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The Akasha Wave
The Akasha Black, Emerald Green and Golden Wave
The Matrix Aura
Aura Clear

Autumn - Early Winter
Weasley Tent Tawny Autumn

The Blue Wave
The Blue Violet Wave and Silver Rose, Healing - Restoration

The Glow and Radiant Gold Wave

The Green Wave - Grey, Green and Crystal

Iridescent Peacock Feather - Rainbow Wave
Lavish and Pale Lavender spectrum

The Mountain Lake Wave

Mystic White Wave - Enter Transparent Wave - full article

Natural Neutrals

The Orange Wave

The Red, Gold and Black Wave
Red-Orange -Red and Orange
The Rose Red Wave with The Ruby Red, Jet Black, and White Jade Wave

Seven-Day Link-Bond Candle Ritual

   The Need For Beauty
   The Transparency Wave





Aries is the sign beginning our astrological year, and so is associated with birth, change, and the direction of attention from within outward. Traditional colors we associate with this fiery and intense sign are red and white. But Mars, the planet ruler, is associated specifically with red. Socially the colors best suited to the native are gypsy* red-orange, red and white (the Hawaiian shirt with large and bright flowers) and modified forms of red - poppy, rose, maroon and pink. All these colors are expressive, appealing and deeply emotional.

The brilliant red commands attention and is preferred by extroverts as the color of vigor, a representation of the aggressive-action urges of the complete person. Scarlet and pimento are social accessory focalizers. The ruby is the stone most frequently chosen by Aries, as it represents the life force (carried by blood) or symbolizes furnace-like flames (usually related to the lower furnace if by itself.)

Business colors for Aries natives tend to include the social colors, only to a lesser degree. Red leather chairs are often placed in a partnership area of the room. Red leather desk accessories are used as art or functional accent in 'fame' areas within home and office. Additionally are choices such as the red centerpiece at dinner, red stained glass, objects with red and gold ornamentation and eye catching items on glass shelves.

Red and white illustrations are excellent in an atmosphere calling for creative thinking and discussion. Since red tends to distract the equilibrium of the physical temple, it is usually most efficient in smaller doses. This extends to the wardrobe of any career oriented individual, man or woman. Helps highlight positive persona as jewelry, the color of scarf, tie and handkerchief.

Gladiator [Russell Crowe]

Element: Cardinal Fire
You Like: speed, taking the initiative, pushing the envelope, the glow of the limelight, climbing the mountain because its there
You Dislike: manipulation, delay, routine work, hyper-sensitivity, secret pacts or agreements

* See 'Cleopatra' title screen for each DVD about the movie, for more about the interaction of gold and scarlet, red and flame.

Marlon Brando
Russell Crowe movie pages
Sir Alec Guinness - Obi-Wan Kenobi
Kate Hudson
Booker T. Washington
Emma Watson




Taurus is the earthy sign ruled by Venus, planet of beauty, luxury and comfort. Traditional color combinations said to harmonize with the Taurean energy are variations of green (mediation and fruitful harvest) and rich black (fertile soil). The most common precious stones of Taurus are the emerald, various jades (especially white and nephrite green, but also imperial jade) and turquoise. It has been said the turquoise is popular with Venus, not because it has blue (trust, social skill) - rather for its tendency to fade into green. Green is the most pleasant color of the spectrum psychologically, since it links all colours into a network of frequencies.

Green rules a lot about collectives, a primary theme with Venus characters in history. The most positive colors for the work environment are combinations of green and orange - especially in lighting effects, with emphasis on orange, peach or soft strawberry-peach. These colors combined invigorate the psyche mentally and physically.

Wardrobe may incorporate the warmer colors such as red, red-orange and yellow. Amber is an excellent stone because of its electrical properties. Anciently amber was used for amulets and healing, along with emerald, jade and turquoise. Slow, steady Taurus seems to enjoy the activation of hot colors that quicken the heart beat and respiration. Under very warm lights the Taurean becomes physically toned and mentally tuned into competition more so than usual. Orange lights seem to add just the right amount of power and vitality, combined with the balancing energy of calming, quieting greens.
above, Temple AMORC, San Jose CA

Element: Fixed Earth
You Like: reliable connections, comfortable surroundings and pleasant people, fine food, a functional wardrobe, a solid professional routine
You Dislike: people who misspeak, dirt, pushy people, a hazard game plan, one-trick ponies

Additional info about Taurus, Green @ The Fourth Primary Colour and the Grey, Green, and Crystal midpoints. also see Bull Fight poster

Cate Blanchett Lothlorien
George Clooney
Katharine Hepburn
George Lucas
Michelle Pfeiffer




Gemini is a bi-polar sign, ruled by Mercury, and tends to feel most positive when working with two colors that inter-relate quite easily. this is true especially in the social strata, where sky-blue and white, red and white, and purple and blue are very compatible. The sign of networking, mental activity geared toward coordinating others' energy, communication and that "spark" ! Natives always move because they are restless, and its easy to shift from blue to purple or sky-blue to white and back again. Once moving through cooler spectrum colors, almost any two combined color waves will work with the Gemini!

Red and white can be worn when there is an emphasis on speed, organizational work and communication pertaining to community affairs such as PTA, club action groups and neighborhood meetings about any beneficial effort ~ fund-raising, voter registration, etc. Usually, gopher's with the clipboard starting out will be the Gem of any group - known for answering correspondence, running quick errands and putting out fires efficiently.

Business wise, Gemini loves blue and white pin-stripped material but will sometimes work with a grey wool banker's suit in style for that year. The tendency for this attire to inspire trust is strong enough for Gemini, however, there is also an air of authority to consider. Blue is traditionally a color of spirituality and faith. It inspires trust when working with public matters on a daily basis. Blue (with white) is often the uniform color of choice when public service is involved. Yellow may also be chosen for inspiration when business should convey a feeling of joy, because of its brightness and a suggestion of intellect or wisdom. Women tend to make excellent first impressions as speakers when they appear in yellow and white.

Element: Mutable Air You Like: current events and trends, change of scenery, social occasions, diversification, stand-up comedy You Dislike: repetitive work, emotional outbursts, sitting still, decision overload, poor analytical advice Additional info about Blue @ The Blue Wave; see The Blue-Violet Wave for more.

John Bonham Led Zeppelin drummer
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Christopher Lee
Ian McKellen
Venus Williams, Gemini compared with sister Serena Williams, Libra


(anciently Cancer)

Moonchild is a watery sign, ruled by the Moon herself. The suggested colors are those with a layered effect on the imagination, as the pearl, moonstone or alabaster - seeming to impress the psyche in waves of color rather than evenly and all at one time. This watery sign is the only one ruled by the Moon as so is intimately related to close-knit groups socially, as well as in business associations. The ideal colors for this sensitive and moody sign tend to be green and white/cream and soft blue-greens. Socially, white and/or cream, the color of antique lace, may be worn as the suggestion of purity and new beginning. The color white is not considered one of sterility when applied to Luna, since she ushers in Summer’s abundant and fertile season. Green is often associated with mediumship and protection, as are tortoise shells that act as auguries and safe environmental insulation for the sea creature. Green around the Moonchild native tends to generate a perfect haven if reducing muscular tension (usually absorbed from surroundings) but is also excellent for concentration and remembering details of social interaction, such as names, birth dates, directions, etc.

In business, the Moonchild tends to respond well to peach color modifications in decor, lighting effects (should always be warm for natives of Luna’s nocturnal sign) and wardrobe. Orange, coral and peach tend to stimulate competitiveness, increase the desire to socialize, and is particularly beneficial where food and drink are served. Since this sign rules the stomach, natives are frequently found working around food, such as in catering, international restaurants and any profession where liquids are involved or studied.

Element: Cardinal Water
You Like: travel to favorite places, family gatherings, cooking, old photographs, sincerity
You Dislike: incongruity, dishonesty, over-aggressiveness, betrayal, people who don’t tip their waitress

Tom Cruise
Harrison Ford
Cyndi Lauper
Liv Tyler




Leo is the sign of radiant energy, strength of will, power and leadership. Colors best suited to this fiery sign are those associated with its ruler, the Sun. Sometimes traditional colors for solar disk symbolism such as scarlet resonate in art, amulets, or jewelry implying the Sun influence. Socially, Leo natives take every opportunity to put their best foot forward at parties and in sports where its a good bet on a high profile. They love the yellow and golden-yellow colors because of their positive effect on the human spirit (also on the metabolism.) Orange and red (like a ruby) also rank in favorite categories because they activate those nearby, generating feelings of warmth and joy. The most “mellow” yellow color, considered to be light peach (or salmon) is an extension of orange and complimentary for Leo, emphasizing a desire to enter any group and participate. This color brings out the cheerful and charming personality of both the Leo and those with whom the Leo native socializes. In love, rose-gold or platinum jewelry are most often selected. Also, cameo, delicate braid and filigree - and amber or pink tourmaline may appeal to the drama Leo wardrobes favor.

The red-orange symbolizes triumph and scarlet is generally the most energizing color for such extroverted people. In the competitive business world, speculative situations, or areas that contemplate risk combined with unknowns, cooler color combinations sometimes serve for better use. There is a tendency to downplay yellow since it frequently signals caution.

Element: Fixed Fire
You Like: recognition for a job well done, sun worship, being treated like royalty, places of amusement, games that require strategic skill
You Dislike: being ignored, the skeleton at the feast, secretiveness, part time lotus-seekers, people who push the panic button

Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, later Queen Elizabeth (Elizabeth Angela Marguerite)
Robert Plant
Whitney Houston
Additional information @ The Orange Wave, Orange-Red Wave, and The Red, Gold and Black Wave.



Virgo is the earthy sign ruled by Mercury, emphasizing analysis, categorization and use of logic. Colors that socially appeal to a Virgoan are on the cool side of the spectrum, and they tend to be mixed. Ideally the effect should be cool, but not cold. Combinations of violet, purple and middle blue tend to work best because they help the passive side of this detail-specific mindset to express in social interaction. The proper ratio of these colors can vary from person to person. Too much purple brings about feelings of loneliness or separation and too much blue brings about fearful or gloomy moods. Combined with a bit more of purple or violet to the other colors in the pattern, power colors combine and work well to relax and soothe Virgo’s worried brow. Garden and landscape is often important as a pastime so rich browns and earth tones are staples for the wardrobe. The topaz, peridot (especially for men), yellow diamond, and carnelian are favored stones for daily attire. Special jewelry and accessories for the desk/work station might combine turquoise, terra cotta and caramel colors.

In business matters, Virgoans function well in blue, blue with white and patterned designs such as paisley in the dark colors. Lights should be soft - yellow, peach, orange, salmon tones shed soft and ‘sunny’ light over work areas. Yellow and peach are especially complimentary in the work environment, particularly when detail is involved or where projects require constant monitoring. The yellow diamond is most fortunate for career and brass or gold in the office are excellent metals for harmonizing with Virgoan frequencies. For an accent in conference rooms and shared space, an arrangement that emphasizes peacock blue, jade green (imperial) and chocolate brown, works effectively.

Element: Mutable Earth
You Like: collecting especially books, interesting pets [small], ordering things, gourmet cooking, exceptional tailors and dressmakers
You Dislike: fuzzy thinking, soft shoe shufflers, cynics, dirt and disorder, unbalanced budgets

John Cipollina
Sean Connery
Greta Garbo

Additional information @ The Blue Wave and The Blue-Violet Wave.

Photo Gallery



Libra is the air sign ruled by Venus. The best colors for social interaction are sky-blue and white and white, yellow, emerald green, nephrite green and imperial jade green. The materials most appropriate for daily wardrobe are silk and natural cotton. Generally, evening wear should exclusively consist of silk, satin, chiffon, and other sheer fabrics that ‘catch the wind’ and float. The kimono garment and line add a dignified style to casual and formal wear. Librans are graceful and subtle in movement so colors should be refined, even when at play.

In business matters Libra preferences can be like Virgo, although Libra neutrals tend to light beige rather than earth tones. Lighting is also similar if not identical, probably due to similar professional associations and colleagues, although many Librans are frustrated actors and actresses. Often they will play out a theatrical role before their audience when communicating with the press, a room of students, a jury or even voters in their district. Career attire often reflects rituals they partake in through any job they perform and be tailored to the part they play in the business world. Just as a banker role calls for the three piece wool suit, shirt or blouse might be brighter and even an ‘accent’ color such as electric blue, violet, lemon yellow - possibly red. Libra remains comfortable under very hot lights. They tend to allay the ‘mind chatter.’ The intensity of red tends to help calm Libra, ensure better concentration, clarity of thought in planning and organization, generally stimulating the mind of creative, communicative Libra. Red-orange lighting can have a relaxing effect and act as an empowerment color within both the Virgo and Libra system.

Element: Cardinal Air
You Like: your fantasy wardrobe, the arts, people who fuss over you, a cordial atmosphere, fine dining
You Dislike: loud noise, jealousy, people who pry, contrariness, dark or somber interiors

Karen Allen
Viggo Mortenson
Luciano Pavarotti
Additional information @ The Blue Wave, The Green Wave, The Fourth Primary Colour, and Friends of The Nature Spirits.



Scorpio is the watery sign of transformation ruled by the planet Pluto. The colors associated with this sign are rich black and gold in combined art, wardrobe and jewelry. Although Scorpio natives are secretive and receptive, they have a very active social life, especially fond of associating with ‘night people.’ The best colors for them socially are black and gold, green and purple, and iridescent colors. As sensitive to texture as Libra, Scorpio favors materials such as velvet, crepe, linen and textured weaves, especially hand woven cloth and bright yarn, as made by Masai Tribe or other experts from around the world. Natives born under the Scorpio stars are at their best when in dramatic or striking attire, including long dresses and capes, antique clothing and jewelry, and uniforms from times past.

Business attire tends to be an understatement of Scorpio power so that the feeling of ‘still waters run deep’ prevails. Natives wear only slightly unconventional clothes, in style but not quite in step with fashion modes of the status quo. This may be a subtle way of rebelling. Seldom in flat black unless the profession demands that look as part of a career image, Scorpio likes to blend in at the office, working on solid colors like green, blue-greens, jade greens, maroon and cream or white. Sometimes Scorpio will change pace and combine black and white or red and black. When black, white and red are worn together the dramatic effect is usually too prominent for Scorpio - that depends on the person however. Leather is worn if tasteful and well tailored. Stones are the fire opal (should not be worn but rather kept on altar, near desk or work area), jet, snakestone, sardonyx, Australian lava and black diamond (attributed to the element of spirit, perhaps because it resembles the pupil of the eye.)

Element: Fixed Water
You Like: positive thinking, solving mysteries and puzzles, dedicated people, well crafted objects d’art, the sound of silence
You Dislike: superficiality, gossip, show-offs, a fatalistic attitude, bullying

Ruby Dee
Gordon Ramsay
Winona Ryder
Maria Shriver
Additional information @ The Akasha-Black Wave and The Transparent Wave.



Sagittarius is Jupiter’s fire sign, symbolized by the Centaur and associated with hunting, speed, and the higher mind. As sky god and goddess, Jupiter and Juno are the two eyes in the occult anatomy. As such the colors are those of heaven during all phases of the weather cycle. Jupiter is one of the three heavenly bodies governing the smooth progression of Earth’s weather system, along with the Sun and Moon. The most commonly associated color is deep blue or royal purple, however natives sometimes wear pink as an expression of cheerfulness and optimism also attributed to Jupiter (sunrise and sunset.) Deep blue is the color of prayer, trust, and spirit - considered a healing ray. Purple and blue combinations are excellent lighting effects for the Sag native, when entertaining within an inner sanctum. These colors are very relaxing and bring about a feeling of harmony and well-being, physically slowing down the whole system. For other rooms, Sagittarians love the walls and ceiling bathed in amber lights and neutral colors.

For business, natives tend to dress casually, much preferring sport jacket to a three piece suit and the skirt and blouse to the tailored dress or more linear pattern. The colors tend to be bright and light and frequently patriotic red, white and blue. Stones are the star sapphire (considered unlucky to wear by some), amethyst, topaz, and the quartz (especially the pink quartz.) Because the far-sighted rulers of heaven focus on the vision, natives pay particular attention to appearance of the eyes and what they convey to others. The third eye (brow) is of interest as well.

Element: Mutable Fire
You Like: the outdoors, betting on almost anything, large parties and events, your friendly neighborhood meeting place, outspoken, frank people
You Dislike: scheming, dressed up gibberish, being bored, greed, disloyalty

Kirk Douglas
Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.
Jane Fonda
Teri Garr
Frank Sinatra and Rat Pack, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr., more

Additional information @ The Mystic White Wave [includes gemstones by colour], and The Blue-Violet Wave.



Capricorn is an earthy business sign, ruled by Saturn. The native is focused on ambition, actual or symbolic, and is performing the duty that is at hand. Colors first associated with this Winter sign are combinations of black and white, gray, deep midnight blue and sometimes deep brown. Socially natives of this sign will wear clothes they have worn during the work day because they will go out directly from the office into night life without missing a beat. White is the color of zest, Maxima awareness and purity. Flat black is associated with mourning, seriousness and gloom. Gray is associated with old age, vacillation and ashes. Brown is often related to melancholy (sometimes being grounded in the material world, stability can be projected using neutrals in wardrobe and decor based on tan/brown staples.) Deep midnight blue is the color most frequently seen in the auric field of Capricorn, emphasizing the duty and an awareness of form and appropriateness. Red is one of Cap’s best colors socially though they tend to wear it only as an accessory.


Ansel Adams, nature photographer

In business attire, some type of robe or standard uniform is frequently worn. For example, a judge, monk, or the military official dress uniform designate rank and authority within a community. The air of detachment implied is further emphasized by the contrasting colors, usually emotionally neutral in an overall impact. Because of the extremes indicated by the attire (black and white, midnight blue and white) and colors in day to day business life (checks, hound’s tooth patterns - black and white onyx and smoky quartz), introduction of the medium/middle colors of the spectrum, are excellent, especially deep green. The color of an evergreen tree helps to reduce energy drain that can result from dealing with opposing tendencies constantly.

Element: Cardinal Earth
You Like: good taste, order and good timing, adventure, steadiness, luxury
You Dislike: wastefulness, meandering, trusting to luck, people with standards on a sliding scale, judgmental people

Nicolas Cage
John Paul Jones
Jimmy Page
Denzel Washington
Additional information @ The Mystic White Wave [includes gemstones by colour], Natural Neutral Colours, and The Blue-Violet Wave.




Aquarius is the third intellectual, airy sign of the zodiac, and completes the triad concerning communication and understanding. Planet ruled Uranus often confers great visions, future goals of significant merit and an appreciation of boundless space, the ‘star studded’ sky. The color first associated with Aquarius is dazzling white, like that of lightning or electricity. This is also known as the sign (along with Sagittarius) for Maxima, the white light from which flow all the colors of the prism. We first think of white garments and then the ‘coat of many colors’ and rainbow - a brilliant array. Socially the Aquarian tends to unconventional garments, outfits, hair and make-up - almost futuristic styles and coloring - yet thought as fascinating for the persona of Aquarius, as opposed to ‘weird’ or bizarre or inappropriate. Light should always be emphasized in the native’s environment, either for decor or special effects, when the native’s script calls for metallic make up or clothing.

In business matters, the Aquarian is usually on a friendly basis with co-workers and the boss so that wardrobe styles can shift according to mood and adjustments in the description of job/function. The bias with wardrobe staples should stress aquamarine, lapis lazuli, and slate gray. These natives are so fast paced and line in such changeable business climates, that selection of their daily career dress is left to their own discretion as a rule. Colors that provide mental calm to offset such intensity are cool colors from blue through violet. Power stones are topaz, chalcedony (suggests clouds of the daytime sky by its appearance) and bright artificial glass, such as Tiffany lamps and windows.

Element: Fixed Air
You Like: living on your own clock time, asking questions, all inventions unique and novel, evolved humanitarians, unusual art forms
You Dislike: arguments, a confining agenda, dead air, sentiment expressed in public, drifting attention spans

Marty Balin
Neal Cassady
Laura Dern

Additional information @ The Mystic White Wave [includes gemstones by colour], Trump XI and XII in my House System, and The Mountain Lake Wave.




Pisces is the mystical and illusory last water sign in the triad, ruled by Neptune, Lord of the Seas. The social colors tend to be those of the peacock feather, the iridescent colors. If we think of the sea at night under a full Moon, with the light reflected off the water, we visualize the favorite colors of the Piscean man and woman. Combinations of green and purple are especially appealing. Excellent blends to exteriorize additional characteristics of this sign are: cerulean blue, ivory and lupin (soft purple); or violet, bright tulip yellow and lotus white. When these colors are featured in a garden landscape, notice how quickly butterflies will gather. Pastel terra-cotta or French Salon white walls, unglazed, add a relaxed tone to a small resort or quiet country house. The spirit of the garden deva may be transferred inside with a commanding chintz pattern for drapes, headboard and bedcovers; complementary colours echo the wallpaper, towels and curtains in the bath - prim nosegays or miniature plaids. As a symbol of immortality, no garden is completely in harmony without at least one butterfly contingent. This native loves glamour, illusion, mystery and the mystical - all those profound and semi-opaque pearls from the deep. Within this sign we find red and blue perfectly balanced and we have a hue dominantly esthetic in appeal by combining them. Virgo is the balancing sign for Pisces and often prefers the same red, blue, purple pallet.

Professions usually involve some form of creative or artistic garment - perhaps the costume of an actor or actress. This could extend into any functional attire that would allow the native to observe the ‘mysteries’ of life, such as scuba diver, marine biologist, deep sea diver and archeologist, and so on. Although the Piscean can ‘act’ the part of business people, belief in a special role designed for those born under the constellation of the two fish often prevails. Piscean understanding of the audience, tolerance for receptivity, and skills for application of fantasy and illusion could suggest the stage and screen are best - the Great White Way would seem to be the line of least resistance. Then Pisces reads character roles, wears the costume to go with that part, whatever it is, for as long as an imagination is stimulated by the drama and a dream. Floating flowers and candles.

Neptune and XIX The Sun with the Soulmate

Element: Mutable Water
You Like: music and dancing, solitude by the sea, romance and fantasy, intuitive people, even pacing in most work environments
You Dislike: rudeness, being forced to follow a repetitive routine, people who read your poetry without asking, inhospitable places, people who make decisions for you

Ornette Coleman
James Doohan
Miranda Richardson
Elizabeth Taylor
Bruce Willis Additional information @ Trump XI and XII in my House System

Originally printed in The San Francisco Pocket Astrologer


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'Hasta la vista, baby'

Enemies List from A Reliable Source

This time they’ve gone too far.
Drive any sign stark, raving loony in seconds
by following this easy guide.


ARIES – Be kind to their enemies. Display no passion. Act like you don’t like them. Play inappropriate music when they visit. Take all phone calls before leaving for important meeting.

TAURUS - Spend their money, eat their food, borrow stuff, don’t return it, and tell them to hurry. Change the objects around in their house when they’re not looking; just move everything a few inches from their normal spots. Pay them the same compliment every ten minutes.

GEMINI - Bore them to tears with long monologues about your emotional life. Don’t talk to them at all. Monopolize them at a party so they can’t move about and talk to anyone else. Stop for gas and oil check on your trip [often].

MOONCHILD - Criticize their homes; warn them that they might lose their jobs or that a highway is going to be built running through their livingroom. Reorganize their spice rack and tell them what isn't there.

LEO - Teach them something they don’t know about. Ignore them. Forget to introduce them. Chuckle at their taste. Mention their choice of colour accessories - how unique the combinations are, especially emphasizing mixed season accents.

VIRGO - Whine a lot. Mess up their homes, wreck their schedules, rip off the box tops, loose the cap to the toothpaste. Tear the tags off pillows, mattresses and towels. Rearrange their flowers.

LIBRA - Say “It’s up to you.” A lot. Take them to ugly places. Act gross in public, wipe your nose in your sleeve in full view. Criticize their partners. Refuse to argue with them. Ask if you forgot to mention the details about something they have written in ink.

SCORPIO - Ask personal questions. Know too much. Give them a magnifying glass and ask to borrow it when they are in a hurry. Be more successful than they are and don’t brag about it; it kills them.

SAGITTARIUS - Give them lots of responsibility. Travel more than they do. Point up the lack of realism in their philosophies. Invite them to bogus social functions. Make them wear clothes they hate. Mention the drapes in their home don't let in enough light.

CAPRICORN - You organize everything – they feel useless. Remind them of the time they were late for an appointment. Embarrass them in public. Deliver a large sandwich and drink at lunch when they least expect it.

AQUARIUS - Show off. Get personal and intimate. Insist they phone in thirteen times a day to inform you of their exact movements or repeat conversations word for word. Take them for granted.

PISCES - Tell them to get a grip on themselves, that they’re wallowing in self-pity. Ask them what they really think. Meet them in bright, noisy, crowded places, like an underground station, an international convention, or Rockefeller Center.


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