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Keanu Reeves
as John Constantine


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Characters from comic book  to the silver screen. The hero and his unusual destiny.

Constantine - Trailer 2:21

Angela Dodson I don't believe in the devil.
John Constantine: You should. He believes in you.

Tarot Alignment: Trump I The Magician as Exorcist
Planet ruler in most decks: Mars or Mercury
Colours: Red [Lion] and White [Eagle] of the alchemist, also applied to Trump III The Empress, Isis Unveiled

Comment:  First, there is an important interior decor focalizer running along the full length of Constantine's west apartment wall. Constantine has lined up a long row of large bottles filled with holy water [blessed insurance], each labeled with a cross. They are 'in case of an emergency' - to facilitate a fast exit from you-know-where. The Western area of any room leads to a door, binary solution peak, or portal key that can open up a way into mystic dimensions. The nearness to events of birth and death, and the sacred journey, tend to materialize these points of power in a home.

Second, the script holds [basic allusions to the seven heavens]  faithfully. Most of the usual dowser/feng shui design blueprints, ritual formulae, and numeric symbolism appear. Some names could be changed to protect the innocent. Gabriel, for example, is indirect and defensive, representing the most efficient use of the back pituitary hormones, therefore never aggressive. Gabriel interprets the dreams of the prophet Daniel, protects and assists the Holy Family, and dictates the Koran to Muhammad. Also, Gabriel the Archangel could not interfere with the destiny path of the human race. There are few other important discrepancies in the overall presentation.

The final observation to note is related to the widening gap between the esoteric and exoteric material available in the mainstream today. This engineered set of circumstances greatly contributes to the attitude of the hero, John Constantine. Once an individual has died and been 'resurrected' he is clear that, "it isn't always the way its written in those books." Most people object to a theme with identified non-corporeals that do not appear by name in biblical script. The three names considered acceptable are: St. Michael, St. Gabriel, and St. Raphael. Formidable demonologists, exorcists, and metaphysical scholars, including many a renown cardinal, rabbi, and guru, write extensively on the complex topic of the two hierarchies, yet the information is still excluded from mainstream exoteric collectivism. Like The Matrix, Constantine is for an audience with an interest tuned to the path less taken.
Note that the name of the angel Jesus, central in the solar sphere in Mosaic system is not usually referred to as an angel whose name is mentioned in the bible, as it would confuse too many people who know the name Jesus Christ.

Red alert! above, Constantine recognizes a subtle, clever bit of arrogance that constitutes a huge blip on his exorcist screen. He must battle a hidden soldier demon that would not normally be capable of an atypical type possession. Somewhere powerful forces are advancing in an unusual pattern and he knows the veil that insulates dimensional worlds has been compromised. Early documentation of known inhabitants of the lower, infernal regions do not cover 'automatic' [blended] soldiers because they have no identity other than a number in a larger group of hostiles.


American Indian Symbolism      "To the Indian the number four has a peculiar sanctity, presumably because the Great Spirit created His universe in a square frame. This is suggestive of the veneration accorded the tetrad by the Pythagoreans, who held it to be a fitting symbol of the Creator. The legendary narratives of the strange adventures of intrepid heroes who while in the physical body penetrated the realms of the dead prove beyond question the presence of Mystery cults among the North American red men. Wherever the Mysteries were established they were recognized as the philosophic equivalents of death, for those passing through the rituals experienced all after-death conditions while still in the physical body. At the consummation of the ritual the initiate actually gained the ability to pass in and out of his physical body at will. This is the philosophic foundation for the allegories of adventures in the Indian Shadow Land, or World of Ghosts.


Constantine [Keanu Reeves, Virgo] and Midnite [Djimon Hounsou,
Sol 4° Taurus 17'] coach Chas Kramer [Shia LaBeouf, Sun 20° Gemini 33']

Keanu Reeves
Sun 9° Virgo 42' combust Mercury and Uranus [+0°42'], the two planets that govern electrification in the material body. In alchemy, Uranus rules Intellectual E S P, with a desire to find or make a heaven on Earth.
Sun conjunct Pluto [great transformer, dancer, shaman, and powerful force of will]
Sun opposite Saturn [wide orb] the ruler of the Golden Age [with Janus] in Roman mythology
Sun sextile Neptune and Luna, the mind is concerned with profound and inexplicable concerns; will gain through enterprises beyond the mental capacity of the average individual.

Jupiter 25° Taurus 52' deposited in the House of the Higher Mind associated with Trump IX The Hermit
Venus sextile Jupiter, Jupiter square Saturn; and Mars 21° Moonchild 49' sextile Jupiter. Mars, the planet of exorcism and hexing, deposited in the Moon sign of defense strategy, produces an outline of characters like Constantine, Klaatu [Day the Earth Stood Still], and Detective Tom Ludlow [ Street Kings]. The downside: Donnie Barksdale [The Gift] who is probably beyond reach.


... Sand paintings are often prepared in a series of representations within a consecrated hogan so the patient can be placed in the center of the pattern, on the sacred swastika."            -Manly P. Hall, Secret Teachings of the Ages

The American Indian swastika is [the image of] a feminine vortex that moves in harmony with the creative forces of Nature. It is perhaps the most nearly universal of religious emblems and represents the four corners of the world. The feminine vortex functions above the transitional door that leads to higher octaves and so is always positive and beneficial to the human race. The masculine vortex [created during WWII] is unpredictable and only operates beneath the door that leads to higher soul power. Many scholars assign Jupiter/Zeus/Odin the door of initiation that gives direct contact with oversoul. The text for any candidate is at least partially associated with Jupiterian issues. Positive Jupiter Urge:  Vision of and Dedication to The Universal Human [as itemized in The Sermon on the Mount.]

Negative Jupiter: Bigotry, prejudice, and racism.

see Champions, Fighters, and Gladiators Index for more

Click picture for Transfiguration - additional info    [Spear]                    


 Keanu Reeves   John Constantine                 
Rachel Weisz    Angela Dodson/Isabel Dodson                 
Shia LaBeouf   Chas Kramer                 
  Djimon Hounsou   Midnite                 
Max Baker Beeman                 
Pruitt Taylor Vince  Father Hennessy                 
Gavin Rossdale   Balthazar                 
Tilda Swinton   Gabriel                 
Peter Stormare Satan                 


note: CONSTANTINE demonstrates how a combination of set designs associated with Trump VI and Trump VII themes, via unique construction, can help develop a story about an exorcist with a special ability, who can utilize the power of Trump I and VII.
Set backdrop and background under construction





   About the bedroom @ The Still Zone [West Wall]                
Bag-End Dowser in the Shire [more re the West Wall]                  
   Get Started - 9 Rachel Weisz wins Oscar '06                
Titurel Bears the Sacred Spear                  



  ARCHIVE NOTES:     Hitler Obsessed with Religious Relics, Artifacts, and Geography
see The Monuments Men 2014
youtube 3:15

Robin Cross comments on Hitler's twisted version of the early races during this evolutionary time window:  The Camelot of the SS [Himmler's Schutzstaffel, protection squadrons] was to be the castle at Wewelsburg, near the Teutoburg forest, which became a shrine to Himmler's belief in a new world order. Wewelsburg was to be at its epicentre, a pagan powerhouse that some thought would eventually house the Holy Grail for which King Arthur's knights had quested. The SS armed formations (collectively known as the Waffen SS) would fight alongside the regular armed forces of the Third Reich – seen by Himmler as the reincarnation of the Teutonic knights and the knights of the Round Table* celebrated in Arthurian legend.

In his book Spear of Destiny (1973), Trevor Ravenscroft argued that the Germans mounted a series of expeditions between 1926 and 1943. These were, says Ravenscroft, intended to allow the Nazis to maintain contact with their Aryan ancestors, guardians of the occult powers of vril [the 'Vril-ya', would-be world conquerors imbued with psychokinetic power (vril)], who were hidden** in underground cities... a scenario that evokes Bulwer-Lytton [The Coming Race].

Initiates Corner: It would be impossible for any group of military officers or recruits to reincarnate as conscious members of the Teutonic knights and Arthurian Round Table unless the Jupiter tests had been passed. Jupiterean adepts do not permit bigotry, racism, or persecution of any human collective. The information the Nazi Party looked for is not in the mainstream nor has it been for two evolutionary periods. The data they wanted can be retrieved directly from the Akasha Records only by an individual who has passed the Jupiterean test.

**   It is unclear whether the vision of this community is part of human history prior to the shift of the Earth crust when the area above the equator moved to the part of the Earth beneath the equator. Speculation about the Leto triad [Leto-Artemis-Apollo] links Hyperborea and Delos, as it resides in the theory taught in pre-Troy mythology. See Delos, Floating

Constantine set report - Dark Horizons   

Raiders of the Lost Ark   
             Trump VII and Trump VIII   

Right, Indiana Jones tracks the Ark of the Covenant to an underground   
  Nazi sub-station in the first Indy adventure flick, Raiders of the Lost Ark.   
Professor Jones Sr. [Sean Connery] and Jr. [Harrison Ford] save the   
Grail in, Indiana Jones and the Quest for The Holy Grail.


Keanu Reeves/Constantine press conference and Interview

Q & A excerpts lifted from the press conference scene where Keanu talked about his suspense thriller "Constantine."

Reeves stars as John Constantine, a world-travelling, mage-like misfit who investigates supernatural mysteries and the like, walking a thin line between evil and good. Constantine teams up with a female police detective, Angela (Rachel Weisz), who seeks Constantine's help while investigating the suicide-like death of her twin sister. Does it have something to do with a mysterious group called "The First of the Fallen"? And what is it about Constantine that puts him in a position where he is making deals with representatives from both Heaven and Hell?

Reeves talked about his initial love of film back in Canada, Constantine, and everything in between:

I wasn't familiar with the character before I read the script, and when the script came to me, that aspect of the character - being based in London and being English - had changed already. So I wasn't aware of that.

When I read the script and then familiarized myself with the work, I saw that what was important was really the essence of Constantine, and we worked really hard to keep that aspect of it, because it's really what it's all about. That kind of hard-edged, hard-boiled, world-weary cynical, fatalistic, nihilistic, self-interested - with a heart. (laughter). And I think we did. I mean I hope so. I hope that fans of the comic don't feel that we sabotaged something that is so well loved.

.... To answer your question - I'll start with Constantine. The aspect for me - I think of it as a kind of secular religiosity. The piece itself is using icons and a platform in a kind of catholic heaven-and-hell, god-and-the-devil, human souls, fighting for those.

But I find that the piece itself - Constantine because of the fact that he knows - and I was hoping that these concepts could become a platform that are humanistic, that the journey of this particular hero is hopefully relatable to - even though they're such fantastic characters and situations- that it's still a man trying to figure it out.

In terms of the other roles, I hope ultimately - not only are they interesting - I think that those kinds of journeys, a hero journey, or Siddhartha - these are all kind of seeking aspects of hopefully - that have something of value in terms of - to our lives - that we can take with us - and hopefully in the works that are entertaining and - these kinds of journeys that I think all of us - especially in western traditions - relate to.

I think these motifs of seekers, messiahs, of anti-heroes, heroes - all of these aspects are journeys that I think deal with things that we deal with in our day-to-day in a way, and are entertaining.

They offer up - coming from where do you come from, what are you fighting for . . . and coming into a kind of - I don't mean it in a facile way, but, into a kind of life.

I think they're worthwhile, and if we can make them all kinds of stories, story-telling, that is always couched in this kind of engaging entertaining manner, whether it is a shadow play, a circle, a storyteller, our literature . . . the mediums that we communicate these things often times.






The Spear of Destiny stood at the central piece of the Reichskleinodien and Reichsheiligtumer in St. Katherine’s Church throughout the lightning and victorious Polish campaign and the shattering and totally unexpected Blitzkrieg defeat of the French Armies when the British escaped by the skin of their teeth via Dunkirk. But Adolf Hitler’s confidence that there was no need to find a permanent wartime shelter for his Talisman of Power proved sadly misplaced as RAF bombers penetrated further and further into the Third Reich and began reducing its great cities to rubble.

The industrialization of Nuremberg had been initiated after the Nazis came to power and now the historic city offered a whole number of genuine military targets including the M.A.N. factories manufacturing engine parts for Panzer tanks and German U-Boats and the large complex of the Siemens-Schuckert electrical works adjoining the vast railway shunting yards. The first RAF raid did extensive damage to the area around St. Katherine’s, blowing off a part of the roof of the Church itself. No time was lost in removing the Lance and the other treasures into the deep vault of Kohn’s Bank on the corner of the Konigstrasse.

After the fall of Stalingrad when the whole of Germany went into mourning and the Nazi hierarchy first tasted the possibility of defeat, Adolf Hitler ordered that a permanent hiding place should be found for his Talisman of Power somewhere in the vicinity of Nuremberg.

-Trevor Ravenscroft, The Spear of Destiny

BACK Harrison Ford & Indiana Jones



Constantine contains many symbols designated to indicate the power of creation [inception] and regeneration or rebirth [consummation], typified in the Number 6 [Trump VI The Temptation, The Two Paths, The Lovers]. The successful exorcist resides in domains symbolized by Tarot Trump I The Adept and Trump VII The Chariot.


Id imperfectum manet dum confectum erit.

exoteric translation: It ain't over til it's over.


Midnight's Answering Service

Hello. Can I help you?
He’s out of town.
He’ll be back next week.
Could I take a message?

I don’t know how to call him
right now, sir. He’s on vacation.
He’s on the road.

Can I promise he’ll call you
in the morning? No.
I don’t tell him what to do,
sir. I understand, but I don’t
work for you sir. Would you rather
give this message to a machine?

I will tell him you called.
I will tell him it’s urgent.
I would be glad to tell him
you think I have a bad attitude.

Now… could I ask you a question?
Do you do this to every secretary
you talk to? I’d worry about that,
if I were you, sir. Some of us
would like it if you died.

Your messages get lost.
Your letters disappear.
That’s a lot of golf games in hell
you’re racking up on our calendars
sir – can I put you on hold?

I love it when they say no.

-Evil Spirits and Their Secretaries

John/Balthazar at Papa Midnite's Club

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