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This aura was drawn originally in a private session and later on commissioned as an in depth work for the subject. The energy at the crown shows balanced aspects with both the curtain of night suggested through the stars and light rays which resemble the sun's heat and warmth. The crystal form is somewhat solid, traditionally representing the ability to work in past, present, and future time periods. This is carried through in daily life if the feet and movement of the physical temple are observed closely. Note how the image is walking forward while glancing behind her - and how the watery flow at both head and feet suggest forward and backward movement at once. Here we see an interesting equilibrium which this woman has created for herself. She is in present time but aware of both past and future at once.

The light circle about the crown carries through the idea of the crystal, in which all possibilities are held for her. The form surrounding the crystal is reminiscent of the crown of Hathor or The High Priestess of the Tarot Deck stating the balance of front and back pituitary glands (and control of both active and passive elements of the personality). In daily life, this woman instructs students in physical education. Frequently the throat center as we note here by the golden circle, is developed in the aura of teachers. There is also a developed brow, signified by the triangle, although this may not be present within auras of instructors in order to qualify them to teach well. The triangle represents the female element traditionally, while the square is usually said to signify the masculine powers of creation.

The light which enters at the crown level is transformed into physical action and functions through the lower levels of the personality and life's focus as seen by the sweeps of this same color which emanate from beneath the waist. Note also the triangles at the upper torso centers which seem to blend in with the garment she wears. A brief note on this costume: this woman had just had her colors done by a professional color analyst shortly before our session. She was told this rose/maroon color was not for her and she should purge it from her wardrobe. This was clearly the garment she was wearing however, and it connected her to something strongly suggesting a dance costume or evening dress in style during the 20's or early 30's. As we discussed her aura, she laughed and told me she wanted to share something that had bothered her about her color analyst's suggestions to her. From her closet she retrieved this exact same garment (it had sleeves and no cape), identical in length, cut and design. She said it was her favorite thing to wear and had felt disappointed when the analyst told her to give it up. Now she felt more comfortable about the session with the analyst and with me.

There is an overall feeling of an even earlier time period, possibly suggesting a lifetime in Ancient Egypt around the time of Akhenaton (Amenophis IV, son of the "Golden Age" ruler Amenophis III). During this time an artistic and religious rebellion occurred, with the introduction of ATEN (the Sun God - a monotheistic religion) greatly threatening the powerful temples and secret sects at the time. Although the Egyptians portrayed physical world creative aspects as Gods and Goddesses (as much as Hindus do today), or caused "scientific" and natural acts to be personified, they seem to have had an inner teaching that in our terms would be called monotheistic throughout the early years of their known history at least. Since we see the same lines of that era in vague representation through the entirety of this drawing, we could suggest a connection here between the use of symbolism to condense or communicate an idea in nature, as well as the bridge into a less linear portrayal of freedom of spirit. Because both are present at once we could say that a compatible time in history for this individual (if she were to time travel) would be at the time the revolution in Egypt began - when it was fresh and popular in its first stage of development. The subtle suggestion of the astrological sign Taurus around the crystal, although still undefined and not quite exact, is an indication of the Taurean Age keynote. This symbol is properly drawn as the Bull or the Sacred Cow (Hathor). In more specific terms, it referred to the front and back pituitary glands and represented the union of active/passive aspects of creation. Other symbols during that age also set up this idea of co-rulership of masculine and feminine aspects. For example, there was an idea about our origins (long before Darwin) that we came originally from the water*, and this aspect of our physical beginning was discussed through use of masculine and feminine symbols for primal water. Everything in nature must have both a positive and negative charge (electrically) in order to manifest in the physical kingdom and the ancient language conveyed this precisely. It is known that there is a masculine and feminine energy which moves upward and around the spine. In Eastern terms the acupuncturists and accupressurists refer to it as Yang and Yin energies. The balance of these two types of energy must exist for the physical temple to be in equilibrium. The two snakes that entwine the rod of Hermes represent these two factors around the spinal column. This later symbol of the present day medical profession is probably derived from the concept of co-rulership of the masculine and feminine powers of creation as seen in ancient cultures.

What we see then is the underlying factor of physical fitness here - that the individual we now observe uses a highly developed and efficient approach in her instructions about health and physical tone and harmonizing of life forces so that competitive sports are more interesting to her students. Although she does this "intuitively" (since this is a suggestion here, rather than an open statement of these principles) she may act without thinking or move intuitively into a position on a playing field, which allows her to perform successfully against any opponent. The triangle at the solar plexus means she is able to control stress well and direct her physical activities easily. Most people in our Western culture have severe problems in the area of the solar plexus and this accounts for the great confusion in the lives of Westerners.

The idea of the water flowing from the crown to the feet and back up again to the crown of course suggests the Nile, if we are to take the Ancient Egyptian symbolism to its obvious conclusion. However, there is an interesting reference in Genesis to the four rivers which flow (an obvious link to 4 vessels which interact within the skull at the crown center when one is enlightened) that we could also draw insight from herein. In order to appreciate this, refer to work of "alternative realities", Bill Martin "THE ROCK", oil on canvas, 1971. Note how this energy seems to pass through or into the hands and how passive the hand posture appears. There is receptivity and sensitivity to the psyche of others first before attempting to transmit personal viewpoints here. This woman knows how to teach, to listen, and to "read" others well. In working with young people, this is perhaps more valuable than a whole encyclopedia of information. Her success therefore is going to increase with time and she will win the admiration and respect of those with whom she works. This is an inspirational aura and a resource for guidelines in working with restructuring the physical image. In order for changes to occur in physical form we must do work with the images that exist at present - update them to fit with our new goals. For further information on this see the article, "The Survivor Seminar." (AURAS AND ALCHEMY #2)

* In Genesis the word for ashes or dust may also be translated as mud and clay.

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