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C O N F I D E N C E   2c

Michelle and Sarah
at G 20 London Conference
April 2009





From Manly P. Hall, in this figure is set forth the constitution of the Intermediate Sphere, by which the extremes of Spirit and Matter are reconciled and the harmony of the universe preserved. The ancients unite in the recognition of three worlds existing within one eternal and unlimited state. Philosophy is the science of relationships of these worlds.

The inner eye responds best to spiritual ratio in art that can easily evade detection by the two physical eyes. The general rule promotes the more profound message be contained in the art form with the most subtle ratio.

Celestial Pattern: In the heavens we find the Winter Triangle, made of Betelgeuse in Orion, Procyon in Canis Minor, and Sirius in Canis Major, and the Summer Triangle that is formed by Vega in Lyra, Deneb in Cygnus, and Altair in Aquila.


In the lecture-cycle The Gospel of St. John, Rudolf Steiner says the following: ‘In the beginning there was the Mystery of the higher human ‘I’; it was preserved in the Grail and remained connected with it. And in the Grail there lives the ‘I’ that is connected with the eternal and the immortal just as the lower ’I’ is connected with the transient and the mortal. And whoever knows the secret of the Holy Grail knows that from the wood of the cross there comes forth quickened, burgeoning life, the immortal ‘I’ that is symbolized by the roses on the black wood of the cross. From this we see that the Grail Mystery, into which we enter in the rhythm of this ‘first’ day, leads us to a true knowledge of the ‘I’-Mystery. It is also the basis of the further path of initiation, revealing itself as the Mystery of Death and Resurrection, as the transition from the lower mortal ‘I’ of man to the higher immortal ‘I’ –a transition in which, thanks to the Christ-force, there are preserved in the higher ‘I’ all the fruits of the lower. This stage, therefore, also contains the fundamental experience of the threshold, by which the pupil--having reached that degree of maturity necessary for initiation, by uniting himself with his higher, divine ‘I’--can enter consciously into the spiritual world.

-Sergei O. Prokofieff, RUDOLF STEINER and The Founding of The New Mysteries


Binary Problem
Salem, Mass. was founded September 16, 1626, 11:15 AM, shaped by the atmospheric influences in New England at the time.
Question: what binary solution [alternate focus point] in the configuration below would best help minimize the religious and social chaos that crept into that community? Forward your suggestions with permission [or not] to post them on another dowser page. Hint: There are three dominant intelligences at work in the star chart below. They are Sol, Saturn, and Pluto. Dominant signs: Virgo 39.9, Libra 23.8, and Scorpio 18.5. It should be mentioned that there are areas near two of the asteroids that could be harvested but there are no heavenly bodies in those exact degrees.
Suggestion: Create a binary point for harmony by using akasha - aeyther - instead of solid objects already in play.

See Arthur Miller's The Crucible or Three Sovereigns for Sarah, for background information if you are not familiar with the witch trials and executions.
BACK It's All In The Sauce

Salem MA house cusps
ASC 27° Scorpio 32’ - 2nd 28° Sag 49’ - 3rd 5° Aquarius 54’
4th 13° Pisces 02’ - 5th 13° Aries 48’ - 6th 7° Taurus 50’, Pluto 18°57' rx Taurus, in Sixth House
7th 27° Taurus 32’ - 8th 28° Gemini 29’ - 9th 5° Leo 54’, Luna 10° Leo 16’
10th 13° Virgo 02’, Saturn 19° Virgo 30’, Sun 23° Virgo 36’ - 11th 13° Libra 48’ - 12th 7° Scorpio 50’
Moonchild and Capricorn are intercepted.

Note that both Salem MA and Chicago IL have Virgo M.C. 2nd Decan, Hercules - the Capricorn Decanate of Virgo
Hercules is the hero who performed twelve labors of heroic proportion. This Capricorn decanate of Virgo ruled by Saturn manages tasks in order to develop even greater abilities. Every experience is a gain for the soul as greater mastery is learned.

Saturn the dominant planet for Salem and Chicago, 2nd dominant intelligence is Sol for both, the angles are dominated by the mutable signs, and Luna in Leo is deposited in the Ninth House of both Salem and the Chicago star chart. Storytelling is indicated at the top of the chart by Virgo Midheaven with Saturn 19 Virgo 30' for Salem. The influence Saturn exerts at the Midheaven for Chicago is @ 20 Virgo 10'. Some astrologers consider the Midheaven angle more important than the Ascendant - that position seems to hold up in both these star charts, supported by several other prominent matches for both cities.

Twenty innocent people were put to death during the Witch Hysteria of 1692. Salem Witch Museum

Chicago is the location for the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art


On The Road Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassidy 
-The Atlantic online

The Priestess
Natural law and science as one
right, Trump VIII Adjustment

The Parliament of World Religions discuss these factors continually: "transcending material frontiers" - the group "sees the individual as a spiritual being, a "rational soul", but also insists that the entire enterprise that we call civilization is itself a spiritual process.


click Queen Mother for information about Brow Energy that is sometimes referred to as "The Helmet of Minerva" and "The Third Eye".
The information you need about the Queen Mother, during WWII is in The Queen Mother.



-See films

CONTACT [Jodie Foster] Robert Zemeckis (1997)
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, see navigation index for Harry Potter

The Hobbit - The Battle of the Five Armies: The exorcism scene, Lady Galadriel vs The Dark Lord Sauron, and
Gandalf vs Sauron - The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug - Extended Edition
THE LORD OF THE RINGS fanpage directory

MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM [Michelle Pfeiffer] Michael Hoffman (1999)
MIRACLE AT ST. ANNA Spike Lee (2008)

Person of Interest season 4 finale video
Person of Interest homepage at The Divining Nation

also  The Bahá'í Sacred Writings

Study of first draft and final script The Player



  Whatever glue binds internal polarities it differs from the one utilized for prismatic rainbows,  7 visible planets, days of the week, etc. To understand  properties of inner and outer paradigms and how they balance, intertwine and function in reflex action to each other, research with the basics of practical, mundane life.

Take on your closet. Organize contents with an eye to preferred clothing.  Move favorite threads forward so they are at your fingertips when you open your wardrobe door.  Move party-theme clothes, foclizers  and specials to the back.

Take stock of anything you have in the colour range of green, grey and grey-green. [Studies in space management may be superimposed on your personal green and grey keys.]  Rainbows tell us green is in the middle of the rainbow bridge and connects advancing (hot) and retreating (cool) parts of the external spectrum.





Some say we support power urges when we wear our zodiacal gemstones, metal and amulets, ideally when linked with our power animal[s].
See aura fields for more.

go The Aura of the Matrix

Example: the ruby is linked with the eagle or lion, the emerald with the salamander, dragon, and snake. Sapphires are associated with higher levels of initiation, so are appropriate if the power animal is an eagle, phoenix, dove, thunderbird, and others. When veils are lifted we are empowered with a clearer view of diffused light and subtle frequencies--doors open for us in the world of mortals. go to Ruby and Sapphire for more.



Go The Distance
Field of Dreams

Kevin Costner and James Earl Jones
reading the signs at the ball park

Bring your maps, the right tunes, and your sense of direction! You'll do fine.





Jack Nicholson
As Good as It Gets

Obsessive-compulsive writer Melvin Udall learns how to deal with some of the big lessons and always look on the bright side of life

Available storage space makes a difference. Pick up an antique steamer trunk, air bags, or a package of top-shelf flat boxes to conserve space. You can create more room for shoes and accessories when you do the Spring and Autumn cleaning sweep. Keep an open box for recycling and Christmas too.

Closet rotation updates are recommended at least every six months around the time of annual Spring and Autumn or your Summer to Winter housecleaning rotation of curtains, bedclothes, as well as wardrobe. Seasonal and personal power colours should be screened with each wardrobe review. Box or wrap anything you won't need for the next six months that eats space or constitutes 'clutter,' but don't permanently discard until your next cycle. I knew a woman who sold everything she had with her home, then later regretted losing some out of print books. Eventually, she spent a fortune trying to replace them.

Next, organize the clothes in front of your closet. Use your intuition, prioritize best representations of your inner soul powers.

Most of these clothes should match up to your most dominant eye colours,  Remember eyes are the mirror people look into so even trace  eye colour may be picked up for your wardrobe coordination. To identify these colours hold a #3 magnifying glass next to your eyes and look in a mirror. Sunlight is usually best for doing this but good artificial light is okay. Suzanne Caygill, colour consultant to the stars, has been known to identify over 250 palette colours by her eye studies alone.


When you have an interesting enough list of colours, work with the top 10. 
Target power colour combinations for the coming six months when shopping. Look in magazines - surf online. 

Search for your 10 most significant listed colours in advertisements, home decor, and natural settings (gardens & resort settings) and jot notes in day runner with bookmarked webpages.

Movies, art, and entertainment garb provide endless ideas for an already existing wardrobe. They inspire new, creative ways for accessory support to spiff-up  neutrals and pastels.

Pick up a variety of natural colours each season. Collect samples to press in a book and photo nature as you walk through garden and forest settings. Volunteer to help preserve local neighborhood parks and beachland. Discover subtle shades of beauty by working in a community-based restoration for native plants in your area.


Jack and Neal
Memories, dreams, and recall files are usually
pictured in your black-grey-white spectrum


"We are grey...  We stand between the darkness and the light." -Ambassador Delenn, The Grey Council

Universal agent concept projected onto natural gems and semi-precious stones

When green and grey are used in mediumship, (right way)  the conversion to clear or crystalline* colours may follow. 'The middle road' does not imply non-activity or lack of opinion... it refers to balance. Each season has its own colouring, typical flower/plant life, power stone, etc. All seasons share universal constants to maintain consistent and transcendent frequency waves. A rose exists for each season, and so does a variety of crystal and type of jade; universal power colours that blend with standard seasonal palettes are ideal for your personalized public image. (Find your season on the personality chart

When you want to change something, remember to check the position of the Moon and her sign on a day to day basis. The Moon is the swiftest of all the celestial bodies. She travels through the Zodiac in approximately 28 days, and spends two and a half days in each sign. Her daily motion is an average of 12 degrees.

If you have the Moon above sojourning your second department of life, you may splurge on a luxury item or garment, something you normally would never even try on. Luna may urge you to sign up on impulse for a course, club, hobby, or trip that has no - nada - long term prospects, if any exist at all. The Lunar transit of your sixth, seventh, and eighth departments of life could turn you to wish for a green thumb akin to Gertrude Jekyll or the monk who hybrided the wild pea to our table friendly model. Landscape changes could be planned with sweeping authority and take into account the colour, texture, and experience of prominent gardens around the globe. Or you may simply want to purchase a camera for a study of the mysteries of light, line, and fabric as effected by the full spectrum colour wheel. You could change your hair colour or eye make up without much thought on the days Luna is moving through your eleventh house, then regret your decision to try a new image based on a whim. The Moon rules your body mind so keep track of the department of life she influences from day to day and you'll have necessities, treasures, and frivolities you want to keep at the end of each month.

Take your colour list along when you shop. Pack a folder with inspirational magazine and newspaper pix and a scout-wish-list. Carry a pocket camera and snap up people, places and things as you go.  Later you can go over everything at your leisure and develop new themes. Research colour-cloth texture for all seasons.

rt., Hooper: The Automat

Collect quilt squares, save trim, buttons and bows until you have a complete set of fabrics, red through black and white, faux and shot with silver and gold. Shop samples and remnants when they go on sale.

Fabrics highlight your personality but watch the way they respond to sunlight and moonlight. Different fabrics alter the 'disposition' of colours you wear, and they may unintentionally alter your colour code.

These details contribute to your public image. For special occasions when everything depends on making a great first impression, wardrobe can be a deciding factor.


*   'Artificial gem' is a term for the actual formation by artificial means of the real precious stone, so that the product is identical, chemically, physically and optically, with the one found in nature... The colourless basis of the true precious stones being taken as crystallized alumina or white sapphire, when the colouring matter is red the stone is called ruby, when blue a sapphire, when green an emerald, when orange-yellow a topaz, and when violet an amethyst.
Clear, colourless crystals are known as white sapphire, and are very valuable... whoever finds success  making artificially clear crystals of white sapphire may add appropriate colouring to produce the ruby, sapphire, emerald, topaz and amethyst. (See STONE); also look at Sharon Stone design for jewelry to benefit those attending to AIDS as a universal problem.


Visit Liv Tyler/Arwen Evenstar - about her garden, colour and special types
- The Dragonfly and The Butterfly.

Glastonbury Tor is a conical shaped hill located just outside of the town of Glastonbury in southeast England. At five hundred feet above sea- level, it truly is a most striking and inspiring landmark and one that seems to beckon to pilgrims and travellers who journey in their thousands to this remarkable spot. Glastonbury was one of several featured landmarks constructed for gala opening ceremonies at the Olympic Games in the UK.
panorama - view of Glastonbury Tor at the top of the labyrinth, looking back at the approach steps
Tourists 2013 visit Chalice Well, Goddess Temple, Gladstonbury Tor, about 13 minutes. No redtail hawks [on the Tor] but a good sum of easy to follow images.
Glastonbury festival from the Tor Tuesday 21 June evening 2011 - You Tube

My First Summer in the Sierra, by John Muir
August 31. Clouds
Silky cirrus wisps and fringes so fine they almost escape notice. Frost enough for another crop of crystals on the meadows but none on the forests. The gentians, goldenrods, asters, etc., don't seem to feel it; neither petals nor leaves are touched though they seem so tender. Every day opens and closes like a flower, noiseless, effortless. Divine peace glows on all the majestic landscape like the silent enthusiastic joy that sometimes transfigures a noble human face. –John Muir

Butterflies and Moths, by William S. Furneaux (British)

How To Build A Fire Without Matches - a demonstration from the Wilderness Survival Series. This step by step gives you the information needed to survive in a wilderness 'situation.'

anyone for tea?



 Regarding traditional knowledge and wisdom symbols as they appear in our military era such as The Grail quest, we unfold maps likely to position us closer to the elixir,  castle, and philosopher's stone.  Take the first step with architects who endure - Henri Latrobe (Washington D.C) and Frank Lloyd Wright (Marin Civic Center)  - who recognized timeless lines as described by Plato, Pythia,  and Pythagoras.  

Remember that ancient knowledge is underground today, so it's difficult to locate buried information needed to set wheels in motion and begin something. Binary solutions compensate for missing tactical details... two modified mediators are Moon related Trump: Trump XIV and Trump XVIII. Other occult keys that help with midpoints, veiled in Trump 0 or Trump XXII, utilize the ultimate shape shifter [the joker in the poker deck] or Mercury ruled Trump. They suggest resources if time and raw materials are in short supply.

right, Nicolas Cage and Sam Elliott, Ghost Rider

We live under a different North Star now than the one at the center of the pyramid builders’ universe. We can only imagine how hieroglyphs, mythology, and the Neters really interfaced with elements of temple observance, political hierarchies, and daily life for the mainstream. Religion meant a combined knowledge that included architecture, art, engineering, mathematics, medicine, the stars and orbits of heavenly bodies. Scribes marked time and mastered fine arts, writing, psychology and symbolism. All known sciences perceived were measured via lower and higher senses. How many of us know the numerous ways our own names are pronounced or written in modern languages around the globe? If we were each born with a cartouche, what would it look like? What if we came from Middle Earth? Try possible representations of yourself using these name generators:

Find your name or company as a cartouche
Discover your secret hobbit, elven, dwarf or wizard identity in Middle-earth
In the world of the Marvel superhero and superheroine who you would be?

Everything is diffused light - the more power tools we have that function at "the midway point" or "the point of no return" the more we can remain in control. Superficially, two specific colours are effortless bridges that connect both sides of the spectrum. Green is the central frequency between the hot and cooler colours that make up the external spectrum. 'Grey' is the definition for multiple easy-to-read gradients that are white to black ratios, a full range of internal or emotional colours,  that connect both extremes. Look deeper into symbols and exercises related to binary solutions and you'll see natural colour.

Centuries ago the alchemists thought steam was the elixir or close to it,  because it balances fire and water. If people understand compromise or mediation keys in science and natural law they are  viewed as resourceful, perhaps wise as a wizard or elder with impressive skill and structuring talent. We all want to balance our inner and outer worlds. We attempt some semblance of equilibrium by working with wardrobe, home/office decor, and garden. These days we even design shared and common rooms to appear as spontaneous space. Some independents reflect a healthy, refined Venus-Mars by wearing a red sock with a green one. You won't find that one in any of the textbooks! Other shining examples include:  the six-pointed star or eight-pointed star, sometimes the twenty-eight pointed star. [Funpage~  connect the stars at Bacon's Oracle page]


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