The Broker   


The Stockbroker
A Former Wrestler


The aura of this businessman illustrates the dual life of a successful athlete who changed his hand-to-hand combat style career to become a stockbroker with a top Wall Street firm. Both verbs co-exist with equal clarity. His will to survive pushed thoughts geared to assist [the upward moving forms], help, and further others, as well as himself, to a higher level. There is a suggestion he wanted a different professional path before he began an aggressive search for his new job. He may have waited a little too long to make the move - otherwise the devastating bruise marks wouldn't be there in his subtle field.

This is the first and only draft of the field, composed quickly at the time of the session. The changing colors indicate the emotional shift, but the final decision to launch an entire lifestyle transformation was based on his repeated knee injuries.

It's difficult to imagine continual waves of repitious clear energy, always in motion, that are interspersed with shock, injury [pain] and sudden fright. They are layers in constant motion, that is, overlapping vibratory waves. Ambition, pain, and grief alternate in the field so they eventually reach the threshold this man can tolerate.

Green and blue waves that impact the mid to upper torso suggest a degree of detached observation, probably emotional... almost watching the match while participating. The green usually suggests water as an absorptive factor - an empathic perception about what is going on between an opponent's body and spirit. Sympathy that expresses itself in the green-blue combination may be for another wrestler - or all those in the sport - and brings to mind the reply, “Yeah, but you oughta see the other guy.”

· In the clearing stands a boxer
· and a fighter by his. trade,
· and he carries the reminders
· of every glove that laid him down
· or cut him til he cried out
· In his anger and his shame
· “I am leaving, I am leaving”
· But the fighter still remains...

· -Simon and Garfunkel, The Boxer - YouTube
Bridge Over Troubled Water

Many professional dancers suffer from the same knee problem and pursue a different full time career on a permanent basis. The etheric field preserves the 'hits' taken and absorbs shock effects at a very slow pace, as illustrated above. The injuries retained in this man's etheric double were incurred many years ago and represent the initial impact, even though his physical temple has long been in a state of repair.

Astrological signs most sympathetic to playing the stock market belong to the Air Triplicity: Gemini, The Twins, governed by Mercury; Libra, the Scales, governed by Venus; and Aquarius, the Water Bearer, governed by Uranus.

Mercury and Uranus are the two planets most associated with 'Wall Street.' Mercury will alter its influence as he changes signs and houses of the star chart. Uranus effects the events taking place, as far as the nature of the products of the sign he enters, as Uranus is the planet of inventions. It is the planet of tomorrow, explosive, transformative, and lightning fast. Mercury and Uranus co-rule specific functions associated with the electrification of the etheric-physical anatomy, such as the respiration and electro-magnetic spark.

Steve Jobs is the co-founder of Apple, Inc with Steve Wozniak. Jobs was born with Sol 5° Pisces 45' - Moon 7° Aries 45' - Destiny Path 1
ASC: 22° Virgo 17' - Midheaven 21° Gemini 19' - Mercury 14° Aquarius 22' rx, in Fifth House.
Steve Jobs was one of the first people to see the possibilities of a mouse and a graphical user interface developed by Xerox PARC. The Macintosh computer was the result.

Steve Wozniak was born with his Sun 18° Leo 26' and Moon 24° Moonchild 11', firmly supporting his 7 Destiny Path.
Wozniak's star chart matches Jobs' in several ways, especially the Ascendant, 29° Virgo 08' and Midheaven 29°02' Gemini. His Mercury, 13° Virgo 58', in the Seventh House sets up a quincunx aspect with Jobs' Mercury by degree and department of life. The quincunx is the most powerful aspect for visionaries, inventors, and people ahead of their time, in general.

Bill Gates is probably the best-known technology entrepreneur in the world. He co-founded Microsoft with Paul Allen in the mid-70s. Like Steve Jobs, he never finished his universities studies. Microsoft began with Gates and Allen developing a BASIC interpreter for the then new Altair 8800 microcomputer. Gates was born with his Sun 5° Scorpio 02' and his Moon 8° Aries 15' conjunct Steve Jobs' Moon w/i one degree of perfect.

Bill Gates was born with the sign of the Moon ascending, 27° Moonchild 01' conjunct Steve Wozniak's Moon in a comparison star chart. Gates has an Aries Midheaven conjunct Steve Jobs' Moon [4° Aries 57'] in a comparison star chart. Gates has his Mercury 16° Libra 36' conjunct Mars [planet ruler of Aries], opposite his Moon and Midheaven.

These days Bill Gates focuses on his philanthropic work
through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Uranus changes the status of technology... changes things related to inventions: brings radio, TV, and space programs. And whatever sign Uranus is in you can be sure we will have research and new technology in these related areas. Uranus is a dazzling white energy that relates to the neuromentality, and thus has a relationship to the Sun, which represents the physical nerve structure. It impacts the reactions of the neuromentality rather than on its physical structure, especially the sympathetic nervous system and involuntary reaction, physical and mental. It has to do with creative force, originality and action; in its best form it is genius; in its worst, crankiness, eccentricity, violence, and destruction.

See recommended films:
Company Men, Inside Job, The International, Wall Street, and Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

The planet Neptune [higher octave of Venus] is connected more with the unusual influences in relation to our thoughts and energy at the global level, but has no real deep bearing on the market except for its long trends over forty-five year periods.

Occupy Wall Street Politico report
Twitter feed for the protest, @OccupyWallStNYC


    In the life of every disciple, particularly of those who face certain great expansions of consciousness, a point of crisis will come about. In that point of crisis, decisions are voluntarily or involuntarily made; having made them, the disciple then stands at a point of tension, with the decision behind him and the next step to be taken becoming clearer to his mental perception, and influencing his attitude to the future. When the work is done in the period of tension, then there comes what we might call the point of emergence. This is both an emergence from and also an emergence into a field of experience.

-Alice Bailey, The Reappearance of The Christ


Forget geography, politics, or religion, revolutions are about money, the few taking from the many, The many wresting back from the few – an ebb and flow of assets as constant as your cash flow. That’s certainly one way to look at the revolution sweeping through the financial services industry. Until recently, if you wanted to buy or sell stocks or bonds, you had little choice but to deal with a handful of powerful brick-and-mortar brokerage firms.

While there were firms that competed on price – discount brokerage firms – you were still at their mercy since these institutions owned access to the three cornerstones of investing: up-to-the-minute information, analytical tools, and the markets themselves. If you weren’t crazy about the arrangement, you were free to play another game.

-Eric J. Adams, WIRED, November 1997


    To research the effect of a complete career change of this magnitude, review the biography of:

1) Hulk Hogan: Wrestler, TV Personality and Movie Star [Sun: 18° Leo 43' conjunct Mars 8° Leo 19', conjunct Mercury; Venus 8° Cancer 42' is semi-sextile Mars w/i 1 degree of perfect]

2) Ken Kesey: Wrestler, Author, Prankster, Film Maker, and Wizard [Sun: 24° Virgo 07'; Mars 0° Sagittarius 58' conjunct Midheaven - Mars is opposite Moon and trine Pluto; Mars squares Saturn; Venus 9° Virgo 21' rx in the Seventh House conjunct Neptune, trine Uranus, opposite Saturn; Moon: 4° Gemini 19' squares Venus] - see BEAT for more about Kesey pals

3) Mickey Rourke: Wrestler, Movie Star [Sun: 23° Virgo 43'; Mars 12° Sagittarius 30' square Mercury; Mars sextile Venus and Saturn]

4) Jesse Ventura: Wrestler, Actor, Politician, and Author [Sun: 22° Cancer 05'; Mars 7° Cancer 39' in Ascendant, conjunction Uranus, Mars sextile Venus @ 5° Virgo 43'; Mars square Jupiter]

House System: The Gym, Drawing Room, Drawing Board
Trump VII - The Chariot, The Charioteer, The Conqueror

The drawing room, drawing board and gym: conference calls with global-high tech capability [see The International, Star Wars II The Clone Wars, Tek War series by William Shatner, and Spy Game]
central figure will take center stage, theatrical, public speaking, or political guides, selected lexicons, architectural notes and magazines, contracts [war, peace, partnership] on a large table with information prepared for negotiation

House System notes for Tarot study

From: Lectures On The Human Aura
by DonnaKova Dauser

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