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E.T. Cast Numbers: The Soul Urge and Talents

Dee Williams: Mary, Mom
Soul Urge: 11
Trump XI The Enchantress
Halloween costume: Leopard cat woman [see Women of Gotham]
During the 20th Anniversary Reunion, Dee Williams went back in time to 1982 to speak about her appreciation of Director Steven Spielberg when he took time to find out “the way we all liked to work” and found that Mom and the children all preferred “being in the moment.” 11 is the vibration of individual spontaneity, use of illusion, and improvisation. It should be noted that directors Steven Spielberg and George Lucas share an 11 Soul Urge-Talents frequency. As avclub.com mentioned, the most striking thing about E.T. isn't its timely touches, but its timelessness… The precisely executed uplift never seems phony, and the heroes' goodness is never adulterated by cynicism or even ambiguity. Other characteristics of the 11 soul urge support a higher octave skill set related to clairvoyant knowledge, instantaneous cognition, and personal detachment when precognitive information is involved. There may be attention to dreams, portents and hidden layers of all that people are. An unusual, effortless bond with nature, in particular the animal and plant kingdom. The triangular dining room table suggests the communication style of the children and their mother is open, nurturing, and supportive. The higher mind or Enchantress [oversoul] closes the mouth of the lion [animal nature] with gentle and firm hands. Dee Williams shares this soul urge vibration with many known for transcending the limitation of the physical dimension, namely time and space. Spielberg, known for other works that feature non-Terran life, such as, Close Encounters of the Third Kind often collaborates and co-creates with George Lucas. Together, they provide timeless masterpieces such as the Indiana Jones series, particularly the recent trek off the pavement by the renown adventurer-archeologist, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Peter Coyote: Keys
Soul Urge: 9
Trump IX The Hermit
The first time we see ‘Keys’ he is in the pine forest at night, tracking E.T. on foot with a flashlight. His camouflage permits only a partial silhouette. ‘Keys’ projects the authority of someone associated with the space program in an important capacity. E.T., in contrast, is physically concealed by the forest but psychologically caught in the high beams.
When the cast met for the 20th Anniversary Reunion Peter Coyote recalled the trust he placed in Steven Spielberg when he first read the script in 1981. There was some vagueness about how his character was to appear during the first half of the movie, but Coyote said actors place their trust in a great director, and so he took the part. See Coyote’s quotes here.
The Hermit is a confirmed nature-lover of “Walden-like” haunts - forest or cave or perhaps a mountain top. The figure tends to favor an overview and sees everything from the top of the ladder looking down, rather than from the bottom of the ladder looking up. He is often in a position to charge people to pursue a specific game plan, though the strategy may still be in the formative stages. Nonetheless, people believe this person can influence the world when his thoughts are placed in order by meditation [Milarepa, the Great Jetsun.] The word ‘supervision,’ written as, ‘Super – Vision,’ is in play. He holds the light of occult wisdom and walks with the staff of Prudence [John Muir or Diogenes in search of an honest man]. Nine refers to a unified community, congregation, brotherhood or sisterhood, mystical body, sometimes the monad and altruistic, humanitarian codes. When we add up all the vowels in, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, the total amount is 9, the same Soul Urge as Peter Coyote. However, when we add vowels in, The Extra-Terrestrial, we have 22 Soul Urge-Talents, the same Soul Urge as Robert MacNaughton.

Robert MacNaughton: Michael
Soul Urge: 22
Trump 0/XXII
Robert MacNaughton plays Michael, the eldest of the three children who are emotionally similar to the children of Leda, described by the ancient zodiacal sign Gemini. The children adopt E.T., care for him, and conspire to facilitate his attempt to reach his companions who left the surface of the planet.
MacNaughton’s master number 22 gives him a special role in the home as the eldest male member of the family. It is Michael’s job to move the car down the driveway for his mother in the morning. He is the tracker/scout who reads the signs - E.T.’s footprints in the shed, and interprets them, “Mom, the coyote is back.” This may be a playful addition to the dialogue in reference to Peter Coyote in the role of ‘Keys.’ Michael acts as a family protector. He defends his mother at dinner when Elliott lets it slip that his father is in Mexico with his girlfriend. He takes care of his younger siblings, though he also plays a trickster. Michael is elevated to the level of a hero when he finds and rescues E.T. in the forest the morning after Halloween. During the medical scene, Michael burrows into the spot in the closet where E.T. liked to stay with all the life size plush toys. His technique is similar to a sympathetic link typical of the 22 Soul Urge and the spirit expressed through the “walk a mile in my shoes” approach. This approach is also used by Harrison Ford, Indiana Jones, and Sherlock Holmes. Michael and his friends are lifted skyward on their bikes as they help Elliott and E.T. escape the G-men trying to capture E.T. Robert MacNaughton reminisced about the preview of the film before its public release. He said after the screening, when he was riding his bike down the street, he knew he had a wonderful secret [no one could talk about E.T. until it was released in theaters], while he listened to the music with his inner ear, “humming the E.T. theme in my mind.”

Drew Barrymore: Gertie
Soul Urge: 17/8
Trump VIII Adjustment and Trump XVII The Star
Drew Barrymore was the first member of the cast brought in by Steven Spielberg. Gertie is the baby in the family, a quick learner with a vivid imagination. The 17/8 Soul Urge suggests expansion, optimism, and a gift for thinking outside the box. Tarot references point to a natural simpatico with boundless space [Trump XVII The Star] while maintaining a balanced framework that encourages harmony [Trump VIII] with the contributing factors in any scenario. Gertie came home from preschool and watched TV with E.T. the afternoon Elliott released all the frogs in biology class. She tried to introduce the new ‘house guest’ to her mom but Mary was too distracted by the school principal who called and complained that Elliott was intoxicated. Mary went to retrieve Elliott while Gertie and E.T. brushed up on words that start with the letter ‘B’. She taught E.T. to say, “Be good,” and later, “phone.” Gertie is an echo of flower children and the eco-consciousness theme. She hands E.T. a potted plant with golden & purple flowers, one of the more versatile props in the movie. These blooms take on various expressions of life and death throughout the story, reinforcing the natural agricultural gifts demonstrated by E. T.
Drew Barrymore’s 8 Soul Urge-Talents is derived from 17, the total number of vowel vibrations in her name. Both numbers refer to different kinds of higher intelligence that are part of the macrocosm and microcosm. Some vibrations are higher octave, with the number 17 linked to traffic lanes beyond our solar system [Milky Way, and other bridges]. The 8 vibration often refers to fairness, adjustment, and harmony within the inner and outer paradigms. It is the number of the judgment chamber where the heart is weighed against the weight of a feather, according to ancient belief. During the 20th Anniversary Reunion, Steven Spielberg discussed his decision to bring in an actual medical team as the doctors who would try to save E.T. [The 8 refers to the neurosurgeon, the research lab, and secrets of the atom.] Drew Barrymore mentioned she was strongly effected by the real life emergency room procedures and would always remember E.T.’s “big, red, beating heart.”

Henry Thomas: Elliott
Soul Urge: 12/3
Trump III The Empress, Unveiled Isis Tarot Trump linked with the planet Mercury and the third zodiacal sign Gemini, The Twins.
Prompting reviews such as sky.com advance enthusiastic endorsement for the revised and expanded version of E.T., a magical sci-fi masterpiece, released to commemorate the film's 20th anniversary.
… You'd be hard-pressed to find a more magical and sweet-natured film than this and the loving care put into E.T. gives it that bit extra that has secured its place in cinema history.
Working with a small budget and cast, Spielberg proves that magic can come in small packages as the design and operation of E.T. is as amazing as the performance of young Henry Thomas.
The added extras are mercifully few and far between and, rather than confusing the original concept, they actually add a lot to the film.

Henry Thomas is Elliott, the youngest of the two brothers in the family unit, the middle child, and eventually almost a twin psyche of E.T. As Elliot and E.T. spend an increased amount of quality time together and get to know one another, they begin to empathically share their feelings. This is perhaps a subtle reference to the metal quicksilver that takes on the appearance on anything it contacts. Elliott’s inner sensory track feels what E.T. feels, at first with a non-insulation factor that heightens the element of an unexpected surprise or shock. There is a Mercurial emphasis on mimicked hand gestures that begins with the first communications and carries on through the final farewell. Their hands are extremely expressive and use a personalized form of sign language. They are able to convey as much or more than their exchanged words.
The 3 Soul Urge increases the flow of energy in any system, natural, mechanical, and cosmic. It operates in much the same way copper augments the power of metal to conduct electricity, unify points of power by connecting them, and clear toxins from an environment polluted with negatives. John Williams, musical composer for the film, has a Soul Urge vibration of 7 that corresponds to pure copper in its most desired disposition. With this powerful ability to conduct energy, Williams led a live, 100 piece Hollywood orchestra performance for the audience that attended the 20th Anniversary show.
The 3 Soul Urge-Talents extend to psyche powers, usually associated with the wrist. Dowsing, for example, is an ability to find potable water that is legal to access, using a dowser’s divining rod. Management of energy extends to the home, garden, and neighborhood - setting up traffic lanes as Elliott did when he laid down a trail of Reese’s Pieces for E.T. to follow to his home, or helping E.T. construct a radar device so E.T. could call his companions for help. Henry Thomas said one of the best experiences of his life came the first time he saw E.T. with an audience. He said the theater was filled with emotion, everyone was pouring out their feelings together, all at once. Producer Kathleen Kennedy, who also has a 3 Soul Urge, said she felt the same thing.


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