If you want to know what subtle energy looks like, here's a fashion statement!
Veiled, yet it still shines through ...  



Jimmy Page S curve  Led Zeppelin live 
Akasha Black-Gold modeled by Jerry Hall, with emphasized S-curve line of grace, mirrored in YSL black-gold trademark
Catherine Deneuve, elegant in Black-Gold

Akasha Black The dramatic, graceful, and  subtle -  favorites of sophisticated designer YSL. Akasha may be carried through a line, the fabric, and  'statement' of the garment. Suggestion of Akasha often conveyed through the cut and personality of the wardrobe and/or style of the wrap.
go to Natural Neutrals page for more about robes of the Jedi Knight.


Akasha Black-Silver

The texture of this expression of Akasha is magic. There is a fantastic
quality to Sherry Lansing's garment suggesting space
that exists as a backdrop, behind and underneath everything we know.

Sherry Lansing and William Friedkin on the red carpet
at the 75th Anniversary of The Academy Awards.



The Solar Seal
Sun or Solar Square

An ancient pre-flood mystic number system. Each Intelligence has it's own Numerical Square. Magic Squares were sometimes worn as amulets in conjunction with ancient philosophic belief, the inner circle followers of Zoroaster were said to be the originators.



Jackson Pollock
Shimmering Substance



The Ancient and the Modern Mystic

In the mystic approach nearly all early civilizations used color as a token of the loftier qualities of human culture. There were certain philosophers, however, who went beyond the formal symbolism of the mysteries and studied the auric light that was thought to issue from the body. Here the true marks of culture were to be found, as unmistakable as the rainbow, visible, actual, and the real index to a man's inherent qualities, good and bad.

Man had been likened to a celestial body that emits vibrations of light. This concept usually referred to the sun or to a supreme invisible deity whose rays gave life and spirit to humans. The halos, robes, insignias, jewels and ornaments used on their own persons and on the effigies of their gods symbolized the spiritual energies that radiated from the Body. The elaborate headdress of the Egyptian and the nimbus of the Christian saint represented the auric bodies of the elect. These streams were supposed to pour from the surface of the flesh, and their colors were a gauge of cultural development, spiritual perfection, and physical health.

-Faber Birren, Color and Human Response



George Lucas to open museum 2018



Paranormal, Premonition, Transfiguration

Avatar linked to the power of Trump XI The Enchantress

Déjà vu 2:36:49
Denzel Washington Tony Scott full movie
John Fogerty - "DejaVu" (All Over Again) 3:51

Elliott and E.T. with an open heart

Field of Dreams Go The Distance
save the Field of Dreams

The Fugitive (1993)
Official Trailer #1 - Harrison Ford, Tommy Lee Jones 1:58

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull





In 1881, we went for the second time to the ancient ruined city of Uxmal, Yucatan, and lived there four months, making moulds of every ornament and inscription, from which moulds perfect facsimiles of those grand old palaces can be produced in plaster, and placed in any exposition or museum....

The monument represents a mastodon head, with various ornaments above and below it, the whole measuring 3.50 m. (11 feet 41/2 inches) in height, and in width 1.25 m. (4 feet 1 inch).

Above the mastodon head there is a chain, nearly 10 inches deep; the stones forming the links are sculptured and fitted into each other just like the rattles of a rattlesnake; and yet higher another row of stones resembling knots. The uppermost part is composed of stones that incline outward from above; they are flat, measuring 0.55 x 0.45 centimeters (21 inches x 17 inches), and are covered with various signs pertaining to certain mysteries. On the sides of the mastodon's trunk are these signs [Illustration: (an "x" and a "circle with a dot in the middle")] which reads Tza, and means, "that which is necessary".

Beneath the trunk and the upper jaw is what is meant to represent the distended jaws of a serpent; on it is inscribed the family name, | | | |, Can, the mouth ('chi') of the serpent giving the second part of the name. Canchi means "serpent's mouth," and was the name of the royal family that ruled over the Mayas when their civilization was at its height....

Le Plongeon, early 3D photography of Uxmal Temple


Scientific American Supplement, No. 458, October 11, 1884



Hoyo Negro, Mexico

Recent discovery of the oldest known near-complete human skeleton in area of Yucatan

Hoyo Negro Skeleton Links Paleoamericans and Modern Native Americans DNA research from the AIA-supported site of Hoyo Negro makes important connections between the earliest settlers of the Americas and modern Native Americans.

The underwater cave near the Yucatan Peninsula contains human skeletal material believed to be among the oldest human remains discovered in the Americas,next to an extinct fauna. The project, co-led by Dominique Rissolo of San Diego State University and his colleagues from Mexico's National Institute of Anthropology and History, will protect the site through the construction of a secured entrance gate, fencing, and signage, as well as to improve access for researchers by building a road, stairway, and dive platform.




navigating the Organian Peace Treaty
Form follows function

The Treaty of Organia, aka the Organian Peace Treaty, was generated by the community of noncorporeal elders who rule Organia. The declaration was born by necessity when the Enterprise and a Klingon Bird of Prey both chose the peaceful and 'unusually' tranquil planet for shore leave.
The Council of Elders were more like a planet Deva collective, who maintained conventional references for passersby who might inadvertently spot Organia as a stop over site for supplies or R&R. The Organian Peace Treaty was initiated via simultaneous trans-galactic apparition to all the inhabitants of the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire home worlds. The Treaty ended the Federation-Klingon War in 2267.
TOS: "Errand of Mercy"
TOS: Wolf in the Fold re negative use of akasha wave power

check out Transparency Wave here



Here are some specific points of interest for review.

Etheric Double
Hogwarts Ghosts
Soulpower Trump XIX The Sun
Transfiguration, Shapeshifter
The Transparency Wave

Initiation, by Elizabeth Haich
Winged Pharaoh, by Joan Grant

Listed articles about Akasha found here: Trump 0-XXII.



The Akasha Black Wave

and Line of Grace

The Line of Grace is Mother Nature's most beautiful form, appearing in the arts, human anatomy, and the sports world when akasha and form move hand in hand. Some of our best loved artists use 'the S curve' - often sparingly for effectiveness, within their grids: da Vinci's Mona Lisa is perhaps the most viewed painting at the Louvre, where admirers will always find her timeless smile fascinating. Paul McCartney sings about a "Long and Winding Road" and paints a memory in our minds, and Jimmy Page describes how "Stairway to Heaven" was composed, Mikhail Baryshnikov is master of the Line of Grace in the world of dance. Sandy Koufax and Ted Williams are both legends who excelled using the power of the S curve.

Perfect Game 1965
Sandy Koufax, LHP the pitch
Youngest Player ever inducted in Hall of Fame
Sandy Koufax documentary

Montana Magic Montana vs. Elway
1994 Kansas City Chiefs vs. Denver Broncos
quarterbacks who give new meaning to the phrase, "playing the field" 7:23 - Property of NFL Films
possibly the best football game of the 90s with intense 4th quarter play

The Elfen Spirit of Middle-earth

Arwen Evenstar, Celeborn and Galadriel, Lord Elrond, Legolas and Thranduil

Akasha may be utilized as an electric or magnetic energy envelope. Akasha moves energy simultaneously inward via the design of the labyrinth, and from the center of the labyrinth outward. It represents the spirit of the sacred journey and the spirit of the poem we all compose together.

On occasion, both  interiorizing and exteriorizing modes may be utilized  simultaneously as in dance, ritual, and on formal ocassions. For inner paradigm study, follow aura exercises or work through Trump VIII or Trump 0/XXII. For external study, check film list suggested with Trump articles.

The experience of Akasha at Sauron's level is negative, and Galadriel, when she operates on the same level of consciousness as Sauron in, The Five Armies exorcism scene, may be mistaken as 'dark' and 'evil' but she is merely in the middle of a banishment. This status of consciousness is apparent at the time Galadriel tests herself in The Fellowship of the Rings. She puts on the Ring of Power and is transformed to Sauron’s level. People avoid the ‘direct approach’ portrayed faithfully in Peter Jackson's series, although specific scenes may not appear in Tolkien's books. The real dark process involved with the exorcism of Sauron and the Nine is the struggle Galadriel must endure 'returning' to her spiritual center. She must undergo a process whereby she reconstructs her state in perfect harmony, step by step, reiterating her conscious attainment of brow energy: natural power, grace in what is just, and mild counsel in her leadership role.

In Tolkien's world, it is recorded in Unfinished Tales of Númenor and Middle-earth:
"... the Eldar said that the light of the Two Trees, Laurelin and Telperion, had been snared in [Galadriel's] tresses. many thought that this saying first gave Fëanor the thought of imprisoning and blending the light of the Trees that later took shape in his hands as the Silmarils.

For Fëanor beheld the hair of Galadriel with wonder and delight. He begged three times for a tress, but Galadriel would not give him even one hair. These two kinsfolk, the greatest of the Eldar of Valinor, were unfriends forever."

In Middle-earth, Mithrill is one of the best conductors of Akasha, mined by the dwarves in the Mines of Moria and suggested in the robes of the Elf Queen Galadriel. Mithril is almost as valuable as alchemical gold, a psyco-active material that works with the will of the user. Bilbo Baggins gave his protective mithril shirt to Frodo, and told him the metal is, "light as a feather and strong as dragon's scales."

Akasha expressed in metal and precious raw materials: The Royal Marriage and Strider in the Wild

Save Your Time and Resources

There is a misconception about the Akashic records that probably should be pointed out to help sidestep brick walls and avoid displaced clock time. Akashic records are higher octave, on the key above level 4 and some say outside the key all together. Neophytes sifting through left brain techniques walk into a hall of mirrors looking for Akashic records via methods that enlist the astral sensorium and remote viewing. If you have not had a vision or any luck reading Akasha records you may be digging in the wrong place, as someone once said. This is the classic omission of the back of the Headpiece of Ra.

Regardless of how well you massage the formula, it is impossible to resuscitate a non-existent guide who would have right design key to open the doorway. You need the Phoenix not an astral vessel that is designed to cruise the dream plane. Akashic text is usually an effective name for what is considered to be the chronicles transcribed by Recording Angels. The aeythers or spirit records exist outside of time. The door that opens The Chants of Angels is the higher octave of the Moon, the vibe is referred to as the Paraclete or Phoenix. It is subtle energy, very elusive and higher than the dream plane.

The Helmet of Minerva
Philosophical Research Society for home library.

Brow Energy
Study 2c Binary Solutions


Denzel Washington in Déjà vu Tony Scott 2006


The Wizarding World Returns Pre-Harry Potter

Where do U.S. witches and wizards get their magic training? That information has yet to be disclosed, however, according to what J.K. Rowling recently teased, it sounds like we'll be learning at least a few details about the American wizardry school in the anticipated Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. The author, who wrote the screenplay for the Harry Potter spinoff/prequel film, says that lead character Newt Scamander will meet people who attended a wizarding school (presumably in or near the U.S.), and though she intentionally left out the name, she did confirm that the school is not set in New York.

Directed by David Yates, based a screenplay from Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them is expected to arrive in theaters November 18, 2016. The film may go on to be a trilogy or more.

Harry Potter navigation




What Do You Think About
The Akasha Journal of Nostradamus?

Notes of a well known astronomer attempting to debunk the predictions of Nostradamus include a question about the "missing" May 1988 California earthquake and the traditional question about "Mars in Zero"  - code word for the end of Military Era patterns.

Several predictions made by Jesus Christ in the New Testament, covering the same material, Daniel's dream in the Old Testament translated by Archangel Gabriel. Rome did not use a zero, so when the Roman God Mars is "in Zero" it is the indication that we are on the cusp of a Philosophic Era, better known as the Age of Aquarius. Systems that fail to include the zero [Rome] are Military. They govern the police state during the last days of Pisces.
Exercise: research ancient symbols for the 'zero' such as the cross within the circle, an important dream image.

Native American truth:  Some things you can only see by opening your heart. 

The astronomer, who shall remain nameless, writes: 1988: Nostradamus. The last great planet-causing earthquake flap came six years ago. We at ______ Observatory learned about it when we received a rash of phone calls asking, "Can you tell me when the planets are going to line up and cause that big earthquake?" Puzzled, we asked the callers the source of their (mis)information. It came from a 1981 movie about Nostradamus, called The Man Who Saw Tomorrow, that had just been shown on cable TV. As far as I could tell, it was this so-so movie suitable only for late-night TV that brought Nostradamus into the popular eye and initiated concern and fear over the "alignment." It's no surprise that the modern American public receives its information on many vital matters via day-time talk shows and late-night TV.

The Man Who Saw Tomorrow referred to an earthquake that  was supposed to happen in California in 1988, but it also referred specifically to more dramatic events that are supposed to happen at the end of the millennium and that will affect the entire planet...  Narrated by Orson Welles, it tells the story of Nostradamus in a sympathetic way...

First, let us assume the author of the paragraphs above slept through the catastrophic earthquake of 1989 - or give him a consideration - the 16th Century physician mentioned May 1988 and the quake hit San Francisco in Autumn, 1989. Since an "atmosphere" - not a planetary alignment set things in motion, I'm comfortable giving Nostradamus the grace time of a year one way or the other with his prediction. He also predicted the unrest and tragic upheaval from 1999 through our current decade, and of course the attack on Baghdad and New York City.

It is important to consider super-imposed dimensional layers when reading prophecy. First, the Military is known for 'conversion by the sword' so the philosophers before Rome had to adapt their systems to 'fit in' with the 'zero tolerance' approach -or lack of zero - when Rome began burning the ancient knowledge. Ancients set up a point where the closing door and opening door may be clearly perceived. If  two perceived. If  two cameras shoot the same film from different parts of the set, for example, the movie is the same, but seen from different perspectives. The cup is half empty. The cup is half full.

Ancients represent the concept as a ladder [Jacob's dream] with a view from the bottom, looking upward, and from the top of the ladder, looking down. Star Charts hide the zero inside the last degree of each sign so a 30 degree placement is the same as the zero degree. It should also be mentioned that aside from the 'zero debate' Rome forced a Solar religion on Lunar-patterned countries. Egypt based every calendar [social, political, and religious] on Luna. Roman suppression caused added layers of secret code to shape themselves on top of, underneath, and within obvious structures, over centuries of oppression. Struggles associated with a Solar-Lunar lifestyle tug-of-war may have been impressed on the Jerusalem community at the time of the early Christians. In fact, a real bit of evidence related to the problem appears in the question Pilate asks, 'Truth?  What is that?'
[John 18:38]

Person of Interest Prophets - Machine progress 4:58




The Royal Marriage
Sol and Luna

The Mysteries

In a lecture on 6.9.1918 Rudolf Steiner also calls the Mysteries of Birth and Death the Mysteries of the Moon and the Sun; the Moon is connected with the impulses of heredity which work through birth, and the Sun with the awakening of individual consciousness which is constantly bound up with the processes of death. In this connection the penetration of ancient Judaism into the Moon Mysteries was particularly profound, since it was its mission to prepare the earthly sheath for the future incarnation of the Christ. The initiates of the ancient Jewish people were inspired by Jehovah, the Moon-god. However, herein lies also the reason why the Christ, when He descended into the prepared bodily sheaths of Jesus and thus brought to the Earth a true knowledge of the Mysteries of Death, was understood least of all by the Jewish people, for up to that time they had only nurtured the Mysteries of Birth!

-Sergei O. Prokofieff, Rudolf Steiner and The Founding of The New Mysteries

The same symbols are often used for the zone and akasha, such as the ring, ankh, labyrinth, swords such as Aragorn's Anduril, and in Robin of Sherwood, the Seven Swords of Weyland (the powers of light and darkness) and the spirit of the trees (Herne, Lord of The Trees).





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