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Keanu Reeves


Keanu Reeves recalled when The Wachowshi Brothers asked him to play the character Thomas Anderson/Neo, “I had to read Baudrillard, [Simulacra and Simulation] and Out of Control…which is about systems, evolution, robots… and then there was another book, Evolutionary Psychology. Those were 3 books they wanted me to read before I even opened up the script.
To play Thomas Anderson… He was searching for the truth, he felt that something was wrong. He felt like he was not having real contact… he was searching for something. He was searching… he felt there was something behind the veil.”

In the first film of the trilogy, The Matrix, Neo asks, “You ever have that feeling where you’re not sure if you’re awake or still dreaming?”

Keanu Reeves continued, “He was looking. He was looking for Morpheus to try… to break that veil and that’s something that Baudrillard spoke about. Not the searching, but what gets in the way.”

Thomas Anderson in The Matrix

Thomas A. Anderson lives in a small utilitarian apartment and works as a computer programmer for the MetaCortex software company, housed in a sleek, steel-blue skyscraper [an allusion to the real world]. His case file summarizes him as a 'normal citizen with a social security number' and practically attached to his computer at the hip - a visual image with the suggestion of something closer to home than he realizes. He moonlights as Neo, a hacker doing a brisque business selling contraband programming. Lifestyle preferences consist mainly of ores governed by Mercury and Pluto - the zodiacal signs are: Gemini, Virgo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. Interest in The Matrix and an underground figure known as Morpheus is primarily based on Gemini, Scorpio, and by extension Trump 0 [The Fool/Wise Man] and Trump XXI [The World, The Universe, New Jerusalem], two Major Arcana in the Tarot Deck.

Anderson is the "prince" of pre-creation, waiting to be awakened via an individuation process, blinding-light cognition [Pentecost], or alternative solution to an automatic/habitual routine [auto-pilot]. We see him asleep in the center of a man cave nest, arranged in the central part of his room... diagrammed as a 0 within a circle - energy ready to be tapped that remains undirected. The centre of any space, a room, an apartment, and a home, is often calm, receptive, and the 'centre of the storm.' Even with an active search on the screen and the high level of energy emitted, the circular computer-tech console is an eggshell of gadgets that form layers of insulation and buffers within the room.

Neo's room number in The Matrix is 101, suggesting an orientation process or "green room". We often begin numerical records with #101 in billing, checking accounts, and receipts. The first entry in the books is #101. Its actually the first item in the sequence, #1, that launches the entire record keeping system, as with Kether at the top of the key. Citing the antithesis, Room 101 in George Orwell's novel '1984,' is where people are sent to be tortured and brainwashed into believing things that aren't true.

Morpheus is the hovercraft captain of the Neb who is dedicated to finding, converting, and extracting The One caught in the Matrix. He and his crew track Anderson during his excursion as a moonlighting programmer using his hacker name, Neo. Anagram: The One. Neo is encased in armor and must be physically rescued. This stage of the story is infused with quicksilver combined with electrical power represented by planets Mercury and Uranus in alchemy and astrology. Mercury moves through the zodiac quickly, as Messenger of the Gods, entering the underworld and returning on a regular basis. Uranus is a 'generation planet' and takes some 84 years to travel through the Zodiac. He spends about 7 years in each sign. He rules Aquarius and he is in exaltation in Scorpio. He represents people who are ahead of their time, astrologers, astronomers and space age technicians, as well as those who excel in advertising, FX, and the social network [twitter, facebook, etc.] Their public image is often described as eccentric, genius-like or bohemian.

Both assist individuals who pioneer communications fads - indy film makers [director, producer, scriptwriter – documentary, especially], and also inventors, wall street traders/company CEOs. Aspects that involve the sign of metamorphosis, Scorpio, encourage the make over artist or some modernizing technique, such as unusual environmental effects, development of 'bullet time' used liberally in The Matrix series. If interested in real estate, they might restore 'The Heart 'O The City Hotel,' and clear the sky so the sun could be enjoyed by all. They study restoration of historical buildings, preservation projects, reclaimed land and community gardening. Together Mercury and Uranus probably contribute most of our best hackers who, like Neo, work on upgrading modern methods of communication: offbeat projects, underground publications and websites, online games and open conference calls. They are social activists, reformers, revolutionaries, super-scientists and tend to favor the humanitarian. Note that it is implied, in the original script of The Matrix, the humans not only provide electrical power, but their brains become part of a massive bio-computing cluster that generates and maintains much of the Matrix itself.
for more about these factors as used in the rescue process, see Matrix Fields

In the Major Arcana aka Tarot Trump, Thomas Anderson-Neo is a "player" in the world of mortals who appears in several cards including Trump VI, X, XI, XII, XVI, and 0/XXII. He is not considered a "bad actor" even though his employer is aware of his fascination with 'the zen art of colouring outside the lines.' Anderson's involvement with representative Tarot themes would constitute a complete encyclopedia [mainline for akasha records library, aka the Prime Program]. This gives him the ability to freely manipulate the simulated reality of the Matrix and suspend its basic properties. His prophetic ability [often during dreams] doubles for "flight" that is faster than sound, to ensure he can focus and anticipate anything in the Matrix. Although he does not wear glasses [supervision, far-sightedness like Superman] he is usually present on location when things are about to morph, twist, or turn.

Trinity: “The Matrix cannot tell you who you are.”

Once Anderson starts to use his hacker name Neo exclusively, the activation of Trump patterns shift until he reaches the core, the point of no return, and accepts his real world role as The One. "Know thyself" is a central theme of the Matrix, simple and complex because of the packaging and delivery style of The Oracle and The Architect - two characters who present the goal of the pilgrim from two different viewpoints. They are the two pillars at the entrance of the temple [Trump II The Priestess], one black and one white, the mystic and the metaphysician, the ancient, sacred beliefs and the sciences mastered by the adapt-engineer. It is interesting the Matrix Code is formatted as characters that embrace Sanskrit, Japanese writing, and the ancient three-layer transcription style. Like the Code, the story goes through the three layers of the transcription expression, beginning with Anderson's non-awareness, working through obstructing puzzles, and finding the final solution to the war.



T H E   M A T R I X   R E L O A D E D

(original script)

crew member in original script

"The equipment you carry up here. You’re a freak. A good freak. You’re
neural kinetics blast past those of average humans. This, combined
with your ability to suspend disbelief, allow you to change the
reality of the Matrix."


"How did I end up as... a freak?"

RAZOR practices the same strike a few times.


"Good question. The Machines create people through cloning, since,
obviously, no coppertops have physical sex. Theoretically, all clones
in the Matrix are exactly the same as when the first clones. They
shouldn’t be any different from normal, homegrowns."


"OK, so how do you explain me?"


"Not just you. Morpheus, myself. We were all born inside."


"Well, what separates us from others?"


"For the past 50 years or so, something has been happening to children
in the Matrix. They’ve been mutating, changing in ways the machines
never predicted. Some seem to gain faster reflexes and strength.
Others seem to have psychic powers."

RAZOR looks up to see MORPHEUS, hanging back as he listens. He comes


"And others are able to change the reality of the Matrix itself."

HE points to Neo.



Keanu Reeves 2 September 1964, 05h41, in Beirut
Sun 9 Virgo 42 conjunct ascendant @ 14 Virgo 53
Destiny Path 4, with hidden 22 contained in the total
Trump IV Chief, Emperor, King, Sovereign

Keanu Reeves Star Chart, at the turn of the century 2000 [approx. w/i 2 degrees of perfect] reveals a stealth insider sneak peek into Reloaded and Revolutions. His progressed Sun in Libra conjunct his p Ascendant for 2000, also bonds with Cupid [arts] and Poseidon [spiritual vision], both TransNeptunian planets concerning fine, inner sensory track windows and terminals. Reeves has Mars sextile all his Libra planets so the suspension of time concerning Reloaded probably worked well for him professionally. Personally, he experienced severe losses during The Matrix experience.

The properties of The Matrix first encountered by Neo [complex interplay on lower levels of astral wave envelopes that had to be calibrated to the physical anatomy, see above] build on Penelope's ancient tapestry design during the years after the Trojan War. 'The weave' during the first segment of the cycle, 'the unravel' and movement at the end of the cycle. This is also the consequence of a ticking clock. The pendulum effect pulses beneath the time/space properties that include a nigredo [shedding when the collective dominants of human life fall into decay as emphasized by the broken down condition of the real world.] The nature of the process, as the metaphysical fibers relate it, concern action that must transpire above the astral plane, usually in the higher octaves, suggested by the exchanges that take place between The Oracle and The Architect [copper and lead].

There exists a basic requirement people sometimes overlook when contemplating The Ancient Knowledge... Gold always melts at the same temperature. There must be accomodations for the constants. The search for the one by Morpheus and his team was probably designed to target those with inclusions of an elite quality temperament, desired for pursuit of the metaphysical journey through the matrix. A software engineer would have those Jupiter-Saturn disciplines. An agile moonlight hacker like Neo would be able to draw on shapeshifter skill to self-resurrect with alacrity to avert a crisis.

Nothing changes in alchemy, regardless of age, location, or what's playing at the theatre tonight. Hope I'm not validating Agent Smith here, but his point about inevitability is correct - some things are constant and that must be factored into the paradigm of every player. In The Matrix however, it is all about who knows more about what is inevitable. Self-realization is allowed so Neo can know he must take the ship to the Machine City, just as Niobe knows she can navigate the line into Zion no one else can negotiate. Whether you are in a machine world or inside a faux reality, gold will melt at the same temperature if it is gold. You can bank on it.

So, once Neo cognizes his real identity, with a little help from his friends, the story is continued through the third film, as any alchemist would anticipate. Morpheus instructs Neo so he can quickly acclimatize to Matrix properties. Many laws inside the Matrix resemble the real world, with several additional factors, that can involve molding, manipulating, and suspending time-space properties. As Neo begins to believe, his power grows strong enough to survive a direct confrontation with three Agents, something unheard of until Neo succeeds. Morpheus shows Neo how to unlock the door to his personal Jupiterian counselor - an inner plane Morpheus sought for so long. This theme is fully expanded after Neo discovers Zion, the last human city.

KR's Moon/Neptune conjunction in Scorpio, sign of initiation, sex and death, opened new doors for Reeves as other doors closed, in part because of the square from Mars in Leo. Ancient cultures scheduled their most profound spiritual rituals when Scorpio was rising. Mars, ancient ruler of the sign, is an action/creation planet, pushing red pills to follow the white rabbit. In the script, Neo is offered the opportunity to become a reformer, prophet, and lion fighting for the multitude. Mars as initiator is at work in this process. The power of the square closely resembles the power of Agent Smith - a right angle - you inevitably meet him when you follow the white rabbit and choose the red pill.

When the first film begins, Mars is in charge of management [cooperation between humans and machines] and his status is crashed at a sub-death level of mindlessness. As Neo successfully negotiates a pact - both worlds agree Smith must be confronted - he resolves the problem caused by breached communication lines. Only Neo can do that... and then he takes Smith on in the middle of the mother of all storms in Revolutions.

Neo to Trinity on the way to The Oracle: I used to eat there. Really good noodles.

Cellophane Noodles [SEHL-uh-fayn]
Sold dried, cellophane noodles must be soaked briefly in hot water before using in most dishes. Presoaking isn't necessary when they're added to soups.

Noodle Soup


1/2 ounce shrimp
1/4 ounce crabmeat, optional
1/2 ounce cellophane noodles
1/2 pound lean pork (loin or shoulder)
1/2 cup tofu, cubed
2 tablespoons lite cooking oil
1 teaspoon miso or soy sauce
1 thin slice ginger
3 cups boiling water
1 tablespoon salt
1 tablespoon sherry
2 scallions, green and white part sliced thin, as garnish


Wash shrimp and crab. Drain. Soak noodles in hot water for 15 minutes. Slice pork thinly across the grain. Heat cooking oil in saucepan. Add pork slices and stir fry until whitish in color. Add shrimp and crab, drained noodles, tofu, soy sauce, ginger, 3 cups boiling water, and salt. Bring to boil again. Cook to your taste. Just before serving add sherry and bring to a boil again.
Garnish with sliced green and white scallions.



Pork Stir Fry with Noodles


2 cups chicken stock
favorite noodles
3 pounds pork ends, trimmed, thinly sliced
1 ounce sesame oil
8 cloves garlic, minced
1 piece ginger, minced
4 bell peppers, julienned
2 white onions, julienned
2 tablespoons sambal
3 ounces Tamari soy sauce
2 tablespoons sesame seeds
2 bunches scallions, sliced


Pour the chicken stock in a sauce pan and bring to a boil. Add the noodles and cover. Reduce flame, cook on medium low heat.
Heat the stir fry pan to very hot. Toss the pork with sesame oil and sear. When the meat has a good sear on one side, add the garlic and ginger. Cook until aroma of the toasted garlic, then add the bell peppers and white onion. Mix together and stir continuously until onions are translucent. Finally, add the Tamari, sesame seeds, and scallions.

To serve, arrange hot noodles in center of plate and spoon Pork Stir Fry mixture over them. Garnish with fresh parsley or cilantro.



Zion was built four kilometers below the Earth's surface, just above the Earth's mantle, and exists entirely underground. The city itself is cylindrical (vertically inclined with respect to Earth's surface) in design and possesses many levels including:

· Council Chambers: This level is near the bottom area of the middle section of the city. It has a series of chambers that are used as living areas and offices for the members of the Zion Council.
· Gathering Spaces: A level just below the Dock. It contains many areas where homeless or new arrivals rescued from the Matrix gather to live until permanent quarters are assigned.
· Geo-Thermal Generation: This level is near the bottom of the city. It is dedicated to providing power to the city in the form of geothermal energy from the Earth's core.
· Intermediate Areas: Other areas of the city that have yet to be mentioned and only seen.
· Life-Support Level: The bottom level of the city. It is dedicated to providing life support, in the form of water, warmth, air, etc., to the city's population. In an ironic twist, the machines that do these tasks are entirely automated, but their human overseers have taken steps to ensure they can never reach sentience, and the machines have built-in kill switches that would shut them down at the first signs of sentience.
· Living Quarters: The entire central middle section of the city. This level is dedicated to providing shelter for all of Zion's population, numbering approximately 250,000.
· Meeting Hall: A chamber near the bottom of the city. This is where the Council convenes and meets with Zion's hovercraft Captains and military leaders and plans high-priority missions.
· The Dock: The top level of the city and entrance into the underground tunnel network. The dock is operated and its systems administered by the operators in The Crane Tower. It provides a recharging station and repair area for the hovercraft fleet.
· The Temple: A large cavern below the city itself. This cavern is dedicated to holding religious gatherings for the entire population, and also serves as a last defensive position in the event of a complete invasion by the Machines.


Mjolner aka The Hammer [Mark XIV No. 62 Made in the USA Year 2111]
Roland: 'Bout time we had some goddamned good news...
The Hammer is one of the largest hovercraft in the Zion fleet.

Electro-magnetic fields in the human aura can appear within the same patterning style as depicted in the image of The Hammer. The status of health, especially the nervous and respiratory system, contribute greatly to the power that sustains animation of this type in the outer area of the human aura. The electro-magnetic energy is an insulation between the solid physical anatomy and a more subtle layer of the aura, often associated with activity linked with the sensorium. Electro-magnetic parts of the whole field work to repair everyday wear and tear on the physical anatomy [night, during level 8 sleep], as well as facilitating an auto-feed [durable stamina] to the universal life of an aura.

Etheric Double electro-magnetic insulation



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