Jim Caviezel

Michael Emerson

Taraji P. Henson
Detective Carter

Kevin Chapman
Detective Fusco



Person of Interest TV - Netflix:
YHWH-S4 Ep22 (43:54)

IGN TV - Netflix: * POI season 5


Person of Interest Pilot
Reese - Carter

POI Pilot 2
Finch - Reese



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Person of Interest Trivia Quiz



Person of Interest Pop Quiz

Questions 1 point each

1) Harold Finch and Nathan Ingram partnered to build a surveillance mechanism for U.S. defense after 9/11. Ingram would always believe the machine a safer watcher than men in covert intelligence and conveyed that message to a) Mark Snow, b) Denton Weeks, c) Henry Peck

2) January 1, 2002 Day 1 question: a) Can you see me? b) Is this system open? c) How do you feel?

3) Harold and Nathan celebrated with ____ the day the machine was launched a) Manhattan Up, b) 12 year old Scotch, c) Champagne

4) In the pilot movie, John and Jessica make long term plans for their future together just before they see the news on 9/11. Where were they staying? a) Mexico, b) New Mexico, c) Washington

5) Detective Fusco catches John Reese spying on the Assistant District Attorney and his pals. He cuffs Reese and drives him to a) the 8th precinct, b) New Rochelle, c) Oyster Bay

6) In the Mission Creep episode Detective Joss Carter recognizes military hardware used by a gang of bank robbers because she had the same equipment when she was stationed in the Middle East. What equipment did she ID? __________

7) In episode 7 Witness, Charlie Burton is an eye witness to a Russian mob hit but he acquires a resourceful guardian angel – Reese. What is Burton’s day job? a) postal worker, b) children’s defense lawyer, c) high school history teacher

8) Finch must resort to 1980s pre-digital resources to uncover background on Wallace Negel, an ex-Stasi agent. Who does he seek out? a) tax consultant CPA, b) owner of Rare Books store, c) Italian tailor

9) Carter meets Reese for coffee to apologize for her part in Agent Snow’s attempt to kill him. She later pulls a sealed file about attorney Andrea Gutierrez, Reese’s new number. The info helps trap a corrupt parole agent, Galuska, and his DFS cohort. They prey on single parents in jail by _______________

10) Reese takes on Darren, the 14 year old brother of murder victim Travis, while Finch starts to rebuild all systems from scratch. How does Reese learn the location of the murder weapon? a) he burns $25 K, b) he burns $50 K, c) he burns quarter of a million dollars

11) Matsya Nyaya provides a flashback to May 2010 that reveals Reese and Cara Stanton were sent by agents to Ordos, China to retrieve a laptop with sensitive information. Each had been given instruction to retire their partner because they had been compromised. The two agents were Mark Snow and ____________________.

12) Reese acquires a Belgian Malinois trained for elite military service when he takes on the Arian Brotherhood. Reese changes the dog’s name from Butcher to Bear. Why that name?

13) Grace is the love of Harold’s life and she loves everything about Italy from espresso to paintings by Chirico. What is the name of her favorite painting by Chirico?

14) Who said, “While mystery is a powerful tool in a relationship, a little goes a long way.” a) Detective Carter, b) Alicia Corwin, c) Nathan Ingram

15) Reese and Finch help a couple get the goods on a financial manager stealing from returning Vets in Shadow Box. The plan is successful til Reese is surrounded by 3 other men in suits when the floor caves in and deposits all of them in the bowels of the bank. What song can be heard in the background during the last act of this episode?

16) Harold Finch takes on the role of substitute teacher as Mr. Swift and teaches the meaning of pi to his class. In keeping, his ‘Little Einstein’ pupil Caleb is disguised as ‘average’ so he can work his will and remain undetected by the rest of the student body. Meanwhile, Detective Carter secures fake DNA to misdirect Agent Donnelly away from Reese while he is in lock up – where?

17) Episode 17 Relevance: Responding to a relevant number, Agents Shaw and Cole are given a green light to take direct action against a brutal international team. Which country is their site of operation?

18) Detective Fusco is betrayed by ex-cop Azarello who is serving time, cornered in relation to the disappearance of his friend Detective Jimmy Stills. Fusco is cleared with a little help from Carter and Bear. Carter asks him for help tracking suspects in what case?

19) Dr. Richard Nelson, doctor, scientist, teacher who is marked for an early grave, delivers his last speech as Calvin Beecher is buried with honors by the police. Reese is too late to save the doctor, but helps him pay back the shrewd hedge fund billionaire who murdered him with a dash of his own medicine. What killed the good doctor in less than 24 hours?

20) Decima Technologies released a virus that has far reaching effects - no numbers, relevant or irrelevant. HR sets up Detective Carter. The machine creates a composite character, Ernest Thornhill. Reese goes to his apartment and finds Shaw there; she is trailing Root. Root blackmails Finch to join her; Reese and Shaw pool their talent. All four of them wind up at the library in time for the phone call from the machine. When will the machine call New York City Library?

Bonus Questions
2 points each

1) When and where was the first public cell phone call made?

2) What happened to Reese’s $2 million dollar watch that Finch stepped on?

Your Number Has Come Up
Best possible score 24 points

24 – 20 Trip to the park with Bear and a dozen new tennis balls
19 - 15 jumbo ice cream cone in January
14 - 10 complimentary cup of Sencha green tea, 1 sugar
9 - 5 ticket for guided bus tour in Oyster Bay
4 - 1 library card with your name on it


Person of Interest

Season One

The Pilot

"I think you and I can help one another." Finch recruits a reluctant Reese, plunging both of them into a case involving an Assistant District Attorney.

Episode 2 Ghosts: The Machine indicates a teenaged girl as a Person of Interest [POI]. However, records show that the girl is already deceased.

Episode 3 Mission Creep: Reese follows an ex-soldier, returned home from war, and discovers he belongs to a crew of bank robbers.

Episode 4 Cura Te Ipsum: Reese observes a woman who leads a double life: she spends her days as a doctor at a hospital and her nights at clubs.
Aside: this is the episode where Reese has Fusco transferred to Carter’s precinct, after South American gang comes after Fusco for failure of Stills to go through with the deal he made with them. Reese speaks to the dealers and convinces them to vacate the area permanently by revealing he knows they plot robbery and murder of their boss’s son with their cartel’s rival.

Episode 5 Judgment: The machine singles out a judge who is presiding over a seemingly open-and-shut case, but the proceedings take an abrupt turn when mobsters kidnap the judge’s son.
Aside: Finch often has Eggs Benedict for breakfast

Episode 6 The Fix: Reese poses as the driver for an elite corporate “fixer” [Zoe Morgan] and attempts to discern who might want to kill this beguiling woman.
Aside: Finch decides to invest in big pharma and buy up 8% of a company about to release a migraine pain killer.

Episode 7 Witness: After a mob hit in Brighton Beach, Reese rushes to protect a teacher [Charlie Burton] who witnessed the assassination.
Aside: The war between the mysterious Elias and the Russian mafiosa heats up.

Episode 8 Foe: Old school vs. new school: a resurfaced, exclusive Cold War-era spy is the Person of Interest trailed by the team.
Aside: In a flashback, Cara Stanton first meets and names John Reese in this episode.

Episode 9 Get Carter: Reese and Finch have eluded Det. Carter’s investigations so far, but will their cover be blown when she becomes a person of interest?
Aside: Carter’s interrogation skills shine in real time and flashbacks to her tour of Iraq. The closer she gets to Elias the more serious the plot to take her out ‘clean’– including her own CI. Reese pays a visit to the police chief and effectively ends the conspiracy that had targeted Carter.

Episode 10 Number Crunch: Resources run thin and nerves fray when The Machine provides four numbers at once and Reese’s past closes in… at close range.
Aside: Reese and Finch investigate the car crash that took the life of the Congressman’s son Jamie who set up Orphans for Haiti. Fusco tells Finch that two enemies who say the exact same thing about the son were probably linked and using the son as a go-between. At the same time the CIA pow wows with Carter asking for her help so they can set up Reese.

Episode 11 Super: Reese and Finch move into a building to keep an eye on The Person of Interest: the superintendent. Meanwhile, Carter attempts to track down Finch, and a flashback reveals the early era of The Machine.
Aside: Finch enlists help from a foreign Doctor to ‘stitch Reese up’ after CIA assassination attempt. Finch rents an uptown apartment while Reese convalesces in a wheel chair [for about 5 minutes]. Flashback to Nathan who provides a vital piece of information to the agency that assures them The Machine is on track.

Episode 12 Legacy: Reese is assigned to protect Andrea Gutierrez, a young lawyer who advocates for prisoners no one wants to represent, and Finch’s past resurfaces when the son of Nathan, his former business partner, comes back into town to sort through everything in his father’s apartment.
Aside: Parole officer shakes down ex-cons and parolees for their legit pay. He planted evidence on several of his parolees, set them up and had them returned to prison so he could collect on their children forced into foster care.

Episode 13 Root Cause: When an unemployed man is framed for murder, Reese and Finch try to uncover the conspiracy behind the assassination.

Episode 14 Wolf and Cub: Reese instructs a revenge-minded teen on how to take action without taking lives, and Finch continues to hide the details of his past.

Episode 15 Blue Code: An undercover cop planted inside a smuggling ring is the team’s POI. Reese sends Finch to infiltrate the NYPD’s classified records.

Episode 16 Risk: Our heroes outsmart the smart money while protecting a Wall Street wiz – a case that reconnects Reese to his darkest days.

Episode 17 Baby Blue: Reese turns to an unexpected source for help when he works the case of a POI who is six months old. And Carter decides that she wants out of Reese and Finch’s vigilante operation.

Episode 18 Identity Crisis: Two people use the same name and Social Security number. Which one is the POI, and which one is the fake.

Episode 19 Flesh and Blood: Elias sets his plan in motion to kill his rival Mafiosi, putting Reese, Finch, and the NYPD in the uncomfortable situation of protecting their enemies.

Episode 20 Matsya Nyaya: Reese joins a gang of armored car security to discern the origin of the threat to a guard. Flashback’s show a turning point in Reese’s past.

Episode 21 Many Happy Returns: “Our docket is clear.” Finch conceals the newest number from Reese, and Carter becomes the POI team’s mole in a new FBI inquiry tied to Reese.

Episode 22 No Good Deed: Dangerous knowledge: someone else may be close to finding out about The Machine. Reese delves into Finch’s past.

Episode 23 Fire Wall: The FBI traps Reese in a hotel while he protects a psychiatrist who has come into the sights of corrupt cops.


Answers 1) b, 2) a, 3) c, 4) a, 5) c, 6) mil-spec radio [military radio], 7) c, 8) b, 9) placing their children in foster care and collecting profits, 10) b, 11) Alicia Corwin, 12) Bear ate the bearer bonds Leon stashed in the back of car, 13) The Red Tower, 14) c, 15) Gimmie Shelter, by The Rolling Stones, 16) Rikers Prison, 17) Germany, 18) Calvin Beecher, 19) polonium, 20) midnight

Bonus Answers

1) The first public cell phone call was made at the New York Hilton in 1973 [source: Harold Finch, Episode #16, Booked Solid, Season Two]
2) Finch gave the watch to Lou Mitchell, a retired watch repair man, so he could buy the diner he and his wife Marilyn tended over 40 years.


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