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Trump VII and Trump VIII

The House System (Continued)

by Rev. DonnaKova Dauser



The Chariot

Libra is the Balance, or Scales, that symbolize a verb rather than non-motion - an established status. The image is designed to suggest a need for balance. The search begins with this native's work.

When the Sun enters Libra the day and night hours are equal to each other. This is the equilibrium Libra is looking for in every facet of life. Here we see the most clear example of our mortal struggle to attain the midpoint [good] between opposites and extreme tendencies in life. Libra is associated with Sunset and so we call this a social sign - when the stars come out. Librans have a primary goal of breaking down communication barriers between all peoples of the world. Japan is a country ruled by this ray and the Japanese are famous for their ability to combine business with pleasure. Because natives born under this ray love to communicate they are frequently multi-lingual and unusually accomplished orators. Many public speakers, politicians, actors, and attorneys are found in the sign. They are able to establish a rapport between themselves and their audience and will wear many hats to please people. Feedback is tremendously important to the Libran because it is a fair way to gauge their effects on the world and how well they are doing with all their presentations. The good news about Libra is the power of mobility, which is the capability of conforming to strange customs and views in a graceful manner. These natives are frequently involved with international business or those professional aims focused on common points of agreement with the aim of transcendental levels. There is an appreciation of beauty, nature, and art at the refined levels of consciousness.

Art, music and poetry are often mastered, but there is almost always an interest in theatre and dance. Librans can spot a great artist very quickly because they are capable of recognizing truth. They are fair in their business practices and their judgments. The bad news is indecisiveness that slows up progress. They wait too long to make final decisions, long after the facts are made available to them. They have the ability to dwell for long hours on trivia, as well, preferring a light and breezy style to conversation. If taken to extremes, it is difficult for any one else to get a word in edgewise.

IN THE HOUSE SYSTEM, Libra and Trump VII give us the energy we need to perform well in The Drawing Room. The room provides us with tools so we can deal with form, colour, and structuring energy (on all levels of consciousness.) It symbolizes technical knowledge and inspired dedication to improving the human condition. Symbols such as lines, numbers, alpha sign and map, are tools for the implemented intellectual archetype. Visual arrangement for point and point of interest appear in work connected to blueprints or legal forms, art masterpieces, dream structures - and navigating all of them. By association, we also think of the social traditions in the Drawing Room, where people gather in the evening hours. Hitchcock's The Paradine Case provides fantastic scenes with this timing and tone.

Libra is the air sign ruled by Venus. The best colours for social interaction are sky-blue and white, yellow, emerald green, nephrite green, and jade green. The most appealing materials are silken, especially in evening wear ~ or satin and chiffon. Librans are most comfortable wearing loose or flowing garments that catch the wind, or the kimono style garment that lends an air of dignity to movement. Librans are graceful and subtle in movement. choosing colours of refinement, even when at play. The stones are emerald, jade and lapis lazuli. All of these colours work well when extended into the wardrobe and the environment where the Libran socializes.

In business matters, Libra, like Virgo prefers the warmer side of the spectrum, both in lighting and choice of wardrobe. Many natives of this sign are frustrated actors and actresses and tend to play out a part in professional life before the public they address. Career attire tends to be "ritualistic" in some appropriate style. They may go with "tailored to the part" dress, almost like a uniform or costume to reiterate the role played in the business world. When they do wear three piece wool suits, the shirt or blouse is usually an intense colour - a hot red, electric blue, violet, or perhaps lemon yellow. Libra is comfortable under very hot lights... due to the efficient dispersion of background track, tape, and "mind chatter" that builds around so many chattering "day job" people. The intensity of red brings about better concentration, clarity of thought in planning and organizing, and generally stimulates creativity set for a Libra frequency.

I do not believe in things. I believe in relationships. -Georges Braque


The Chariot is one of the most powerful archetypes in ancient art and religion. The constellation of the Charioteer or Wagoneer, Auriga, is known throughout the ancient world of the Arabs, Babylonians, and Greeks to name some of them. Socrates used the image of the chariot and team of horses in many of the lessons he taught his students. That is why most Tarot Trump feature the traditional chariot drawn by a team of horses or sphinx figures, however the archetype model is a universal one. The great chariot race in Ben-Hur is probably the best loved action scene in the history of cinema. Chariot races were the highlight of the Circus in the city of Rome and throughout the ancient world. There were many games held in the ancient world. In 776 BC, Iphitos, King of Elis, Kleosthenes of Pisa and Lykourgos of Sparta reorganized the Olympic Games held in Greece in honour of Zeus. The site is near the west coast of the Peloponnese; Olympia was the most important religious and athletic centre in Greece. The last Olympic Games [quadrennial festival] were held in 393 AD, before an edict of Theodosius I prohibited all pagan festivals.

Several important games were held at regular intervals in many other historic locations - time was often marked by the regularly scheduled games. See historic sites for information here.

The Athletic Games in honor of Naia Zeus took place annually upon the sacred Dodona grounds. These Games included drama competitions, music competitions, chariot games and wrestling. Read more about Dodona and related exercises when contemplating a new name for business, or a change of name, title, and epithet.

Reverend DonnaKova Dauser and the Divining Nation Staff

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