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   The Golden Compass   


The Golden Compass

stars: top, Nicole Kidman and Dakota Blue Richards
Eva Green and Daniel Craig


The movie is a delightful vehicle for raising the discussion about two important points of debate. Studies of the human aura field[s] often extend to power animals we consciously recognize, have as pets, or dream about. These are only three possible relationships we may have with our power animal. In the movie, The Golden Compass, that part of our psyche related sympathetically to our power animal, is represented externally, and called a 'daemon'. There are several layers of the human aura, however, that can 'carry' the subtle energy of any power animal, as well as the link to a power animal related to an elemental.

An advanced review of the human aura fields suggests our power animal can be an independent agent, and remain close to the physical body. Naturally, our power animal is active during dreams at night, as facilitator during a healing process, and will provide strength we need in an extraordinary situation.

The movie takes the point of view that our primary power animal may be 'summoned' by the waking conscious mind. This concept, very popular in the fantasy film industry, is mirrored in ancient funerary art, mythology, and The Old Testament. The film contains several scenes that suggest a multi-elemental and shapeshifting power unique to young people who still have 'unsettled daemons.'

Power Animals in Our Dreams

Carl G. Jung refers to the frequent participation of our power animal[s] during our dream experiences. His extensive study, based on the analysis of over a thousand dreams, includes many ancient themes, symbolized by animals, that are associated with assimilation, cognition, and deconstruction. In his collected notes, Jung has often alluded to the [assumed monad] attempt to return to modern civilization what early Christian Church architects excised.

In later life Carl Jung made a second attempt at alchemy, with surprising results. He wanted to lift the veil to discover the mystery that resides 'just out of reach' for the conscious mind. Our dreams continue to remind us of the way ancients processed transformation, individuation, and new awareness at the conscious level of understanding. Jung writes, "…the unconscious is only trying to restore the lost Dionysus who is somehow lacking in modern man."

To continue, Jung added, "The Dionysian element has to do with emotions and affects which have found no suitable religious outlets in the predominantly Apollonian cult and ethos of Christianity. The medieval carnivals and jeux de paume in the Church were abolished relatively early; consequently the carnival became secularized and with it divine intoxication vanished from the sacred precincts. Mourning, earnestness, severity, and well-tempered spiritual joy remained. But intoxication, that most direct and dangerous form of possession, turned away from the gods and enveloped the human world with its exuberance and pathos. The pagan religions met this danger by giving drunken ecstasy a place within their cult. Heraclitus doubtless saw what was at the back of it when he said, ‘But Hades is that same Dionysus in whose honour they go mad and keep the feast of the wine-vat.’"
.... Rites once sanctioned granted religious license so as to exorcise the danger that threatened from Hades. Our solution today, however well meaning, has served to throw the gates of hell wide open.

AND... there is also the matter of 'dust' as a way to link with other worlds.


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Near the end of his life, Gurdjieff reportedly managed to finally have what he considered all the 28 basic personality types around him. That would be like living in a zoo without walls, where all the animals, domestic and wild, could read each other’s natures and see reflected there the universal qualities of the Other and others – or like becoming a complete menagerie [with all the animals], a complete zodiac [with all the signs], a complete enneagram within, glimpsing, for a moment at least, a wholeness and balance that is truly remarkable.

   see: Henry Leroy Finch, The Sacred Cosmos: Teachings of G.I. Gurdjieff in Jacob Needleman and George Baker, eds., Gurdjieff: Essays and Reflections on the Man and His Teaching

   Alice in Wonderland

   George Harrison
lyrics, "My Sweet Lord", names
of the Lord elevate followers
to a state of pure bliss and ecstasy.

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