others in Egypt.


- Y -

YACHT - sailing, financial success.
YARN - tapestry of life; weaving destiny plan; faithfulness, loyalty, honour.
YEAST - good luck, unexpected wealth.
YELLOW-GOLD - symbol of perfection, the goal has become possible or is realized. GO YELLOW GOLD
YOKE - [ox collar] need to balance physical and spiritual agenda; domination; EGG YOKE, cosmic awareness; broken, lost power.
YOGI - time to walk a mile in the shoes of another person; messenger
YULE LOG - traditional celebration, at Christmas usually; wealth and prosperous period of time ahead.


- Z -

ZEBRA - adventure, especially overseas; an unchanging factor [as, alchemical rule: gold always melts at the same temperature.]; unfavorable, confusion, the wrong place.
ZERO - with or without a diagonal line through/ usually a zone conscious person; empty; center, the source where opposites meet; cosmic event; if broken, wasted energy. GO ZONE.
ZEUS - statue or temple of, ancient wonder of the world, new found insight and soul power; direct link with oversoul. [the spirit of the architect was included as suggested by this phrase: "the monument was dedicated to the spirit of the planet Jupiter, one of the seven Logi who bow before the Lord of the Sun.?]
ZITHER - love, declaration of love.
ZODIAC - archetypal format system; reference to Trump X, The Wheel; see Astrology Index; GO to MAGICAL CREATURES
ZOO - journey [exotic circumstances]; psyche ability may be impeded or compromised. GO to MAGICAL CREATURES







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Roget’s Thesaurus, the American Edition of 1933 lists the following kinds of divination in this order as a footnote:

By the stars   -astrology, horoscope, astromancy
By oracles   -theomancy
By the Bible   -bibliomancy
By ghosts   -psychomancy
By spirits seen in a magic lens   –cristallomantia
By shadows or manes   -sciomancy
By appearances in the air   -aeromancy, chaomancy
By the stars at birth   -genethliacs
By meteors   -meteoromancy
By winds   -austromancy
By sacrificial appearances   -aruspicy/haruspicy, hieromancy, and hieroscopy

       .... continued




Sirius Black - Padfoot - Sirius, alpha Canis Major [also go to Rupert Grint - Alkes]
Capricorn 20-30
Deleted Scenes Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 10:29
The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black

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Review: Richard Harris

Women Rock - Mercury in the Signs of the Zodiac


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