BIG BOARD - The Phantom Menace

"These films are such great fun to make. I'm looking forward
to reuniting with the team and starting this new journey."
       -George Lucas



The Phantom Menace

There is an expanding degree of intrigue between the Trade Federation and the small blockaded planet Naboo. Supreme Chancellor Valorum decides to send two Jedi Knights, Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi, as negotiators to end the confusion and conclude the matter. If the danger to peace stems from a smokescreen, set in motion by an adversary of The Republic, the point of origin remains concealed in this crisis. When Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan dock on the space station they are escorted to a conference room for discussions. The interior of the station is predominantly middle-spectrum blue-pine, a traditional symbol of health, balance, and universality. Pastel moss-yellow lighting highlights suggest a vibrant emerald green garden turning to weak, fading yellow leaves that discolor as they gradually fall away from the mother plant. In a subtle sensory language, this colour scheme suggests the actual status of the Republic – a universal standard, transparent blue-green, equally acceptable, absorptive and accessible to all, but showing early signs of decay creeping into the system. [It is no coincidence Palpatine’s attire, in the final scene of The Phantom Menace, is emerald green with transparent blue-green accents at his throat – in his effort to convince everyone he is a peacekeeper and defender of justice – just like the Jedi.]

Both Jedi quickly note the atmospheric tension – rituals of hospitality are extended but the tone is too chilled. They sense a great deal of fear that seems borne out by extended delay when the Viceroy fails to appear for the meeting. Unbeknownst to the Jedi, Viceroy Nute Gunray and his henchmen take their marching orders from a mysterious holographic figure, Darth Sidious, directing the whole scenario from behind the curtain. Things sometimes remain in a passive, hidden, or dormant state and are not easy to identify until they move. Once the Jedi ambassadors are attacked by the droid army on the station, they know the story. Both escape to the planet surface, concealed in the droid invasion fleet bound for Naboo.

On the planet, Qui-Gon saves a native Gungan, Jar-Jar Binks, from war ships plowing down the forest. Jar-Jar guides the Jedi to his underwater-world and the kingdom’s proud leader, Boss Nass. This opening later allows the Queen a moment with Boss Nass, to propose a workable plan to the Gungans, to heal the rift between their two cultures and unite to defend the planet. Gungan city walls are made of a light weight auric material, easy to penetrate. The high, domed structures are also semi-solid, set within a full spread of sun-colored lights, as warm, advancing, and hospitable as the cold, metallic space station is impersonal. The Gungan ruler emphatically denounces involvement with the Naboo and threats against them, but provides a transport to navigate the planet core and deposit his guests in the capitol. Once there, the Jedi proceed to free Queen Padmé Amidala and her inner circle from their captors. Communications lines have been cut – handwriting on the wall a large scale invasion is on the threshold. The small band decides to defend their system of democracy by direct appeal to the Senate on the planet Coruscant.

The Queen must appear in person at the Congress of the Republic to argue the case for Naboo. Her cruiser makes it past the Trade Federation blockade line despite heavy artillery, but sustains damage that requires parts and repair. Qui-Gon selects Tatooine as a relatively safe port outside the closer range of planets that interact with the Republic.

As on Naboo, Jedi diplomacy comes to the fore and Tatooine locals are enlisted to assist with acquisition of the generator and other parts for the ship. Qui-Gon senses an underlying pattern, designed by The Force, that is responsible for their detour to Tatooine, an outer-rim planet, and their encounter with a young boy with off-the-chart readings, well beyond those of any Jedi on record.

Seeds planted by the Sith are beginning to break through to the surface. Factors from behind the world of appearances rapidly come into focus as covert players now begin to reveal themselves. The complexion of the Viceroy is a composite color the inner eye associates with sickness and festering wounds; it provides textured layers and prophetic insight into what will, eventually, be the fruits of his labor and the pay back for his belligerent confrontation with Naboo. Soberly, the Viceroy comes to the realization that the lord he serves has an apprentice, “there are two of them” - he will get more than he bargained for. Later, the apprentice tells his lord, “At last, we will have our revenge.”


George Lucas has a 1 Destiny Path

Other well known people with the 1 Destiny Number: Sofia Coppola, Rebecca De Mornay, Katie Holmes, Holly Hunter, Maureen O'Hara, Annie Potts, Dana Reeve, Rachel Weisz, Armand Assante, David Bradley, Humphrey Bogart, Nicolas CageTom Clancy, George Clooney, Sean ConneryTom Cruise, Andy Garcia, Tom Hanks, John Hurt,  Hugh Jackman, Samuel L. Jackson Christopher Lee, George Lucas, Ian McDiarmid, Jack Nicholson, Jimmy Page, Robert Picardo, Carl Reiner, John Rhys-Davies, Tony Scott, Sting, Kiefer Sutherland, Spencer Tracy, and Andy Wachowski

Star Chart Jupiter in the Twelve Houses - The Jupiter Table


S. L. MacGregor Mathers writes, "We now come to the consideration of the first Sephira, or the Number One, the Monad of Pythagoras. In this number are t he other nine hidden. It is indivisible, it is also incapable of multiplication: divide 1 by itself and it still remains 1, multiply 1 by itself and it is still 1 and unchanged. Thus it is a fitting representative of the great unchangeable Father of all."

-S. L. MacGregor Mathers, Kabbalah Unveiled

[224.] This beginning is the Father of all things; the Father of all Fathers; and both are mutually bound together, and the one path shineth into the other--Chokmah, Wisdom, as the Father; Binah, Understanding, as the Mother.

[225.] It is written, Prov. ii. 3: "If thou callest Binah the Mother."
[see Shmi Skywalker*]

IN SPECIAL., Kabbalah Unveiled


THE ANCIENT JEDI ORDER Many millions of years ago in the distant past in the Vordarian Beltway Galaxy (called "Rutanimus" in the Civian language) and 850 trillion light years from our Milky Way Galaxy, the events of the Star Wars prequel and classic trilogies took place, but 100,000 years before this the Sith species remained hidden on their planet Korriban, the Rodar Wizards performed their magic on Perdonis and the Old Republic was not nearly as powerful in the Star Wars galaxy as it was in the days of the Star Wars movie trilogies.

At the beginning of known history, the Old Republic started with only a handful of planets under its first Supreme Chancellor named Merk Quanto. The world of Coruscant was at the center with the new Galactic Senate overseeing the entire realm. The Dai Nogas, the magical warriors of the Civian home world Ophuchi, protected the new Galactic Republic. The Whills started keeping and forever recording Galactic History on Grentarik, their home planet where Jedi Master Yoda was born. Granicus, the home world of the Gran, was made home to the new Galactic Republic Supreme Court. Other core worlds of the early Galactic Republic included Alderaan, Chandrilla, Corellia, Duro, Kinyen and Malastare.


    Episode I - The Phantom Menace

    Release date May 19 1999 USA

George Lucas 11 Personal Year
- Destiny Path 1 - first step, inception, initiative; the Primal Will; individuality, attention, one-pointedness, generation often associated with warmth, fire, and electrical power

Liam Neeson - venerable Jedi Master, Qui-Gon Jinn
see The Green Lightsaber on The Green Wave pages
DOB: 7 June 52 - Ballymena, Co. - Antrim, Northern Ireland
5 Personal Year
- Destiny Path 3 - fortunate, pulse beat, moves to increase; activity, growth; augmentation; expansion; amplification, psycho-kinetic energy; productiveness; communication, harmonic formulae, waltz tempo

Ewan McGregor - Obi-Wan Kenobi, legendary Jedi Knight
Following the death of Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi agreed to take young Anakin Skywalker as his apprentice.
DOB: 31 March 71 - Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland
8 Personal Year
- Destiny Path 7 - Ambassadorial station, oratory, legal eagle; poise, internal centering, mastery with mechanisms, including all lower octave vehicles; contact with foreign culture, objective paradigm

Natalie Portman - Queen Padmé Naberrie Amidala
The first three Star Wars movie themes feature the effort of Padmé Amidala, Senator and former Queen of Naboo, determined to fix what wrongs she could in the Senate, where she represented her idyllic home planet of Naboo.
9 June 81 - Jerusalem, Israel
7 Personal Year
- Destiny Path 7 - ambassadorial station, oratory, poise, name change, epithets; expanding universe, positive contact with allies, cool transportation; update social network pages and logos

Jake Lloyd - Anakin Skywalker
5 March 89 - Fort Collins, Colorado
9 Personal Year
- Destiny Path 8 - Executive mind for business, money management. Good organization, strong will, determined and successful strategist, understands law and equilibrium; unique style and interior design; photography, record keeping

Pernilla August - Shmi Skywalker*
13 February 58 - Stockholm, Sweden
7 Personal Year
- Destiny Path 11 - messenger, conveyor of news, coach, role model; psycho-kinetic energy; screenwriter, director, producer; team spirit, group investment, advanced scientific research; space age technology

Frank Oz - Yoda [voice]
25 May 44 - Hereford, England, UK
4 Personal Year
- Destiny Path 3 - lucky, heart beat of the material world, activity, growth; amplification, psycho-kinetic energy; productiveness; communication, binary solutions, voice overs, comedy, scriptwriter/editor, self-publication; work-aholic, useful hobbies.

Ian McDiarmid - Senator Palpatine
11 August 44 - Carnoustie, Tayside, Scotland
11 Personal Year
- Destiny Path 1 - new beginning, point of origin, inception, initiative; the Primal Will; ground-breaking, heights, electrical storms; individuality, attention, generation often associated with fire and electrical power

Ray Park - Darth Maul
23 August 74 - Glasgow, Scotland UK
5 Personal Year
- Destiny Path 7 - extensive travel, emissary, PR for self/others, educational pursuit; expanded universe, contact others of equal skill [during peace or war]; epithets, honor, personalized possessions. Mystical research may be due to desire to change name or work title; vacation or 'time out.'

Anthony Daniels - C-3PO
21 February 46 - Salisbury, Wiltshire, England
33 Personal Year
- Destiny Path 7 - objective paradign shows power of an individual victorious over the automatic and mechanisms of science. Ambassador, multi-lingual, mover & shaker; expanded universe, improved relations foreign culture & authority of large groups. Reforms outdated status quo, those addicted to structures based on the past. Identity update logos, business & social networking. Care of vehicle/carrier.

Kenny Baker - RD-D2
24 August 34 - Birmingham, England, UK
33 Personal Year
- Destiny Path 4 - demanding schedule; emphasize form and pacing; order; regulation, management, supervision, good timing, utilization of time windows, Cosmic Order, transmimgration; cooperative leadership; protective codes and armor, dream programs, clan karma, march tempo.

Terence Stamp - Supreme Chancellor Valorum
22 July 39 - Stepney, London, England
3 Personal Year
- Destiny Path 33 - teacher, position of authority, charisma, self-expression, growth, seamless patterns; action, augmentation; Cosmic Dance; productivity, communication on various levels of awareness, binary solutions, respect for all people, local and universal support.

Finis Valorum was a Human male [[born on Coruscant, c. 91 BBY] elected twice to serve as the Chancellor of the Galactic Republic. He first took the office as Chancellor in 40 BBY.
From the time his tenure began, there were hot spots. They seemed random on the surface, yet consistent signs of treachery began to appear. In 32 BBY, the Trade Federation made use of their battleships in a practically impenetrable blockade orbiting Naboo. It was a bold move for the usually cowardly Federation, triggering the Naboo crisis.
For the next month, debate in the Senate raged on, but no action was taken because no legal charge could be leveled against the Federation. Politicians sometimes fail to recognize opportune time windows – as did Valorum. In fairness, he could not know there was a deep-rooted threat brewing under the surface, one that chose not to be recognized. Delay, vacillation, and too-little-too-late action weakened the Valorum administration and undermined the position of the Chancellor as a negotiator, problem solver, and effective representative of the Senate's collective advancement.
Dark forces at work had been siphoning Jedi knights away from their established post positions in order to deal with a rash of outbreaks. The Jedi were taken away from their role as peacekeepers and pillars who could be depended on to uphold the Law. This deviousness created a drain and distraction for the defenders of peace and unity throughout the galaxy. These atmospheric conditions contributed to attacks leveled against Valorum and the established Order in the Republic. Queen Amidala of Naboo contacted Valorum with the intent he focus on the mounting problems she faced. She considered him an ally but wanted more personal involvement that would end the suffering of her people. Every day he delayed, she stated, he took bread out of the mouths of the starving children of Naboo. Unfortunately, the window of opportunity that would have enabled corrective action closed, the Senate descended into the negative mindset intended by the enemies of the Republic, and Valorum was voted out. The new Chancellor of the Galactic Republic, their worst nightmare, took hold and dug in, and the rest is history.

Samuel L. Jackson - Mace Windu, Jedi Master
top 5 lightsaber battles
DOB 21 December 48 - Washington, D. C.
7 Personal Year
- Destiny Path 1 - pioneering energy, explorer with wish to encounter the unknown; individuality, non-conformist, bohemian image; unity principle of all creation; initiator, leader of the pack, self-propelled, honors; can subdue antagonistic feelings in others




Follow the thread of Star Wars: A New Hope back to the logical point of inception and we arrive at the intersection that has no warnings, detours, or other signs of deviation from the normal course of action.

The Jedi Knights achieved a level of discipline that kept them vigilant, empathic, and alert to every detail in their external paradigm, as well as to change they may encounter within their powerful ally, The Force.

The suggestion is kept insulated within the layered number 33, a powerful vibration often associated with the concentric circles of Sun energy.

The Queen may represent the active primordial female force in the cosmos, Sophia or Pistis Sophia, wisdom descended from faith. She is described as a likeness of Pistis and seems to be the primeval element of light. She acts as a mediator or "veil" between immortals and her subjects.

In the Star Wars universe, dedicated Jedi Knights, guardians of peace and justice in the galaxy, eventually reach the level of master and personify the soul [solar] power. The Jedi Council represents the super number 33 as a collective ideal. Spiritualization of matter is a goal of these elder masters. Likewise, in Tolkien's Middle-earth, The Council of Elrond gathers in the hidden valley community of Rivendell. The Matrix equivalent, in the last human city at the Earth's core, The Zion Council, advocates the best utilization of form when it is to be infused with spirit.


Galactic Senate
The Star - Tatooine-like planet!

In Star Wars, George Lucas utilizes roots of the archetype that seem to be originally constructed from common, ancient Druid or Mithraic references [North Country]. Generally these full, developed models have been tapped by Lucas, Wagner, and Tolkien. The best time window to look in if you want to draw from background on the (bull slayer) character may be the era that refers to a system that was popular prior to 100 B.C.

Now, we are in a similar moment in time, at the crossroads of the changing century and the shift to a new era. We come face to face with a new destiny path for global consciousness. Some choices we have before us cannot be retracted, modified, or done over. We have to be right the first time or we lose.

Lucas said the name Darth Vader is derived from, or generated by, the Norse idea of 'Dark Father.' Vader wields a red lightsaber, suggesting the aggressive urge [Iron, Steel] is at his fingertips. There are, however, many kinds of fire. Friendly fire gives warmth, light, and works to our advantage in the agricultural cycle of the earth. Harsh fire burns, consumes, and causes enforced loss [as opposed to surrender] for people who are then 'victims'.

Mithrandir is the keeper of Narya, the Ring of Fire. Tolkien chose Mithrandir's name, 'Grey Wanderer,' that also means 'Grey Pilgrim,' as a reference to storm patterns with a volitile energy. Gandalf's magical powers seem to be particularly associated with fire and akasha, as we discover during his duel with the Balrog [negative face of fire] on the bridge in the Mines of Moria. In The Phantom Menace, the 'monster' is Viceroy Nute Gunray, head of The Trade Federation, who promptly blows up the Jedi ship moments after Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan arrive for the negotiation.

Enter the temptation [personified by Darth Sidious] to take a short cut. During the prequel episodes we meet young Anakin Skywalker, with Jedi gifts ready-made - not found in many tool chests. Qui-Gon is sharp enough to test his suspicions about the boy, the Jedi Council acknowledges young Skywalker has the potential to be a Jedi, and Obi-Wan agrees to instruct him. Can the boy overcome his anger and the lonely, awkward, and frustrated emotions he shoulders with the stress of the 33 power package? As a young Jedi apprentice, Anakin Skywalker takes on the quest for the right kind of fire.


duel of The Fates 4:14
Star Wars making Phantom Menace
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BACK Champion, Fighter, and Gladiator


Anakin is confused when he encounters the shadows that would seem to facilitate his progress, even though they pull him toward the dark side. His emotional challenges grow intense just as more discretion is required on his part.

Initially, natural resourcefulness compensates for impulsiveness so Anakin can subdue his deeper visions and bleed-throughs. Finally things heat up to the point that he has to seek out Master Yoda.**

Yoda warns Anakin to walk softly when negotiating the future scenario. Subtle patterns of energy have a way of fulfilling their own series of transfigurations and can hook us because of our emotions. What we want to happen may come to pass but there is no certainty based on the waking dream. Anakin's double bind is one we all experience at some point in life, but most of us are not bound by a Jedi oath.

Anakin compromised his Jedi status when he married Padmé. Wearing emotional glasses from the time he met her, his 'waking dreams' started to haunt him as he grew older. Things grew worse as he cultivated an unwise association with Chancellor Palpatine. The relationship was easily formed but not so easily broken or the effects overcome. Anakin lost his control and could not regain objectivity, even following an admonition from Yoda - a warning similar to the one Luke would receive many years later.


* As the oldest known Skywalker ancestor, Shmi Skywalker Lars was the Human mother of the Jedi Anakin Skywalker, as well stepmother to Owen Lars and the paternal grandmother of Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa Solo. This made her the great-grandmother of Jaina, Jacen, and Anakin Solo, the latter who was named for her son, as well as Ben Skywalker.

Born on an unknown world, Shmi was sold into slavery at an early age. In 42 BBY she gave birth to a son she named Anakin, who also served as a slave. She cared for her son greatly, and was willing to do anything to help him. After Anakin left to become a Jedi in 32 BBY, she was sold to Cliegg Lars, who freed her and married her. Just before the Clone Wars, Shmi died in her son's arms after being brutally tortured by a band of Tusken Raiders.

** Note the advice from Yoda is imparted to Anakin and Luke when they are about the same age. Both young men decide to 'take their chances' - a characteristic of the Skywalker clan that accompanies the 33 signature.



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