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    E pluribus unum.

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Ansel Adams






Alan Alda








Joan Allen

Bourne - Masked World





Robert Altman


Tori Amos






Richard Dean Anderson










Michelangelo Antonioni




Louis Armstrong







Bruce Boxleitner ~ Mira Furlan
B5 cast





Lauren Bacall






Mikail Baryshnikov












Chuck Berry








Halle Berry









The Black Crowes








Orlando Bloom





Bono - U2

U2 - Elevation {Live In Milan… (06:22)








Marlon Brando







James Brown
Godfather of Soul







Richard Burton Elizabeth Taylor









Nicolas Cage





Michael Caine











Enrico Caruso







Neal Cassidy and Jack Kerouac

Review Francis Ford Coppola script














John Cipollina, Quicksilver








Eric Clapton


Comparison Chart
Clapton, B.B. King, and George Harrison

Comparison Chart




Clinton ~ Hillary Rodham Clinton Bio Comparison Charts






George Clooney
Nick Clooney
Comparison George Clooney with Rosemary Clooney








Sean Connery







Sophia Coppola



Kevin Costner









Peter Coyote








Russell Crowe








Tom Cruise







Miles Davis







Walt Disney
and friend








Kirk Douglas
Kirk Douglas and Michael Douglas Comparison
Michael Douglas and Catharine Zeta-Jones Comparison





Bob Dylan



Gloria Estaphan









Aretha Franklin











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  • A time to choose: the goddess returns after 2,000+ years of a forced second tier, also-ran role in theology, social structure, and government.

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