LINE of INTUITION and Force Sensitive Ability
Harry Potter Intuition Line

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The MoM does not find out which children are magic. Instead, there is a magic quill in Hogwarts that records the birth of a magical child. Professor Minerva McGonagall checks it every year, then sends owls
to those magical children who are turning 11.

-JK Rowling

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    The strong line of Mercury, sometimes 'Line of Health', and the lines directly off the mount of Mercury, emphasize natural ability to respond to life intuitively, quickly, and with eloquence. Thoughts are like a flash of lightning, fast and brilliant. People with developed Mercury are known for being adaptable, with a quick wit, adroit in science and commerce. They contribute a great deal to professions that require PR, advertisement, and candid, off the cuff packaging and delivery in the business world.

    This line shows natural powers of recouperation, general vitality, and may indicate important life changes. This line with other indications in the hand may provide a clue to an individual's internal fortitude because of the link with the pattern of energy that is found in the lower torso. [This is also linked with the inquirer's sexuality, so the number of children one may want to have are read by lines under-and-near the Mercury finger.]

    Two films that divulge the true influence of Mercury, State of Play, and The Wolfman, provide both central characters with the Mercury ring, appropriate for development of their character and storyline. Cal McAffrey [Russell Crowe], ace reporter for The Washington Globe, wears a gold ring on the Mercury finger of his left hand that adds to his heroic image; he is well known as an investigative journalist, perceptive mentor and protective friend. Lawrence Talbot [Benicio Del Toro] wears an opal [or moonstone] on his Mercury finger throughout his successful tour with the production of Hamlet; he continues to wear the ring for the duration as it seems to facilitate, or at least partner, changing phases of the whole story. Observe the separation between the Apollo and Mercury fingers [both associated with the wolf] as greater than others on his hand.

    In the Harry Potter series, Professor Albus Dumbledore [Michael Gambon] wears silver rings on his left Apollo and Mercury fingers, to indicate his station in life as well as his ability to command the Mars-Luna formulae that engage the power of the wolf. There is also an allusion to the power of Anubis, Opener of the Way, the Egyptian Mercury. Anubis was one of the Lieutenants of Osiris. His priests were credited with delicate surgery [eye and brain], just now reentering modern medical schools of the healing arts. Anubis was elite; he was first psychopompus [soul guide], and an ancient patron saint of embalmers and psychologists. His traditional colours are silver and black [akasha black as psychopompus] and golden black [aura indication of prior inner school initiation rites] found in funerary art.

    There are many lines of the hand to which significance have been attributed during specific time windows in life. The line of Mercury usually arises from the lower part of the Fate line in the center of the palm, and ends on the mount of Mercury. Its presence confirms a degree of ‘subconscious vision’ – an ability to emotionally comprehend something more deeply than by ordinary means. Mercury was the messenger of the gods, and it is in these terms a fine representative of the intuitive faculty.

    A well developed Mercury [hand and star chart] represents the one who communicates, the spiritual-human consciousness, the reason, lower phases of intuition; magnetic or electric according to aspects of chart. The wand of Mercury, Caduceus, extends into medical research, dentistry [Hermione’s parents are both dentists], electronic gadgets [fascination held by Arthur Weasley, Ron’s father, a student of Muggle culture], and mechanical appliances. Some occupations attributed to strong Mercury in the star chart include the following: accountant, civil engineer, school teacher, librarian, desk top publication, secretary, personal assistant, messenger, letter-carrier, journalist, banker, inventor, orator, bookseller, clerk, and those responsible for care and maintenance of the physical anatomy, that extends to the dowser and ornamentation/cosmetic service such as wardrobe, cosmetic surgery, and décor of the home. If you live in the Wizarding World, you need a good, strong Mercury in order to work in the Ministry of Magic. In order to run their novelty shop on Diagon Alley [small business owners & managers], the Weasley twins need a positive Mercury.

    Mediums, clairvoyants, dreamers, and highly intuitive people almost always have this line. It is rarely a single line, and more often is composed of numerous small, hair-like lines which suggest a certain unevenness of application. If with a well developed Line of Apollo next to it, health, wealth, and luck come during a significant period of life. The accent has greater strength when the Mercury finger is conic or psychic [idealistic].

    For example, the spatulate finger is one which gives the appearance of bluntness and slightly increases in size at the tip. The square finger [practical] is also blunt, but does not increase in size at the tip. The conic finger is longer and comes to a well-rounded end. The psychic finger is slender and extremely pointed, indicating a very highly organized and sensitive disposition.

    The great American hand is called a composite, containing one or two fingers from several of these groupings. The first finger may be conic, the second square, the third spatulate, and the fourth conic or psychic. Such individuals are versatile, quick to solve problems, and may be superficial at times [could indicate a negative Mercury factor - Jack of all trades and master of none].

    The positive Mercury finger and mount favors clever actors, barristers, and a certain class of public speakers, also diplomatists, stock brokers, company promoters, or inventors of new methods in business. Mercury is fascinated by appliances, gadgets, and the latest mechanical fad in development. In all careers that require keenness of brain, these people are going to pursue success, provided they have developed a sufficient amount of will power and continuity of purpose to stick to their agenda over the long haul.

    A steady, reliable thumb will compensate for weaker tendencies of the Mercury finger and/or mount. The thumb is 'powered by' the fifth element, spirit. The first, or end, phalanx of the thumb denotes the will; the second phalanx, the integrity; and the base, controlled by Venus, the generative or amative nature. Strong will can overcome several potential problems seen elsewhere in the hand as a whole. The will can coordinate body and mind so they join forces and work together as a team. In this way it is possible to overcome a tendency to 'slide by' and concentrate on the goal 'at hand'.

    Cheiro writes, "In the judgment of character by the formation of the Hand, the Thumb is of about the same importance as the nose is to the face. It must be understood to represent the natural Will Power, whereas the Line of Head represents the Mental Will.

    In my larger works on this subject I have gone into very deeply the medical reasons why character should be expressed by the Thumb and the extraordinary rôle it has played in civilization, and also in the various religions of the world."

    Mercurial intuition thrives if it can function while noting any environmental shift, alteration, or deviation within the established norm. The nervous system seems the happiest when engaged in work that offers creative challenge, new or changing surroundings, and constant variety among friends. See Mercury stats in a study of star charts for writers. right Mercury [Greek Hermes] co-rules animation of the physical anatomy.

    The more defined the line, the more likely will there be a trend to new social interests such as clubs, sports, or hobbies. There can also be an ever-expanding, evolving social circle that follows upgrade and change in innovative technology. Access to morphing chat groups online, for example, allows the constant augmentation of networking potential.
    Note for dowsers: the powerful energy lines that run through the wrists into the hands hold the secret to successful divining, whether it be for water, missing things, or people. The movie, The Water Diviner, starring Russell Crowe, provides background about dowsing that can be useful in field research work.


    Michelle Obama has Mercury 4°50' Capricorn
    [Sun: 26° Capricorn]

    Her radix Mercury Aspects include
    Mercury trine Uranus orb -4°45'
    Mercury sextile Venus orb -4°04'
    and a very wide
    Mercury [lower mind] square Jupiter [higher mind] orb +7°46'
    Mars in Aquarius

    Mercury describes the conscious, objective mind, so we read The First Lady as a woman who could be a best selling author, film director, photographer, business manager, and successful public figure in the world of politics [elected office]. The slender, pointed tip of her Mercury finger enhances eloquence, and enables one to draw on her imagination. She is above the crowd yet able to perceive all sides of an issue, and the infinite complexity of people and of situations. Her Mercury finger denotes the gift of oratory, writing, and of course the understanding of figures: in other words, it promotes 'brain power.' Her national program, "Let's Move" combines her practical knowledge of health and personal achievement with US ideals of fitness.

    On the human plane, Mrs. Obama finds ways to establish a dialogue with individuals, the press, and organizations. She is quick to respond to unknowns in a circumspect manner [teaching skill] and use her focus on humanitarian and inter-relational communication to the max. She concentrates on immediate realities, a quality associated with Mercury.

    The First Family Visits the Wizarding World - June 10, 2009

    Obama daughters party on the Harry Potter set
    Michelle Obama took her daughters Sasha and Malia to the Harry Potter set at Leavesden studios in Watford today. Malia's birthday was celebrated in the Great Hall with cast and crew, now winding up final instalments of the boy-wizard series.

    The First Family, who spent last night in the West End watching the stage musical version of Lion King, were expected to meet Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and other stars of the Potter blockbuster movie series.

    The cast is currently working on a two-part adaptation of the final book in the series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, scheduled for release in November 2010 and July 2011. Sources close to the Leavesden studios, in an old Rolls-Royce factory near Watford, said that the author JK Rowling - who sat next to Mrs. Obama during the G20 banquet in Downing Street - was also attending today's party.

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    The ‘future’ so far as palmistry is concerned is not a hard and fast series of predetermined events in time; it is a loosely confined series of possibilities which are given actuality as the individual psyche reacts with the external world. In one sense the future is an extension of the present, ‘seen from an aspect of time’: but it can be changed and is therefore neither completely predetermined nor completely undetermined.

    The lines in the palm, at the wrist, and on the thumb and fingers, indicate the highly individualistic state of flux between an individual and the world: the flux which is described in psychological terms as ‘the life pattern’ of the person. In this respect, and in this respect alone, by virtue of indicating present directional trends in relation to temperament, the lines of the hand give a clue to the future.

    left, palm imprint of Jerry Garcia, one of the most influential musicians of the psychedelic era and beyond. Garcia is oft referred to as 'the best nine fingered banjo player who ever lived'. Note the Line of Intuition under the Mercury finger and mount. The Sun and Mercury fingers are long, essential for the imagination one needs for spontaneous improvisation. The extremely long Sun-finger indicates creative ability, and being aligned with a conic Jupiter assures one of drive, ability and success, even without the structural contributions from missing Saturn finger.
    The Grateful Dead lived at 710 Ashbury Street but were known as the touring band of the era. Constantly on the road - they evolved into modern day wandering minstrels and performed at major events, festivities, ceremonies for royalty and the general population alike. Mercury is the planet most linked to the minstrel, and with Sol, the troupe of travelling players. In an earlier incarnation as The Warlocks this versatile group performed with the Magical Theatre, Mime Troupe, and several of Ken Kesey's productions. Over time they became Kesey's 'house band.'

    lower right, several Haight Street Faires brought people out during the Summer of Love. Mercury is renown for the power of persuasion via the marriage of thought and throat. Garcia loved to debate, narrate, report, often providing his own musical accompaniment. The strong combination of Sol-Mercury emphasizes the hand-eye coordination observed in the palms of those successful in olympic and professional sports. Given the incredible demands on performers living life out of a suitcase one would need agility, strength and a hearty amount of survival reserves.

    Garcia is known for command of his singing and speaking voice [Mercury] and capable of spinning a good yarn at the drop of a hat, a few of his best performing assets. He was a somewhat reluctant frontman when the time came for him to enter public life, but he quickly adapted.

    Jupiter and Saturn

    Each time both business planets complete an orbit and return to home positions where they were deposited in the birth chart, a cycle closes and "renewal" takes off.

    Jupiter [expansion, speculation, philosophy, the law, adventure] completes his orbit under twelve years [11 years, 315 days].

    Saturn [contraction, frugality, 'by the book'] takes over twice the time to rotate round the Sun and return to his original degree within the birth chart ~ a full cycle is 29 years and 167 days.

    Garcia's only Saturn Return occurred in 1970 at age 29 1/2, when his band released, 'American Beauty' [includes electric folk-rock staples: Truckin, Sugar Magnolia, Box of Rain, and Friend of the Devil] and their acoustic masterpiece, 'Workingman's Dead', both with Warner Brothers. During this process, Garcia's diligence and inspiration fueled The Dead's highly defined commitment to perfection that underscored these aptly titled albums. Both managed to usher in financial and artistic acknowledgment, almost compensating for the loss of their instruments, tax problems and pirating [generally plaguing them during the 70s.] Garcia fanned out musically into several movie soundtracks during his career, including his unique banjo in the remake of the spooky thriller, "invasion of The Body Snatchers", and in 1970 he worked on Antonioni's, "Zabriskie Point".

    see John David Rockefeller


    Who Are They?

    Check the Moon and Mercury in your star chart for shapeshifter skill.

    Two heavenly bodies are usually referred to as shapeshifters and masters of transfiguration - Mercury-Quicksilver and the Moon-Silver.
    If either adaptive metal is placed on top of an image, such as a quarter, the appearance of the face of the coin is duplicated perfectly in the Quicksilver and Silver.
    Mercury and Quicksilver are most known for the "replication effect" and are sometimes attributed the term 'mimic' because they so perfectly transfer any representation they contact directly. When close to any other heavenly body in your star chart they pick up on characteristics of the planet and also confer on the planet their own multi-dimensional adaptation skill.
    For example, if Mercury is close to Saturn, the Safty Urge, the intellect deliberates in a routine manner and Saturn utilizes humor in the dissemination of information. Mercury in close proximity to Mars will speak in favor of adventure, issuing challenges, and writing in defense of someone or some thing. Mars will think before acting and fight with the use of intellectual drive.
    Mercury and Uranus influence human aura insulation factor and envelopes around the aura that facilitate healing when we sleep.

    The Caduceus of Hermes

    Wand of Healing, Harmony [binary solutions]
    and Communication

    Both Hermes-Mercury and Iris [Hera's Messenger] carry wands that distinguish their status as Messengers of the Immortals.

    The movement of the symbol is always upward, from the base to the top of the central rod. A winged Sun disk (the collective consciousness) or globe resides atop the rod, the symbol of eloquence and of office. Two serpents entwine the rod [that symbolizes the spine] in stylized fashion with open loops. The serpents face each other at top, with the rod between them. Their bodies intersect three times over the rod as they loop it back and forth. Mercury would use Caduceus to give sleep to whomever he chose and conduct, as Psychopompus, the souls of the dead to the lower world.

    At the top of the wand is an implied letter - Shin. In the middle of this rod is the letter Aleph, and near the bottom is the letter Mem.

    Alec Guinness and Ewan McGregor are the actors who have portrayed Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi. Both have Sun in Aries and their Moon in Gemini.

    In The Matrix series, Caduceus is the name of a hovercraft constructed in Zion, the last human city. Hovercraft pilots patrolling the real world met for a crisis meeting inside the matrix. Agents interrupted them, but not before they received word to return to Zion as a defensive line to hold back the army of advancing machines. Captain Ballard of the Caduceus tells Morpheus he will volunteer to wait inside the Matrix in case there in a communiqué from Seraph or The Oracle.


    Tom Riddle
    Toxic Mercury

    Sirius Black tattoo
    at throat [Mercury]
    Trump XVIII The Moon
    Sirius Black and fixed star Sirius
    House of Black


    Inverted Caduceus

    Reversal of fortune is suggested if the animating character of the wand and encircling symbols engineer movement from the top of the image toward the bottom. When inverted so the energy flow moves away from the highest part of the symbol in favor of the lowest, actualization of the subtle results in an inconclusive status [containing a variable]. Caduceus applied for positive use generates repair, rebirth, and reactivation that summons epithets associated with honor, admiration, and glory.

    Self-undoing generated by a downward flow of energy causes a breakdown, or separation, of the total image into smaller bits. If left unchecked, the action could result in the division of the whole so that each item is reduced to the smallest unit of measurement. When the symbols are in reversed mode the result is immobilization, malady, and to an extent - disgrace. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, suggests The Dark Mark design is an augury regarding the level of knowledge and capability of uninitiated candidates.

    Inverted, twisted, and distorted symbols often expose neophytes who are unable to pass the advanced, rigorous tests on the journey to a higher knowledge. Symbols should generally move everything toward attainment desired by a self-realized individual.


    Jupiter and Saturn

    Harry Potter is one of the lucky ones who received an invitation to study at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry just before he had his eleventh birthday. Once Harry learned his true identity from Hagrid as he entered the wizarding world, he was guided and able to acquire the magic tools he needed to transform his future. Hagrid opened the wall between the muggle world and the wizarding world that brings us to Diagon Alley. After a fascinating tour of Gringotts, the wizard bank, Harry found the books he needed, school robes, and the magic wand that 'decided on' him at Olivanders. Hagrid gave Harry a beautiful snowy owl as a very special birthday gift. Harry named him Hedwig. Harry came to his Jupiter return on a midnight trip through the forest on school grounds. He faced his arch enemy who had just attacked a unicorn, and was helped by a centaur [the unicorn and centaur are Jupiter symbols]; he eventually fought for the Philosopher's Stone [Jupiter] and won.

    see The Performer, Quicksilver Aura Field
    Jupiter (Tin/Pewter) Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.

    The Sun, Mercury, and Mars

    Jerry Garcia's well aspected Sun and Mercury lines, mounts, and fingers compare well with the same fingers on the right hand of Jimmy Page [see below] with the theramin. Some notes about Garcia and his home in San Rafael here; field trip article includes Jimmy Page retreat in Scotland.

    It is quite a common thing for the subsidiary lines to change as the inner attitude of the subject changes, but the main lines change less often. For your own personal palm study, keep a history of your left and right palm prints, updated every three years. Add personal observations, notes about changes that concern your inner life, personal soul power, and the external paradigm.

    In traditional palm study, readers often prepare a journal of visual and tape tracking records for review of individual palm configurations over the decades. Keep such journal inclusions: colour of the skin, nails, and lines. Provide details about texture of the skin, temperature of the palm, and flexibility of the thumb, fingers, and Plain of Mars.


    - Kennilworthy Whisp, Quidditch Through the Ages [Hogwarts Library]

    Mercury and Jupiter often 'turn on a dime' and move in a new direction
    like the above seeker [Harry Potter] in the thrilling game of Quidditch.
    BACK The Performer aura field


    Palm of a Seeker - Harry Potter, first movie

  • Recommended reading:
    Harry Potter books, by J. K. Rowling
    The Lord of the Rings, by J. R. R. Tolkien
    The Hero with a Thousand Faces, Joseph Campbell's work
    based on a comparative study of the mythologies of mankind
    Carl G. Jung’s masterwork, Man and His Symbols.


    Arwen Evenstar's gift to Strider [Aragorn]


    force sensitive characters in the Star Wars universe
    include Yoda, Mace Windu, Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobe, Anakin Skywalker, Luke Skywalker, Count Dooku and Emperor Palpatine



    PLAIN of MARS, He Who Energizes


    Sirius Black, clear Mercury


    Lightning Strikes and Electrical Discharge
    creates fractal formations called Lichtenberg figures
    on rocks, grass, wood or even people!


    Palm, Thumb, Girdle of Venus




    Life among people who love each other is the ideal of happiness.
      -George Sand

    Even if you persuade me, you won’t persuade me.
    Plutus [600]

    Cliff Wells’ Nutrition Newsletter
    on the subject of stress and B Vitamins

    Excerpted from an article by Cliff Wells,
    with permission

    - B vitamins work together in a balanced harmony. Taking one B vitamin without the others is not only ineffective, but can actually cause a deficiency.
    - B vitamins are most plentiful in wheat germ, brewer’s yeast, yogurt and liver. Vitamin B-1, Thiamine is found in milk, liver, oranges, green vegetables, whole grain products, black strap molasses, peas and nuts.
    - Vitamin B-2, Riboflavin is found in organ meats, brewer’s yeast, eggs, milk, leafy green vegetables, legumes and unroasted nuts.
    - Vitamin B-3, Niacin, Niacinamide, Nicotinic Acid is found in brewer’s yeast, lean meats, rice bran, poultry, fish, peanuts, sunflower seeds, green vegetables, brown rice.
    - Vitamin B-6, Pyridoxine is found in brewer’s yeast, nuts, molasses, cantaloupes, cabbage, milk, egg yolks, green peppers, peanuts and carrots.
    - Vitamin B-12, Cobalamin is found in brewer’s yeast, meat, milk, eggs, cheese, peanuts, sunflower seed, whole grains. B-12 is not found in fruits or vegetables, so vegetarians who don’t eat dairy products must watch their B-12 supply. B-12 is the only vitamin that contains an essential mineral. At the center of B-12 is an atom of cobalt.
    - Folic Acid is found in dark green, leafy vegetables, liver, kidney, broccoli, asparagus, lima beans, brewer’s yeast, Irish potatoes, mushrooms, nuts, peanuts.
    - Biotin is found in egg yolks, soy, organ meats, unpolished rice, whole grains, nuts, yeast, and the ever popular brewer’s yeast.
    - Heavy metal in blood, including lead and aluminum, can be cleaned out with garlic; sample kyolic caps to help cleanse the blood if you think you need a blood purifier. [Note from Kova: Mushrooms and other food high in Sulphur can help keep the blood clear of toxins as well.]


    Colour Us Cornucopia Inn
    Indiana Jones Star Menu
    Innholders Company


    Perfect Human Being
    Astrological stars that "rule" each part of the human hand: Rhea, Athena, and Venus rule the thumb, Mars the palm of the hand, the Moon the heel of the hand, Jupiter the first finger, Saturn the second finger, the Sun the third finger, and Mercury the fourth finger. The Line of Intuition that runs up the hand to the Mount and finger of Mercury, appears between the Line of the Sun [that goes to Apollo Mount and finger] and the Mount of Luna.


    The K AME'A of IRON [MARS, 5 columns]

    | 11 | 24 | 07 | 20 | 03 |
    | 04 | 12 | 25 | 08 | 16 |
    | 17 | 05 | 13 | 21 | 09 |
    | 10 | 18 | 01 | 14 | 22 |
    | 23 | 06 | 19 | 02 | 15 |

    Whether these five times five figures are added up vertically, horizontally or diagonally the total is 65, or in Hebrew letters A = 1, D = 4, N = 50 and Y = 10, i.e. 'ADONAY a name of God. The total of the five columns of figures is 325, which is the number of the power of the planet Mars.

    Humanitarian Mars will often choose to aid people affected by natural and human-made disasters, malnutrition and political-diplomatic red tape. The strong Mars combined with an enthusiastic thumb can bring workers and world servers to global organizations such as UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders, and those who assist refugees in the Darfur crises. Mars in the constructive engineer mode denotes power and conquest but by ways of the interpreter and negotiator.

    Go George Clooney and click Murrow link.


    Cliff Wells’ Nutrition Newsletter
    The B Complex

    Stress. That word appears more and more it seems, on TV; radio: in magazine articles and advertisements. People are inventing new ways to deal with stress. Harried executives take seminars on how to relax. People hook themselves up to machines that measure their brain-waves in an effort to control stress. Stress is a big problem, and we can expect it to grow with our mounting economic and social insecurities.

    Stress has not only a psychological but a physical and chemical impact on us. Stress will cause you to burn through your supply of B vitamins like Sherman burned through Georgia. You’ve probably noticed how popular "stress-tablets", mostly composed of B vitamins, have become.

    Severe deficiencies of the B vitamins have serious and startling effects. Volunteer subjects in which B shortages were created became irritable, forgetful, anxious, depressed and uncooperative. They became sloppy and apathetic in their work in their personal appearance and in their relationships. Noise and details bothered them. They just wanted to be left alone.

    The severe shortage of some B vitamins have caused symptoms that mimicked insanity. Patients suffered from paranoia, afraid [or certain!] that their neighbors were "out to get them".

    Doctors ministering to these patients found that in many cases the symptoms could be relieved and the sufferers returned to normal simply by assuring enough B-vitamins in their diets.

    While most B-vitamin deficiencies will never become so severe, a less dramatic lack of B-vitamins can cause a run-down, unhappy feeling best described as "the blues".

    I wish I could say that B-deficiencies were uncommon in America, the land of plenty, but the truth is that the average un-health conscious citizen who things a Big Mac is a great lunch is likely to be B deficient.





    Dr. Strange combines akasha-fire and the Line of Grace for maximum burn

    Mercury-Hermes Symbolism, Theory, and Practice

    Manly P. Hall refers to the spinal column as a symbol common to all world religions. "Connecting the two worlds [heaven above and the sphere of darkness below] is the spinal column - a chain of thirty-three segments protecting within them the spinal cord. This ladder of bones plays a very important part in the religious symbolism of the ancients. It is often referred to as a winding road or stairway. Sometimes it is called the serpent; at other times, the wand or sceptre.

    The Hindu teach that there are three distinct canals or tubes in the spinal system. They call them Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna. These tubes connect the lower generative centers of the body with the brain. The Greeks symbolized them by the Caduceus, or winged staff of Hermes. This consisted of a long rod [the central Sushumna], which ended in a knob or ball [the pons of the medulla oblongata]. On each side of this knob are wings arched over, used to represent the two lobes of the cerebrum. Up this staff and twisted around it wind two serpents, one black and the other white. These represent the Ida and Pingala."


    Mercurius' power to penetrate matter is likened to the lapis, the philosopher's stone, blue flower, or extract produced at the end of the process. Be not confused; these are all names for the One. The lapis transforms metals from base to noble by a projection of spiritual power. According to Jung, "This 'spirit-substance' is like quicksilver, which lurks unseen in the ore and must first be expelled if it is to be recovered in substantia. The possessor of this penetrating Mercurius can 'project' it into other substances and transform them from the imperfect to the perfect state. The imperfect state is like the sleeping state; substances lie in it like the 'sleepers chained in Hades' and are awakened as from death to a new and more beautiful life by the divine tincture extracted from the inspired stone. It is quite clear that we have here a tendency not only to locate the mystery of psychic transformation in matter, but at the same time to use it as a theoria for effecting chemical changes."

    Jung adds in a footnote, "It is indeed remarkable that the alchemists should have picked on the term proiectio in order to express the application of the philosophical Mercurius to base metals."

    See the reference in Dune as, "The sleeper must awaken."

    The Three Rings Nenya, Narya and Vilya [all three rings placed on the Saturn finger]; the only three of the Rings of Power to be made wholly outside the influence of Sauron. Their power maintained the realms of the Elves in Middle-earth until the destruction of the Ruling Ring. The movie prologue shows Sauron wearing the Ring of Power on his [right] Jupiter finger during the battle he fought against the alliance of elves and men.

    Tolkien uses the stones and materials of all rings forged as symbols of the constructive and destructive characteristics attributed to the Saturn and Jupiter fingers. The elves use positive Saturn and the antidote [Venus] to build and defend their worlds. Gemini, The Twins symbolizes builders, founders, fathers of new civilizations: Castor and Pollux, Romulus and Remus, Gilgamesh and the Animal Man, and so on. Gemini had a title, 'the pile of bricks,' the name Hermes comes from, herma, the Greek word for a cairn or heap of stones. read more about Mercury in his intellectual sign Gemini here Bonzo Bonham Performers on the World Stage.


        Continued Intuition and Force Sensitive Ability    


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