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The Hypnotist


The Hypnotist



When this aura was commissioned the inquirer was concerned with a security question about her suffocating day job as the acting color analyst aboard a luxurious cruise line. The following excerpts are from an article that appears in Aura and Alchemy II from West Coast Magazine.


"...she wondered if she was really suited to a free and unpredictable form of work after having an extremely structured, routine life up to this point. The aura drawn up in full colour gave her the answer. As may be seen from this poor reproduction, the many small dots of intensely coloured lights behind her and around garments at the waist show that she has not tapped into much potential creative talent at all up to the point in life when this work was prepared. She is wearing a soft, film-like dress suggesting a dancer or one of Venus’ Graces* dancing lightly in a sacred grove. The cape is of velvet ~ deep purple outside and a sky blue silk lining. Freedom of movement and a feeling of spaciousness are obviously being expressed by her. The successive forms springing from the forehead were images of dolphins (she was thinking about them as we were doing this), and the light entering through the symbol for the back pituitary** (the crescent) which is also purple, suggests search verbs with an emphasis on the spiritual: renewals of emotional and spiritual cycles, and a rebirth process ahead."


Left, several subtle orbs circle the male figure and his subtle energy fields. His foundational layer is a transparent/magnetic texture atmosphere. This 'ordered' aura envelope illustrates accomplished organizational skills utilized by the Holistic Center [Haight/Masonic Street, San Francisco CA] director, Bruce Mason.

Concentric circles of subtle energy and electro-magnetism are not rare, however rings in a complex field of energy are seldom this well defined in a "template" style. Notice the pale blue spears that move out from the electro-magnetic field close to his physical "double." This buoyant sky blue colour is often seen around some portion of the aura because it is a popular social colour, especially for men. The vibratory rate*** can influence the status of the lightweight raw materials that establish a strength or weakness in the astral vehicle. Light blue corresponds with higher mind focus or some type of emotional expression of faith, and vision linked with Trump IX The Hermit.

Most energy units are allocated and raw materials appear nonexistent or unavailable for pursuit of anything new that is based on spontaneous inspiration. For more information about inspiration and action check The Enchantress.

The teaching-world server center was a successful hub in the Haight Street community for several years. The photographer who snapped this picture published his colour pix in an article about the center in the San Francisco Sunday Supplement. News specials were often generated about the center's benefits and classes, partly because Mason knew how to work the publicity angle. He toured the circuit with both Jeanne Dixon and Adele Davis for many years. Click picture for more about the colours in this energy field.

BACK ~ Colour Key
The Transparency Wave
The Blue Violet Wave and The Silver Rose, and Blue Violet additions


* The English word, ‘aura’, is derived from, ‘aura’, or, ‘breeze’, especially 'a gentle breeze,' as taken from the Greek word aura, often personified and represented in Greek art. This linked with the words wind and nirvana, ‘extinction of existence’; the Sanskrit meaning is, ‘blown out’. Traditional: a subtle emanation; a kind of influence, force, or supersensible fluid, supposed to proceed from a body and sometimes conceived to surround it, as an atmosphere.

Foreign phrases: 'aura favoris popularis' (Latin), 'the breeze of popular favor,' 'aura popularis,' (Latin), 'the popular breeze,' and, 'popular favor.'

** Audsley’s "Handbook of Christian Symbolism" reports, "The golden halos around the heads of pagan gods and Christian saints refer both to their being bathed in the glory of the sun and also to the fact that a spiritual sun within their own natures is radiating its glow-ray and surrounding them with celestial splendor."

*** The Brotherhood of Light refers to sound caused by vibrations ranging from the 4th to the 12th octave of vibration, or from 16 to 32,768 vibrations per second; slower or faster ones are perceived other than by the outer ear. The range of the 49th octave of vibration, around 562,949,853,421,312 vibrations per second, are the rates of motion are perceived by the eye as maxima. Refracted maxima divides into the colours of the solar spectrum. These seven colours, as ascertained by the effects they produce when associated with, each tend to stimulate, or add energy to, the structure within the astral form mapped by one of the planets of the septenary. Correspondences extend to a world of gems, plants, numbers, and so forth.

Each cell within the human temple has its own aura, or field of influence. Each vital organ, composed of many cells, has its own field of energy, as does the entire circulatory system, the respiratory system, the digestive system, and so forth. Thus, the seven basic energy envelopes embracing the physical temple are modified by the power of each system and, ultimately each human cell.

Over the course of my life I have recorded many auras, no two of them remotely alike in any manner, form, or combination of colors. The individuality and independence of each incarnated being has no better testament to the unique integrity of the whole person than the human aura within which the physical temple thrives."

Rarest colours in an aura field are Gold and Black-Gold, maxima [dazzling lightning white] or flat black [ashes], neutral colours and shades that are 'place holders'. Blues are most common, especially lighter blues and midnight blue. Blue-violet is the most rare in the blue band of light.

From: Lectures On The Human Aura

The Stone Gallery with zodiacal gemstones and metals.

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